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CKDexterHaven: In a different forum, some poor schmuck asked the members how he could submit a camera idea to the manufacturers. He proposed a shutter that would not be activated until the user REMOVED his finger.

Well, about a hundred morons jumped all over the dude. Called his idea idiotic. No one could imagine a context in which that would be useful. And, worse, of course. If i had an actual life, i wouldn't have gotten involved with defending the idea and also the concept that the most practical features often come from an idea that may be 'across the line' and even ridiculous.

I can't express how much satisfaction this news item gives me. I only wish i could find the original thread so that crow could be served. Cold.

Do you refer to this?

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Steve Balcombe: Strange release from Nikon. I've read the previous comments and I fully understand this is not a 'bug lens', but a 50 mm working distance at 1:1 is extremely close whatever the subject.

Very nice to see an affordable macro lens though - that's a very keen price.

I am not into the numbers, but when you look at it from the point of view of the final print, and not magnification itself, you need only 1:1.5 with this lens to get the same result as with a 60mm lens on FX at 1:1. And at 1:1.5 this lens would have a working distance similar to the 60/2.8 at 1:1.
And as already said, the 60mm (or even 55mm) focal length is widely used on FX for non-insect applications.

Link | Posted on Jul 12, 2011 at 12:47 UTC
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