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  • Or its feet in concrete ;) river's that way =>

  • Commented on article LG G6 camera review

    Windows 10 on Arm might be the future, but it could also be another 2 year distraction for MS.

    At least with Symbian I knew where everything was and it didn't need resetting every month.

  • Commented on article LG G6 camera review

    Almost enough to make me want to go back to W10M despite MS having no plans to further develop the OS.

    Realistically I think it'll be an android future for me. Despite me not getting on with it...

  • Commented on article LG G6 camera review

    God knows. Every photo has to be in the IMG_XXXX format on iOS it seems. VERY irritating.

  • Commented on article LG G6 camera review

    I just found it an inane comment. The iOS is hugely locked down and (despite me using one right now), doesn't in my mind suit serious photography. Specifically irritating to me is the lack of...

  • Commented on article LG G6 camera review

    Sad that they chopped out the decent main camera for a run of the mill sensor. Moto G5 plus has a bigger sensor than this and is much cheaper. Sure no UWA camera on that or any other model but they...

  • Commented on article LG G6 camera review

    As opposed to the biggest flaw of any iPhone, namely being an iPhone 😜

  • With few people buying phones like the 808, 1020 or CM1 it's unlikely we're going to see many more camera centric smartphones. Just more of the 'passable sensor plus computational trickery' like...

  • That would be sensible I think. Full PASM and maybe macro lights as per the Ricoh wg series would give it some good advantages for me. I'm still weighing up whether I want a new phone or new...

  • Bloody Autocorrect: should say 'Well seeing as...'

  • We'll swing as DXO rate a single led better than xenon I won't be buying that phone.

  • It's like anything though, I agree they have much more power, but they're jack of all trades, master of none. They shouldn't need equivalent power to equal phones as they aren't doing half of what...

  • I can see some of the smartphone-esque features coming to compact such as this, but where is the on sensor PDAF for better speed and tracking as in the Sony, Samsung, Apple, et al have on their...

  • And if it was made by Samsung they'd have a mode where you could have a photo of your eye inserted into the main picture, ah, how wonderful that'd look ;)

  • There already are, the Asus Zenfone Zoom did, and I'm sure I heard Oppo now looking into it...

    Zenfone got reasonable write-ups I think.

  • As someone who had a Panasonic TZ3 for around five years before becoming really interested in photography, who then bought an FZ200 (LOVED it) and had it for around two years (also considered the ...
  • I'm actually considering this as part of a two camera 'travel kit' with my RX100mk1. Would cover almost all eventualities for me and no need to lug the K-50 unless I feel like it!

  • Shooting Pentax I'd have to pick the sigma 18-35 f1.8 on APS-C, if I had a K1 it'd be the SMC 50 1.7 M that I have from my Stepfather-in-Law as I could use it happily with the K1/ME-S.

    Haven't got...

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    Fixx I believe in the original press release it mentions not only that the old tele and wide converters work but that there are new ones with electrical contacts to tell the camera what's fitted.

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    I think satyaa meant the RX10 ii which does have an EVF. Amazing camera that is, quite pricey though.

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