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On article Fujifilm GF 45mm F2.8 R WR sample gallery (160 comments in total)
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ContarexMan: RAW FACTS:

I loaded 5 raw pics to open up and examine. They are just not sharp enough. Hand held problem? Pics created on the run? The landscapes I reviewed are just not money making quality. Take a careful look, demand the best. If the problems are not operator, then who cares to have a lens that is NOT GOING TO IMPRESS to make a cash trade.

My first impressions start with my professional experience (mid 1960's to present day) taking pictures with film (35mm, film size medium format (not the dwarf size of digital) , 4x5 and 8x10 film). Have used an arsenal of Leica, Zeiss Contarex, Zeiss Hasselblad, Zeiss Rollei 6000, Linhof and Sinar equipment. Still taking across the board ZEISS-SHARP pics, but now with Sony a7R II and Pentax K-1.

Just giving you the RAW FACTS. Your GLASS will either make or break your PHOTO CAREER if you want one.

@ContarexMan Sorry man that your glass broke your photo career, better luck next time! #NextTimeWillWorkForYou

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI first impressions (263 comments in total)
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Graham Best: From the article: "Without an ND filter, or any way to easily attach one, ... ."

Several companies make adhesive backed low profile adapters one attaches to the front bezel of RX100 series cameras. For under $25, one has 52mm threads to attach filters, or a lens hood.

Small Rig makes a nice RX100 cage, that allows one to mount any number of accessories including a matte box.

So you propose to glue a filter to a $1200 camera? Not sure I'm understanding you right.

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On article Pentax K-1 II Review: A worthy upgrade? (1536 comments in total)

The largest problem with Pentax is lenses. Most of them were excellent back a decade but are no longer. The world moved on. They should take a look at Fuji (disclaimer Fuji user) who rolled out a lot of excellent lenses for a new system in a relativly short time (+ a second line of primes with slower but smaller f2 lenses) - and will do the same for GFX again.

And Ricoh doesn't update their only top seller, the GR.

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tangbunna: 1/2.6" .. keep it goin on next year you can make 1/2.5" at the size of samsung s7 in 2015. keep up.

For the difference in price I'd rather buy a GR than the better Samsung camera.

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garyknrd: I have been birding in a stat park for the past week. A few years ago all I saw was Canon, this hop I only saw one other guy shooting Canon. Everyone else was shooting Nikon. I was amazed at the change, 200-500, D500, D850, One guy was shooting the D5 and a 600mm FL lens. One was using the PF 300mm lens. Just a few years ago it was the total opposite.
Great going Nikon, keep it up.

I'm sure the D5 guy switched from Canon recently.

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RonHendriks: Doesn't sound to bad to me.

Ricoh-Imaging had a decrease of revenue of 23,3 % last year. Nikon is 18,5 times as big as Ricoh-Imaging.

Nikon is part of Mitsubishi group, which is much larger than Ricoh.

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Fotoni: Here cheapest D850 is around 3800 euros. Cheapest Pentax K-1 is around 1500 euros. K-1 sensor image quality is quite close to D850. K-1 AF and video are inferior, but paying 2300 euros extra for those is not worth it for me. Pentax AF is tricky to use, but it is not useless. Nikon video is still 8-bit so for me it is worthless.

@revenant if marketing was on Nikon level, prices would also be on Nikon level. Many people talk about the best camera, but Canon plasters all of Berlin with M50 ads for months. If you have the top recognized brands you need to pay through ads. And you need to be more expensive.

Pentax has a better price/performance ratio because it does not advertise the same way Nikon does.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony RX10 IV Review (280 comments in total)
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jvt: I took this camera on Safari in Botswana and I was blown away by it. The range is absolutely perfect for this type of shooting. Speed was never an issue. In fact, I had this thing on and zoomed before the others in my vehicle could swing their big 400mm & 600mm Canon's & Nikon's into position. Image quality is excellent.

I'm sold on this 1 inch sensor, but I also wish that they would do an update to the RX10ii....with the 24-200 range lens.

Get an Olympus M10 with the 12-100/4 lens.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-H1 Review (549 comments in total)

Love Fuji for colors, stopped mostly working with RAW due to excellent OOC jpegs, body handling and lenses. Fuji has a unique setup for me (I'm a prime user), I can have large primes (56mm, 80mm) or small primes (23/2) - and I have both for different situations.

Using currently a XT2, the H1 would be a little bit too expensive for me.

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Reservoir_Dog: Nice! I was always thinking the camera store was theirs? Are they not the owners?


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hypnotictortoise: Rumour has it that Canon filed a patent for a curved sensor. Now that will be interesting.

Sigma CEO: "The problem is that each lens has a specific curvature field. Thus, a curved sensor which might work on a given lens would not necessarily produce good results with another lens. Actually, it could be worse than with a regular flat sensor. Ideally, we would need a sensor with variable curvature, but we are very far from this."

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AbrasiveReducer: Interesting. Canon won't miss the opportunity to show at Photokina but unlike some others, when Canon announces, they usually deliver and without backorders. And since DPR does not publish rumors, we can assume Canon mirrorless FF is on the way.

LOL, you're cute.

Dpreview: "Rumors of a Canon mirrorless full-frame camera are heating up."
You: "And since DPR does not publish rumors, [...]"

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photomedium: I actually appreciate very much Sony a7 series vs, for example, the Oly
EM 1 EM 5 EM10 or the fuji XT1 XT10 and all the other docked down model series intended to fill up catalogs and rake in the DPR silver awards. Really an old business model that has no place in the current market IMO.
I think Sony should be the model for all other camera makers to follow: put the best know-how in each camera toward a specific goal and let people pick what they need.

@stevo23 Stupid me, I thought the photographer made the photos.

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Everlast66: I think it is laughable to call anything associated with the M4/3 system "PRO"!!

Surely there would be one or two enthusiasts, but no normal professional will rely on a M4/3 sensor for their professional work.

You're Mike99999?

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Mike99999: I can't believe Sony beat Olympus in bringing a professional mirrorless wide angle zoom to the market. Olympus is taking a really long time on this one.

I'd like to see a real-world comparison between the Olympus PRO zoom trinity and the Sony Zeiss/G FE zooms trinity, analyzing sharpness and bokeh. I already kind of know the answer, but it would be good to see it in the flesh.

I've been using my Pana 7-14 on my Olympus bodies for some years now.

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Prairie Pal: Comparing to Nikon 70-200 f/4 (because I own it and I also shoot Oly MFT).
The Oly 40-150 is:
1mm wider / 18mm longer / 30grams heavier (although I assume that includes weight of its tripod collar which the Nikon spec does not).
So if (IF) Oly's IQ through the entire zoom range is as good as the impeccable Nikon 70-200 then we're getting one heck of a good zoom lens with 100mm extra reach in only slightly bigger footprint.
The list price is less than Nikon's list (Nikon's list does not include tripod collar).
For me, Olympus's two 2.8 zooms now are all I need for back packing, hiking and traveling (and the primes can be added to the bag if necessary). DOF between the two lenses would be equal (I may stand corrected), but after all I think a lens like this is appealing to landscapers who are rarely looking for sliver slim DOF.
It looks like a rugged lens too.
EDIT: I forgot to mention: retractable lens hood! Function button on lens barrel!

"Just another Canon shooter"s FF images become two stops slower when cropped in PS! Woha! Magic!

Link | Posted on Sep 16, 2014 at 10:55 UTC
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Rooru S: Excellent range. Hopefully it will perform great. Now I'm questioning myself why buy again E-mount APS-C cameras...

Looks like it event performs better than the little tuna 150/2.
(keeping in mind MTF 2.0 vs. 2.8, so the little tuna could outperform the new lens at 2.8)

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yslee1: Does the TC work with other lenses?

Not with existing it seems, but will work with the coming 300/4.

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Suhas Sudhakar Kulkarni: It it lighter and cheaper than I thought (based on the past lenses). It will be interesting to see price and weight of Olympus's 300mm f4 lens (planned to release next year). Also, if this 1.4x tele converter will work with that 300mm f4 lens or not?

Olympus says yes, works with the 300/4.

Link | Posted on Sep 15, 2014 at 08:12 UTC
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John C Tharp: It's hard to directly compare MFT lenses to those of larger formats, so bear with me- we should really be comparing this new Olympus to Sigma's 120-300/2.8.

While I agree that a comparison with Canon's 70-300L results in a similar field of view and a similar level of DoF control, what really matters is shutter speed. And for the sake of calculating exposure this lens is f/2.8, like the larger Sigma.

Followers of the cult of equivalence will not read your comments just repeat their rahrahrah.

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