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AbrasiveReducer: What happened to the 100+ year print life?

No, radiation does not penetrate concrete. It emits slight radiation itself, of the radioactive type. But UV, which degrades ink, cannot penetrate concrete or steel. You'd better worry about polluted air. Also the paper itself can be a hazard to the image or text on it, as it can be acid.

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D3300 and 35mm F1.8G lens (141 comments in total)

I wonder why a camera from Nikon or Nikon is favoured over a ground breaking camera like the Pentax-Ricoh K-3? Dpreview is not a biased site, is it?

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Justinas Kersis: Pentaxforums has already done K-5IIs review. Here it takes 1/2 year to review any pentax product. Why?

Yes, and Nikon had its D600 reviewed before it was even released. So, maybe if Pentax could do the same and bribe them with a prerelease review camera, maybe that would help....

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Very unpatriotic photography, must be an Iranian subversive cell. I like the photos with the flag most, specially the swim guys with the massive six packs, especially since I am working hard on getting one myself, but maybe I am also an Iranian subversive cell or North Korean spy.
But to be serious, the result of this photo session, improvised and all, is average. He knows what he is doing, but the situation is not right.
I also wonder what patriotic photography would look like. Unpatriotic images...

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The 'news' of the silver edition is probably too attract some (spot)light on the Pentax products during the storm of publicity that accompanies the launch of the new products by some or other, so called, professional camera brand. I don't think it is about selling the silver edition in particular, which is way too expensive compared to the normal black version, but probably to promote and sell some extra K-5's to the public. It's an excellent camera after all and I would recommend it to anybody.
The use of the ultra flat 40 mm on the K-5 is limited, you can put the camera in your pocket, large pockets though, when you don't want to take any extra gear with you, which is something else when the limited lenses or even a 17-50 mm zoom is mounted on the camera. That's of course also the case with the K-01, which is only marginally smaller.

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@Dannyboy292: taking 'perfect' pictures with an SLR is so last century, nowadays you do it with your phone or entertainment device like an Android phone or an iPhone. The thing is to take pictures of events you attend or witness and share a photograph with your 'friends', real or virtual. Their hobby is not 'taking pictures', but something else, dancing, partying, whatever. The new phone, that also can film, take pictures and communicate via internet, are there to aid people in doing this.
You are right, the quality of the pictures is hopeless, but getting better. If you want total control over the process, you need an dedicated camera, not something that doubles as a phone, although when you're in creative photography....

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I wonder if the reviewer calibrated the printer before printing any of the samples. I read about calibrating his monitor, but that is not the same as calibrating the printer.
As he complained about colours that didn't match the colour of his monitor, I suppose he did not. Using the profiles provided by the manufacturer is not a guarantee for prints. Moreover changing the output in your print programme is not the right way to get prints that match the intended colours. You need to calibrate your printer with every kind of paper you use with a proper calibrating tool and programme, like X-Rite or Spyder3Print. It is a world of difference before and after. Especially for a test on a decent web site like Dpreview you need to do proper and sound testing. The test should be performed in a way that we, the readers, can repeat the tests and get the same results. Also state paper types and sample photographs.

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