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ric63: Long awaited succesor to the amazing and ground breaking camera the R1
Sony is the only company that keeps trying, some things are good, some things are simply bad, and things like this are stunning.
They dont keep punching out face lifted same old same old.
Well done Sony for having a go.
Expensive yes, but also an instant classic. Will be nice next to my R1.

Actually surprised someone hasn't mentioned the Panasonic FZ10. (maybe they have, I just haven't gotten that far down)

It came out exactly 10 years ago. Much cheaper of course, but every single aspect of this camera is better by miles (except the reach of the lens, but at least it starts much wider).

I don't own any Sony photo gear, but I applaud their recent releases. The price is high, yes, there is a LOT packed in there.

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Dédéjr: Too expensive, no thankyou

He obviously has an unhealthy obsession about the "equivalence thing". That's the only thing he seems to write about. He won't know he's wrong until its too late, and then I'm sure he won't admit it.
He's probably got it in his Will to be buried with his bricks and stove pipes. (FF bodies and large lenses)

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Waleed Alzuhair: I think the minimum sensor size for any camera unit these days, should be APS-C. Smaller sensors are available in mobile devices, and there should be a tangible difference between the two.

True, the 24-200 lens is tangible, but not at that price tag.

You're joking, right?

If not, you've GOT to fully qualify that kind of "way out there" statement. "for professionals" or "for what I want" or "to print billboard-size prints", something like that.

Lens/Sensor/Processor combinations are WAY too good these days for general statements like that.

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photogalleryonline: Great Super Zoom camera, 1in sensor and Zeiss 24-200 f2.8 are amazing, the 1/3200 max shutter is going to be a real problem without ND filters. What a great box of electronics designed to be a nice format (DSLR like) camera. If it is fast operationally as well, then seems like they have hit a home run with this camera! I am sure a screw on adaptor to give 280 F4 and 400 F5.6 will be available in time. The perfect camera from 24-400?

The lens is NOT 24-200 f2,8 on FF.

(There, fixed that for you)

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wgs: About a month ago, the question of the "whirring" noise coming from the camera was said to be the image stabilization. I don't know if it is the same thing, but even with IS turned off, the noise -- sounds more like radio static to me -- persists. Any ideas?

The IS system remains "on" even when you've told the camera not to use it. The noise is normal.

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