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ThomasX: @pixelplayer
Everybody considers looks on everything. This is just the human factor, sorry.
And, "..does NOT EVEN work as a status symbol..." means that ugly looks come on top of some other disappointments for a former Nikon afficionado.

It is actually unbelievable how much Nikon failed in my eyes. Not only is the segment they are trying to address with this thing not existing or small, they also do not satisfy the expectation of those people like me who have been holding back with buying a MFT in order to wait and see what Nikon will bring to the party.

I don't give a damn on whether or not they believe to cannibalize any other segments, I want a smaller than SLR camera with exchangeable lenses and better than compact images, especially at low light. And I won't buy something that offers smaller size sensors than other established systems, at a higher or the same price level. And, something that is darn ugly. No way.

I understand your point Thomas and you are probably right about the human factor, but think it the other way around: if it was meeting every aspects a photographer in this segment would be looking for and was ugly, would it be a commercial success?
Now the fact that ppl in this segment consider the aestethic factor is what I don't understant, because it is either in the pocket/wallet or in the hand.
Imagine a "D4" with all specs every pro would dream of... but ugly. Would they change their system for a better looking Canon?

I'm just a bit shocked by the number of ppl shouting out "its ugly", because it is not a factor I -personnaly- would consider.
btw i would never buy it, i'm not interested in that kind of cameras.

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I find it quite nice in terms of 'how is it looking?" But anyways, who cares if it is ugly or not? I don't get it poeple, it is supposed to take pictures! Who consider that factor when he buys a camera?

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