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If they raised the cost of the subscription, I wouldn't have thought twice about paying an increase. It was one of the lowest cost subscriptions that I get, and easily one of the best values. It's sad to see them go, and their crew unemployed!

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On photo _F0A5334-Edit_small in the Open Air Fashion Photography challenge (13 comments in total)

A hood and a hat? And yet it's the jacket that ruins this image!

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mikegml: My ancient Yashica had this facility. That was old when I got it years ago.

An amazing Tripod, it still looks close to new, after all these years. Very nice images! ...Thanks for the link!

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falconeyes: I wonder how this can be patented at all?
My Velbon VS3 from the 80s had this already, and better actually.
According to it was patented back in 1958!!

Really nice video, thanks!

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I get the impression that this lens was nothing to brag about, with it's biggest complaints; lack of VR, and it's Heavy weight. But the price hasn't yet dropped?
Anyone here try it, and care to comment? Thanks. ... Joe

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On article Polaroid Snap instant digital camera prints 2x3" photos (104 comments in total)

I think this camera is targeted for kids, just look at the color choices!

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When you put the camera down on a flat surface, I think it will fall forward onto it's lens. Remember the Bogen/Manfrotto 6 sided chunk of metal, with their big heavy tripod screw and it's collar? Very strong, but not very convenient for a QR Plate. Still, there's always a selection of them selling on the used market. I'm a bit surprised at this company, they've designed some real nice gear… until now!

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On article Elinchrom announces new ELB 400 portable flash system (23 comments in total)

Are these not coming to the USA?

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Ben O Connor: Interesting upgrade...

Its so "last season" compare to D750, more expensive than D7000/71000, and still has something inside of it called "mirror" !!! If its OVF sake, well Pentax has the best of all at that crop. Don't tell me its "burst rate sake", coz better burst at smilar sensor sized NEX cameras of Sony.

Hopefully final image from this camera is good, other than that, who would bother buying one!

It's got several improvements, like the Expeed 4 image processor, is one generation newer than the Expeed 3 in the D7100. What did all of you expect Nikon to Rebuild the whole camera? Why mess with an almost perfect camera, more than was necessary? They've kept the Price close, while Lowering the prices of the D7100 & D7000. So, it doesn't mean to upgrade from the D7100, but for those that were going to buy from this group, they now have a choice, and those that are interested in Video, will choose the D7200. The comments from those with the D90 & D300 cameras must have been a joke! You can still buy a D300S, it's $1696.95 at B&H So you can have that over the $1200 D7200 if that's what you all want!

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Steveke: I've been absolutely thrilled with my Nikon D750. It takes awesome photos. I can't believe all this whining. So there's an anomaly with blinding back-lighting, and that will be fixed. gratis. Although I admit that I haven't been able to evoke that anomaly. Give it a rest and take some photos.

Shouldn't you be grateful that this issue hasn't affected you …yet, rather than saying that thousands of people are whining about their cameras? Maybe your photography hasn't put you in the same circumstances as others, but that is not to say that it will never happen to you. I have a feeling that these cameras will be recalled, and the issue will be wide scale, and if it is, you will surely want to have yours included as well, just to protect your investment for the future! Fate has a funny way of dealing with comments like yours!

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Mike FL: Well done, and I like these photos' composition with the basic of the basic; Symmetrical and Rule of Thirds.

Hi Mike,
I think it was like 3 of the 5 images on that top row, that had the exact same theme, stairways or not. I think Toni did a great job on this project, but it's too bad that lenses needed to be borrowed for it. That's the only part of this that bothered me, cause it's bound to be used in some promotional way (aside from this... Ad/Story). I continue to be amazed at the images that "Pro" Photographers are producing (and getting away with!) and I think that many times, it's the Amateurs that are producing the better images! Btw, Mike please don't take every comment to heart, especially on dpr!
Happy New Year!

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Mike FL: Well done, and I like these photos' composition with the basic of the basic; Symmetrical and Rule of Thirds.

Did you actually spend your time looking for that image? That's what you wanted us to see?

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The lemons landed so evenly, on every step. So coincidental, so …inspiring!

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On article Calumet brings equipment rental service online (14 comments in total)

Excellent News!

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On photo P1000726_DMC-FZ50_DxO-7.23 in Detail Man's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Beautiful work, the colors are amazing. Excellent images! … Joe

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On photo P1010009_DMC-FZ50_OOC in Detail Man's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

You've got some fantastic images here Detail Man. You have got quite an eye for beauty. The slide is excellent! … Joe

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They have 6K in Japan, do they have better vision than us?

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On article Tune in to DPReview Live this Thursday and Friday (238 comments in total)
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SirSeth: How long do you predict it will be before Canon, Nikon, and Pentax realize that mirrorless is worthy of their high end customers?

Imagine the cost of retooling for mirrorless cameras! … Joe

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On article Tune in to DPReview Live this Thursday and Friday (238 comments in total)
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KerryBE: What a great event. Getting this organized on the heels of Photokina is really an accomplishment. I saw some segments and look forward to catching up with the others.

Great job DPR!

I echo KerryBE's comment, You did a great job there Barney! … Joe

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