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keepreal: if anyone thinks this is a defacto dell advertisement, as cosinaphile suggests they might, they should take into account experiences like mine.

I used to have a Dell desktop and a notebook.

One of the switches on the monitor for the desktop jammed, so would not work after just a few months. Things like that can happen but they sent me two replacements in succession. Neither functioned on first switching on. Furthermore, they were not new but from their repair department. I complained very vocally and was relieved finally to be given a new monitor. But I should not have been put through this.

On the notebook, there was no hard drive, 16 gb of flash memory. That failed three months after the warranty expired but they replaced it free. However, the replacement failed about nine months later.

After that, I will never ever buy anything Dell. You might wish to take my experiences into account.

These switches remind me of the windshield washers on cars. Technology generations apart.

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Gesture: What a demonstration of how good the modern camera is: autofocus, autoexposure, etc.

That's true. Still impressive.

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I like it. A value Leica.

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What a demonstration of how good the modern camera is: autofocus, autoexposure, etc.

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My favorite-LOOK AT ME concept photography.

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Not an easy issue. But I think the photographer should have worked with the Wilflife Refuge to share responsibility (and, possibly, return) for the images. Gimmick leads to compelling images to legal chaos. Might have been handled better from the get go. Do people in the "conflict photos" we see posted own some of their rights?

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Really proud of what Sigma is doing. Wish the cameras had been a little more practical and accessible. Even have the guts to do just in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax mounts. There simply for me is no attraction to buying SA lenses-not enough extent modern models. Compare on the 3rd party mount lenses.

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Ben Herrmann: Bingo! Just what I discovered and wrote about after getting the X-A3. I'm a RAW shooter only and in the end, regardless of the issues I discovered (slow and difficulty AF in very low light situations, a 1st generation horrible touch screen, and the inability to view the LCD in any type of bright conditions - whether in sunny or bright cloudy scenarios) I was still very much impressed with the superb IQ I've gotten from mine.

I only hope (yet doubt) that Fuji can release FW updates to correct any of this as there is only so much a FW update can do.

The IQ and DR (well, at least in RAW as I never shoot in JPG) were superb - so this baby is stayin' in my vast collection of goodies.

But yes, when you want to compare (overall) against its various competitors, there's lots to choose from. My entry level Micro 43 cameras blow this X-A3 away with regards to AF speed and touchscreen capabilities.

But "Ah luv's Fuji in general," so it's stayin put!

Ben, what's your favorite of the Fuji line.

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Great. First two remind me of Soviet era lenses.

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Kiril Karaatanasov: It looks like Leica hired the Sony NEX-3 design team......

Samsung NV.

Please, enough with "edited to taste."

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On article Leica TL2 first impressions (381 comments in total)

Looks like the Samsung NV cameras.

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Photography-the pretentious art.

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sh10453: Very interesting. Elaborate work (4 to 5 hours)!

I probably would do it differently, with much less bulk, and won't be so intrusive.
A quarter inch thick rectangular copper plate, with a sheet of thermal tape, of the same dimension, sandwiched in between, would do the trick.
But that would be too simple, takes just a few minutes, and would not make it to DPR News or YouTube.
A couple of defective PC processors for less than $5 mounted backwards, with the thermal tape would also do the trick, and would take just a few minutes, mainly to bend the piano wires. But I prefer the one piece copper plate.

Great ideas!

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Reminds of the Mac G5 tower. When you saw that massive heat sink, you knew something wasn't right. But even the modern desktop PC with a higher performance processor, the cooling solutions are quite hefty, whether its a Hyper 212 EVO or liquid cooler.

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Here is one area where camera OEMs could compete and thrive-unless the waterproof smartphone arrives, if it hasn't already.

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Should be about $30.
Again, sad to see such a revered name in optics being used in this way. Worse than the Kodak or GE badged cameras.

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Sad. Sad. Sad. This is an outstanding camera for its date and price; and only the second camera model (Panasonic G being the other) that did what so many on this forum kept asking for, but didn't buy: give me a digital version of the last film era compact SLR, a la Nikon FM, Pentax ME, etc.

This camera has superb form factor and ergonomics.

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Besides B&H, Adorama, etc. Freestyle Sales and Photo Warehouse are good sources of analog materials:

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Yes, let's add bolt-on lenses, hand grips, et al to the smartphone and re-invent the compact camera. Yet no photo OEM could come up with a compelling hybrid.

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On article Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review (130 comments in total)

Looks nearly perfect. Can we get it at GearShop?

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