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RedFox88: Iso 16000 looks like a water painting.

Would like to see Olympus continue the PM line.

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Or you can make your own for $5.

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On article A second glance: two takes on the Leica X (403 comments in total)

Could use better example photos. Nothing compelling.

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forpetessake: Color reproduction has been always problematic for Panasonic and it still is.

I think Panasonic could grab some talent from other OEMs who are really good with sensor TO inage: i.e. Olympus or Canon, maybe Nikon. Otherwise, the cameras have many solid innovations and features, especially strong in video, focus precision, integrating compact EVFs (i.e. form factor) and manual focus protocols.

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Paul Rumohr: These blow away the LX100- just blow them away.

The body and lens combos may cost more, but since neither are pants pocketable and both are probably going to go in a bag or a jacket pocket, I would save extra pennies for the GM5.

Panasonic, you don't totally suck right now to me as a brand.

Thanks for comments by real world owners.

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I like the way Panasonic is thinking with compact, integral EVFs.

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At these prices, I hope Olympus PRO lenses have, at a minimum, a 3-year warranty.

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Adamant: When can we expect regular camera reviews to resume here on DPR? Car magazines manage to review dozens of vehicles every month. DPR has managed to review, what, two whole cameras since July?

The First Impressions reviews, I believe, are done to get cameras into the system as soon as possible and make them eligible to be sold by the Gear Shop. Clearly, the length, scope and "process" of DPReview reviews needs to be streamlined.

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misolo: I expected to see a cheap knock-off, but the design, capabilities and samples actually all look really interesting!

Go over to the Kodak forum and see images from the "new" Kodaks. Today, companies like "Kodak" can offer cameras off the shelf from contractors pretty much like the OEMs seem to do for many or most of their consumer cameras.

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On article Sony launches support program for pro photographers (116 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: I am not such big fan of Sony.

But this is very good news as CaNikon now really have to make progress to join the mirrorless market and start taking it seriously.

The invitation from Sony to be able to join is ridiculous. Everybody can join the NPS/CPS program as long as they meet the requirements on lenses and bodies.

Good thoughts. This is what Sony should have been doing for some time. But it takes a real commitment and devotion of resources. Support is the missing ingredient in so much of modern commerce and Nikon and Canon are prevailing on Pro Support as much product quality. There are few really bad cameras out there; anyone with talent could make a living with Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, etc.

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On article Sony launches support program for pro photographers (116 comments in total)

About time. This is the strength of Canon and Nikon, even if the products are tow-drawer in many respects, but not innovative. Reliability and support. Has to be more than window dressing-will take a real investment in support people.

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On article Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df (386 comments in total)

Rich, not gaudy.

This is more bizarre than the Hasselblad converts. In fact, this treatment only reinforces how poor the original design was an overabundance of dials, buttons, gitzmos, IMHO.

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Nice lens. Nice focal length. Isn't $500 enough for a lens.

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Also check out the work of Herbert Ponting.

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Karl Summers: Truly amazing, the first recorded selfie?

Photographers have been doing these selfies way before digital and the New Kids on the Block.

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peevee1: $359 for fully manual lens. Or you can get Pentax or Minolta 55/1.8 for $20 plus $90 focal reducer which can be used with many other lenses too.
Even Canon FD58/1.2 or Minolta 58/1.2 with the focal reducer would be cheaper, and a whole stop faster.
Now, quality is a different issue. Who knows what quality wide open this 42.5/1.2 lens has?

What is a focal reducer?

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Excellent option.

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jonnie burtoft: Hi, I shoot film and digital and enjoy both immensely. The colour shifting is not my thing but I'm glad to see more support from companies with regard to film, lomo, cinestill and ferrania coming up with new film a great for photography. Film can be expensive but I love using the old cameras. Cheers, Jon

That's the spirit. Digital imagery is obviously incredible, but it is good to embrace what happens "by accident."

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On article Lomography adds Lomochrome Turquoise film to lineup (91 comments in total)
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Sir Nick of High Point: Most all color negative film has a red mask layer, so isn't it already color shifted in a way? If I tried scanning these negatives, how would I know how to properly adjust the color curves for the mask layer?


Programs like VueScan will have profiles for different C-41 emulsions. But in practice it works out fine. If I go back to film, it will likely be 4x5, 5x7. Scans of sheet film can be outstanding,

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