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Mateus1: Great camera but... I played in store with Pen-F and found back buttons far too small for comfortable use, very hard to use them, and lack of back AF button is a real pain. The front dial with filters is a waste oportunity, I would love to have it as AF mode switch or metering mode switch. So Pen-F is a nice cam but with a few serious issues.

The Canon EOS-M has a lot of flaws, but one nice feature is that you can program so that one dial direction press can be used to focus. I never use continuous AF. Just focus this way an d hold.

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Great lesson, here. Just ask Danny Lyons, Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Davidson, Larry Clark, W. Eugene Smith. The photograph is the last thing you take. It's all about establishing rapport; being part of your element; being trusted.

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Best thing about DPReview. Keeping a couple score photo enthusiasts employed.

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timo: I agree with other posters about the folly of using FF equivalent focal lengths. That really is confusing.

I note also that DPR acknowledges Olympus's support for the video. I know that manufacturers do supply review cameras, but this is taking sponsorship further. Most websites are commercially driven to some extent, but DPR's status as an objective commentator on cameras and photography seems in ever-greater danger of being compromised.

The video is quite nice, and the content atmospheric, but I'm not sure how much it really told us about the camera, apart from a few recitations from the spec sheet.

Yes. But those disclaimers could run a bit longer. You almost have to know they are there to catch them.

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On article Crossing the Bridge: Canon XC10 Review (260 comments in total)

DPReview strives for authenticity over immediacy. They expect these reviews to be referenced for many years.

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On article Inching forward? Canon PowerShot G5 X review posted (391 comments in total)

Always amazes me how what seem like significant shortcomings get glossed over when we get to the conclusions of a review.

Lens is soft wide open, especially near wide-angle
Confusing autofocus modes; limited AF tracking capability
Unsophisticated Auto ISO system
Noise reduction a little heavy-handed in JPEGs

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caravan: This is loaded with useless gimmicks,4k video,touchscreen.

But consider what they are competing with. The people I see using smart phones I don't expect are interested in fiddling with a camera-for good or bad.

The OEMs are refining some exceptional machines. There's nearly a dozen new cameras out there I would love to own. But no one is taking the steps to make the cameras not just more powerful but also, SIMPLER. Everyone is tied in to existing subassemblies and no one is working off a clean sheet. This is one reason the Nikon 1 didn't do as well as it might-it still was a complex camera.

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Neat. For $1,500, I want an APS-C sensor.

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On article Power Zoom: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 Review (357 comments in total)

Doesn't Canon have similar 1" sensor cameras?

Amazing how slow the camera OEMs have moved in face of smartphones. To want us to spend $600-1,000 for a compact camera. Let's start at 1" sensor, please.

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Great. Should have been developed 15 years ago.

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PhotoDiod: Sony color science is the only thing that stands between me and RX10 III. I wish Sony made a color tutorial to show how they achieve their demo colors--they are not what I see in DPR samples or Youtube videos. Their pro video cameras are capable of great color, why are prosumer colors so unappealing?

Good questions. Won't degrade others but this is one of Olympus's strengths.

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RX10II $1,100 International Version NO WARRANTY
What's wrong with the global photo industry?

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Quite perplexing. Should be getting more, not less?

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Niko Tod: Great work, Steve!
Before someone say that a photographer can take great pictures even with an entry level camera(which is true), let me remind you that D5100 is an entry level body but only in Nikon's world :)
Do not underestimate it because of it's age and price... it's a Nikon :)

Nikon D5100 (2011): $365
- Color Depth: 23.5 bits
- Dynamic Range: 13.6 ev
- Low Light SNR: 1183 ISO

Canon 7D II (2014): $1500
- Color Depth: 22.4 bits
- Dynamic Range: 11.8 ev
- Low Light SNR: 1082 ISO


I agree. That D5XXX line has been a great value in the DLSR world.

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On article Class 10 200GB microSD card on the way from Lexar (71 comments in total)
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Sonyshine: Perfect for my Nikon 1 J5!

Now I can drop and lose even more files than before! :)

You hit the card on the head. Downsizing to microSD (I think the late lamented Samsung Mini NX also requires mircoSD), then put 2 card slots in these expensive, prestigious, enthusiast compact cameras. I wonder sometimes if a working photographer is ever consulted in the design stage of so many cameras. Not all of us are interested in uploading from camera to smartphone. Just trading one poison for another.

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On article Taking it easy: Canon EOS 80D shooting experience (292 comments in total)

Nice shots, Dan. You, Carey, Rishi are pushing the DPReview envelope. Good to see.

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On article DPReview is hiring! Software development manager (109 comments in total)
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kingslayer: What's the compensation? You're looking at $140k/yr plus for the talent you are looking for.

Market rates + access to play with all of the latest gear.


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On article DPReview is hiring! Software development manager (109 comments in total)

Risky, You already have one of the best running, feature-rich web sites on the Internet.

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I'm impressed by the amount of new product Leica has been able to issue in the last 3-4 years.

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1166 comments in total)

Good photography, Carey.

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