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From all the commentators, how many have seen the anime ?

Just to show you how it relates to the anime :

The three "robots" are called "Evas" and it is one of the most know anime in the world so ... I wouldn't be surprised if they were sold pretty quickly !

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chriscotec: Sorry if this has already been covered. I have been off the grid for a few days and haven't had time to read all about this.

I have seen no mention to whether or not this is a "clean" video output. That was the huge issue before, and the reason I use the Panasonic GH2 to record to a field recorder. Please tell me the signal will have no viewfinder info on it.

My theory on the 6 month delay is that Canon will be trying to sell us something different by then but wants to keep us loyal with a promise in the mean time.

Actions, not words please Canon. We are not suckers. We have legs. We just might walk.

I have a lot of money invested in my Canon system and a smaller but growing amount in my Panasonic system. They both have their strengths and weaknesses but I am pretty sure the next camera I invest in will be a Panasonic GH3, not anything from Canon.

Well, for me, uncompressed is clean...

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