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veroman: Really? Listening to customers? Then why did Sony transfer all of their DSLR repairs (perhaps repairs for other gear as well) to a company known for many decades for shoddy workmanship and extremely poor service?

Why doesn't Sony have a legitimate service department of their own? Why is it that my A850, which needs a new shutter after only a few thousand clicks, cannot be sent directly to Sony for repair?

Listening to customers? Hardly.

This is where the Sigmas, Pentaxes, Ricohs, Fujis, etc. of the world (and even Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, as you note) need to excel at-customer service and warranty repair.

At the investment these top of the line camears represent, I want top of the line warranty service.

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SirSeth: Good thoughts Richard. You've highlighted the areas where DSLRs still provide substantial strengths: OVF, battery power, and C-AF. I wish you had covered some mirrorless strengths better: like the resurrection of many legacy lenses, and all the info one can see in the viewfinder such as WB, DOF, level, histogram, and auto-gain with stopped down lenses. Peaking, magnified view, and review in the viewfinder are also useful for MF shooting used macro and other disciplines. Mirrorless is more than just size and video for many of us.

I shoot mirrorless because I can buy a very inexpensive FF body and cherry pick just about any lens to go on it. I was shooting legacy glass with DSLRs previously but a set of Canon FD lenses that I use on the A7 are basically useless on DSLRs. This whole line of lenses was resurrected by the new technology.

I know I'm not in the majority and that may not be worth mentioning in an editorial, but people on the fringes are always pushing the envelope. ;)

Yes. This is because Canon and Nikon didn't attempt to advance the state of OVF beyond focus points and, instead, bring some of that information into the OVF. Much like Leica, as brilliant as the cameras are in their own right, never tried to advance rangefinder viewing so we get a full frame size view plus some outside of the frame for each focal length. A tiny box for a longer lens is NOT the best possible solution.

Only Contax in the film era and Fuji in the digital era really tried to rethink and advance viewfinders.

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Scottelly: This seems like Canon's answer to the Nikon D5500.

With only 1080p30 video and no IBIS, I'll stick with my Sony A65. The Nikon looks like a better deal to me, since it's $100 less and offers almost everything this Canon has, plus a bunch of functionality that Canons don't have. Frankly, I think I'd get the older Nikon D5300, which has Wi-Fi and does 1080p60 for $200 less. The only things these newer cameras seem to have that's new is the NFC and the touch screen. Of course this new Canon does have that status LCD on top, which is definitely a nice feature, which I do miss from time to time. It makes the camera like a more professional camera too.

This camera does have better/faster live-view focusing though, so it has two advantages over the Nikon D5500: better live-view focusing and the LCD display on top. The Nikons have 3.2" articulating displays though, while this camera has only a 3" display. Also, the Nikons can do 1080p60 (far less rolling shutter effect) instead of 1080p30.

I agree that the Nikon D5XXX are some of the best values in DSLR.

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Josh152: For the price of this thing a person is much better off buying a used/refurbished D7xxx series from Nikon or XXD series from Canon. OR even a used or refurb D600/6D. Same goes for the Nikon D5500. Even more so since the affordable Nikon AFD lenses need a body with a focus motor and the D5500 doesn't' have one but the D7xxx series do.

Or a Pentax K5II.

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Suave: While gear junkies tap into their last reserves of vitriol, Canon quietly makes cameras that regular customers want and can afford. Oh, and it has these glassy things, I keep forgetting the name... Marbles? No that's different... ahh, lenses!

Exactly. $600 body only is more than enough for entry level.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review (467 comments in total)

More like 73. Please review your cons. $850 and I can't select the AF point? Is that so?

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Dare I say reasonably priced. Glad to see Sony pushing the technology envelope.

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On article Mono a mono: Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) hands-on (718 comments in total)
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dcolak: Dynamic range of only 12 stops? In 2015? WTF?!

The classic Leica look was actually murky, indicipherable shadows and blown-out highlights. The digital era is completely more powerful.

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Gesture: They look sharp, but will existing Canon APS-C glass work OK on the new sensor?

Thanks Dr_Jon, you understood what I was seriously asking.

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Why do we want to eliminate reflections in the first place. The play of light is magical. You can always de-emphasize through contrast control.

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Cosina extends the mechano-optical legacy.

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Once again, this is why camera makers (although these are under $1,000) should have official recalls and technical service bulletins as the automakers do.

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Ricoh-Pentax is on a roll with model introductions. Just need to find a core audience of enthusiasts-advanced amateurs.

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On article Sony SLT-A77 II Review (544 comments in total)

What can Sony do to get traction in this platform?

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On article Readers' Showcase: Rodger Kingston (53 comments in total)

Enjoying these readers' portfolios. Glad that DPReview is seeing between the lines.

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Well-done, Jeff. Very helpful.

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On article Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4 to offer Raw capture (151 comments in total)

Nikonos anyone. This would seem to be one of best niches open to camera makers. Some good suggestions below.

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Just Ed: Have To agree about "photos" sucking even in comparison with iPhoto. Apple seems to be dumbing down a lot of OSX to be compatable with IOS.

IIf I wanted my iMac to be more like the iPad I would not have spent a couple of grand on it.

As I understand, this was Jobs original vision. He didn't want the computers to be upgradeable. Tell that to my Beige G3 (one of the most formidable consumer computer builds of all time), my Blue & White G3-G4, my Gigabbit Ethernet G4 and so on ...

The future is clearly closed hardware and closed software. We could see that way back when the iTunes Store began and iPads and iPhones don't have the microSD slots that other smart phones and tablets have.

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dpfan32: It still like iPhoto wants to import your photos in a different library to double the photos space on your hard drive! Ridiculous in the times of very small sized SSDs in recent MacBooks :-(
It behaves like an external app instead of leaving the photos where I put them in folders and know where they are.

And 2.nd: it's all about selling expensive cloud storage for beaming your photos on all devices possible ...
No thanx!! I'm using Picasa which takes my folders and displays them as created by myself.


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Thanks. Not an easy interview to edit. I'm glad you are presenting viewpoints/insights at the end of the formal interviews.

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