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It seems to me that this would be an "everyone needs" to buy this camera if the price were set at $999.00. At it's current price point, I will pass.

I have a D610, great FF.
I have several Fuji "X" cameras which are great at what they do too!
I would love to get a full frame rangefinder for my manual "L" glass and would have considered the Z5 or Z6 because aside from the price of a Leica M camera, I believe Nikon and Fuji for that matter have better technology than Leica M cameras.

Reduce the price, and i'm in!

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kreislauf: boy, as a fuji shooter i find those images terrible... the sharpness and details of those images are missing...
did you disable the noise reduction?

I canceled my order because of these images.

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Botifarro: :
I love Fujifilm, have an X100F that I truly enjoy using and can't help but say nice things about how much they get out of their APC-S sensors, awesome color science and undoubtedly the best JPG output of any brand. I have them in the highest regard and admire how far they've come and the amazing products and innovations they have brought to the market along the years.

That said, I feel it was an oversight to stay stuck in APS-C only and all of it is becoming an increasing shortcoming pool as the market's competition toughens up and their price/size advantage thins-up. Their cameras and lenses are more and more expensive (and bigger) and ultimately they can't touch the overall IQ of FF cameras no matter how you look at it.

Fujifilm is a crop sensor company: Crop sensor mainstream cameras and crop sensor medium format cameras. Stellar at what they do.. but they do stellar things in small sizes only.

And I'll leave it at that.

Well said. Nothing since the X-PRO 1 (IMO) has that "magic" feel. Their "medium format" GFX is intriguing but it's really full frame plus, not really medium format.

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FoxShutter: How these are different from the previous X100F,T,S ? Again dull - outdoors and indoors photos . The only Fujifilm X100 series that produced beautiful colours OOC and from RAF was the original 12MP X100 and I still have it and sometimes use it and it works well for its age. Non of the subsequent models made a revolution with their X Trans sensors. The only worthwhile upgrade option was the X100T because it had a face recognition, in camera charging and wi-fi, but still the colour rendition wasn’t similarly vibrant and pleasant as the first model.
P.S . The film simulation modes are just a gimmick and nowhere close to the real fujifilm in all of them.

Wow, I have one on order and this is the first time I am seriously thinking of canceling it. I have the original x100 and the camera wont focus correctly if the optical VF is used, only the back panel lcd.

I was also writing off Nikon but now may consider the z6 with the converter and the vs firmware.

I have the x-pro1 & xe2 which are both exceptional. Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.

With regards to the images, the RAW are very flat and the JPEGS as mentioned don't seem to have the pop perhaps menu settings could correct this?

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I think this camera is perfect, if they want to improve the lens than 23mm f 1.2 would do the trick.

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timo: I don't think I would ever make a camera-buying decision on the basis that 16MP is inadequate for my needs. Scarcely more than ten years ago most people thought 6MP was adequate, and they were mostly right.

Big sensors are better than small sensors..... That being said I have captured outstanding images with my Samsung galaxy s5 and printed them 11x17 and was amazed at how good they looked. The photographer takes the picture not the camera is but a tool. Megapixels are an advertising tool and for bragging. Bigger pixels equals better dynamic range and at 16 you will have all the detail you need.

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JPEG Tone Curves / Dynamic Range
The D600 vs. D610 same everything why would the D600 have a wider Dynamic Range?

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I think the dust issue is from their new manufacturing process. The camera internal parts are all soldered together. This may also be an issue when they come up with a fix. Since the parts will have to be de-soldered then re-soldered.

I cleaned my fourth D600, yes forth before it's initial use. I have not (knock on wood) had a (major) dust issue so far. Oil is my issue, I have wet cleaned the sensor after 500 frames and at 1300 the oil is starting to reappear albeit fainter. I will clean the sensor again at 2000. and re-evaluate at 3000 shots with fingers crossed.

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Again I wonder if after 3 or4,000 shots and lets just say 3 or 4 wet cleanings the problem will go away? The issue then becomes will Nikon fix the issue on cameras under Warrantee?

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Joes Raw Talk: I find the pictures to be underwhelming and overexposed in some instances. A high end APS-C looks to be about as good or better...especially for these sort of shots. Which brings me to the observation that full-frame may be important for some applications but certainly it is a premium price to pay when you can get an excellent output from the best of the APS-C, for a lot less dollars.

Nikon exposes for the shadows, because the dynamic range of the D600 is so good, you can pull in the highlights.

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