Lives in United States Northern, VA, United States
Works as a Event Photo Specialist
Joined on Nov 15, 2004
About me:

I'm now a U.S. Marine Corps veteran ,..Served 30 years of active duty.

Buy lots of expensive toys, such as Nikon DSLRs, some fast glass, listen and learn from others who are the duty experts. Also, contribute to others where I possibly can and hope to make a few friends along the way.

My Gear:
D70 (First, honors to the D70, my first DSLR, bought 15 Aug 04)...Sold to lucky guy near Chicago. D70 #2 was sold to a lucky guy in Washington DC.

-D2X #1 (Bought 28 Mar 05),...Sold Aug 2009!
-D2X #2 (Bought 10 Jan 06),...Sold Feb 2010!
2x WT-2A - Sold!
4x SB-800s
2x SB-900s
1 Nikkor 18-70 (The best cheap lens Nikon has ever released)
1 Nikkor 28-70 F/2.8 (A Legend in its own time)
1 Nikkor 14-24 F/2.8 (Extreme Wide Angle)
1 Nikkor 17-35 F/2.8 (...Sold)
1 Nikkor 17-55 F/2.8 (The DX Digital Gold Standard)...Sold
1 Nikkor 70-200 F/2.8 VR (Priceless performance)
1 Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 (Sheer bliss)
1 Nikkor 85mm F/1.4 (Awesome)
2 Nikkor 24-85 VR A well put together lens (only one now,...sold one with D700 sale 12-24-16)
2 Nikkor 16-80 VR One flexible and sharp puppy!
-D500 x2

-Canon 5D (Sold all of my Canon gear 2 yrs ago)
(580EXII and 24-70L)
-2 Strobe-A-Frames (No more red-eyes),...Sold - Replaced by 2x Custom Bracket CB Jr
-1 Quantum Turbo Btry Pak (need “Power” get 1 of these),...Sold,...Not needed since release of Nikon D3.
-1 Monfrotto 724B Tripod
-5 4GB Kingston/1 4GB SanDisk (Size is everything)
-4 8GB Lexar CF cards
-2 Gary Fong Lightsphere (clear model)

-Notebooks: Dell Precision Latitude M4800, 32GB RAM - (My PC work horse)

2 Sony DR-150s,....Sold Jan 2010!
1 Sony DR-200,....Sold
1 Kodak 9810,....Sold
1 Epson R1800,...Still have
2 DNP DS-40
1 DNP DS-80

-Software: CS6, DarkRoom Pro Vers. 9.2, IPT Pro 2.0

-My Dream Body List:
1) Nikon D5
2) No more debt,...still a personal quest! Almost there....

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