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anthony mazzeri: They could equally have a ring of hands held in prayer positions with the line "praying isn't helping'.

At least liking actually promotes awareness to your own network. So it does have a potential benefit.

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Having the exif info at the bottom of each shot makes it blatantly obvious which camera took which picture if the lens, iso range or other differs between the two.

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stuntmonkey: Not sure who it will do in this increasingly crowded market space, but that's some striking product design right there. Put this side by side with the classic F-31d and it's like the cameras came from two different companies.

Not sure why you mention the lack of filter mount for the RX100, this camera doesn't have a filter mount either.

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nawknai: Am I mistaken if I say that this D600 appears to be a D800, but with a 24 MP sensor and a semi-plastic body? If so, then this is a great deal.

I expect the AF to be slightly worse as well, but that the differences will not show themselves in most shooting situations.

You could call it a D800 with a different body, a different sensor, a different AF module etc etc.

It's more fitting to call it a D7000 with a fullframe sensor.

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Amazing. $2100 is £1300 with the current conversion rate, so the £1955 UK price is "only" a 50% markup for Europe. Good job.
I know sales tax is part of it, but 50% is ridiculous.

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mosc: Is anybody else struck by the similarities in light gathering between the RX-100's f4.9 equivalent and the DP1m's f4.2 at 28mm? Except one is physically much smaller, zooms, costs less, etc. I doubt the sensor is better in the Sigma at ISO 1600+ either. Doubt we'll see a multi-shot-and-merged low light mode. In low light, it's out done by a cheaper ZOOM!

Sure, but at low ISO the RX100 isn't even anywhere close.
That's what the DP2M is made for.

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Jan Kritzinger: I really am very interested in a fixed lens, large sensor compact, but I doubt Sigma have the capability to offer AF functionality comparable to that offered by Sony.

If this camera were made by Sony, and if it were 23/24mm, and if it had all the modern Sony features (Hybrid AF, focus peaking, etc etc etc) then I'd definitely be interested.

A fixed lens, 35mm equivalent RX100 would be just perfect.

Comparing this to the RX100 isn't really valid. The DP2M is for extremely high quality shots in low ISO. The RX100 is a do-it-all camera you can put in your pocket of decent quality.

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iudex: And one more issue with Sigmas was the (in)ability to process RAWs in usual RAW converters. Is it still a problem?

Most of their cameras are supported in Lightroom now, not the new DP2M and DP1M though. Anyone's guess when/if they will be.

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Photoworks: Will the DP1M be super slow like the DP2M or will it have an improved processor?

No reason to think they would change the processor so soon. It's never going to be an action camera, but the DP series never was.

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prepie: can't compare with Sony Nex-7, Nex-7 still better..

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On photo Roman Collesium at Night in the World City Tour: Rome challenge (9 comments in total)

Funny, I took almost the same shot last year, with an Olympus XZ-1.

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qwertyasdf: The 5.0 MP pic is tac sharp! I can even see the guys hair sticking out his nostril!

I guess we have very different definitions of "tac sharp".
It's not bad for a camera phone though, especially at ISO800.

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Kitty Twoface!

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I have one for my S95, it's excellent.

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