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abudiman: Imagine being monitored by your phone 24/7...

@Drive: You can start here https://applymagicsauce.com - don't even need a smartphone.

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On article SLT strikes back: Sony a99 II real-world sample gallery (272 comments in total)
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J A C S: Sony greens...

Like green-with-envy?

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BrickCurve: Remind me, whats the point of a night vision camera again?

You have to spy first in order to know you have no cats.

Maybe this is yet another "Copenhagen Interpretation" applied to austrian physicists feline equations?

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On article How to: iFixit disassembles the Fujifilm X100T (102 comments in total)

How can the spring save energy? Isn't the spared energy in the returning direction spent by the extra effort to also push the coil back?

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xpanded: Dear Sigma - congratulations with this amazing launch. Quite surprised you managed both so quickly.

Now please hire 2 software guys (m/f) - one skilled tester and one skilled bug fixer. Do not add additional features to the software - do not work to make it faster - only focus on making it 100% stable. No more strange error messages. SSP remains the biggest hindrance for bigger sales.

And yes, I do own Sigma cameras (currently 5) and I would buy this in a heartbeat if the raw converter was fixed once and for all.

The only way I can crash SPP is by deleting raw files from within SPP, or from the filesystem when the SPP-browser is pointing to the directory.
Sometimes, from 6.3.0 and on, the forth/back arrows become inactive, reason unknown.

So removing the garbage-bin icon from the menu would solve most of my SPP-problems, speed and dark texts aside.

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Nukunukoo: Don't own a Sigma Foveon but tried one months back. When looking at how it resolves edges and the details, I was gobsmacked. Especially on post. It's exactly like resizing a Bayer image to a little over 1/3 its size. My only niggle was its performance in low light.

Enter the 630EF :-)

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ScanSpeak: Does the sensor need to be fed?

Vitamin D to improve DR.

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MaxFury: I pray to Zeus everyday for a cure that will eliminate the Rolling Shutter plague.
Hopefully we will see Panasonic implement this in their new photo and video cameras in the future.

Zeus? Global shutters are Chronos' turf.

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Horshack: Very nice interface. I like how it remembers that you're viewing 1:1 so that if you click another photo in the gallery it'll load the full-sized version of that one too. Have you considered using progressive JPEGs for the 1:1?

@Shih: Safari, on 10.10.4. The RX100 IV works in 1:1, so does Tough and 5DS.
I googled this image: http://keyassets.timeincuk.net/inspirewp/live/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2015/08/DSC00862.jpg
It gets broken into rectangles and shows like a puzzle when viewed directly in 1:1 but fine minimized. Fun fact is that those rectangles now also appear in the DPR viewer (that was otherwise blank), still open in a separate tab. My guess is Apple didn't expect safari to be used with large images.

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On article Picture this: Our revamped galleries system is now live (115 comments in total)
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Horshack: Very nice interface. I like how it remembers that you're viewing 1:1 so that if you click another photo in the gallery it'll load the full-sized version of that one too. Have you considered using progressive JPEGs for the 1:1?

I cannot see the α II R images at 1:1 - after the animated wait icon stops, I just have a black screen (OSX, uptodate flash).

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Hmmm ..... "Nikon to offer free newlywed portraits at New York's City Hall next week" (-:

Can I deduce from the headline that some marriages in NY are arranged against the couples will?
Or that Nikon has introduced a brand new feature in a forthcoming camera? (all my portraits are either single or continuous, never married ... although some are framed).

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Johannes Zander: Look mom, a chock block with a lens!

Preferable to a soap bar with lens.

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VaLeX: I'm on an android smartphone and the VOTE button is not working. I can select a certain option, but my vote is not recorded. It might be my browser, though ...

Nah, its because the sensor on your phone is not FF.

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On article Week in review: 8 things we learned (42 comments in total)

Threat? or treat?

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Diopter: some low-rider cars have license plates with the LED pulsing lights. Is it a source of inspiration for Pentax?

Nah, the other way round: Those pulsing lights are from the rear camera. Pentax/Ricoh is leveraging sales by selling the camera separately.

Link | Posted on Aug 27, 2014 at 22:31 UTC
On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)

If Leica guaranteed some kind of forward support for new sensors/electronics in the same body say every second or third year, I think many more could be tempted, knowing they would have a classic that could keep up. (If not otherwise, then by offering a high return price when buying the successor.)

But first they need to finish the camera. That pop-up flash and to some extent the card-door leads me to believe top-management is not entirely german. One-piece aluminium or no deal.

And lenses to match, thank you. Black looks weird here.

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On article CP+ 2014: Things we found that had been cut in half (107 comments in total)

How can the Tamron be ENTIRELY useless when cut in half?

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Thoughts: It is shocking that one of the best camera review site- DPR doesn't have a forum for Hasselblad...

"Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount Talk" ?

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On article Have Your Say: Best Enthusiast Zoom Compact of 2013 (56 comments in total)
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aerorail: these polls are useless of course you're going to vote for the one you own. most won't have experience with any other camera to make 'best' judgement
look how the polls reflect what the majority own

If the voters, or a substantial part of them, also logs whether they own/owned/want the cameras, DPR can do the math and figure out what the most wanted (not the best) camera is. Perhaps they can also dig into data and figure out how many would buy another camera than they have. Both figures would be nice for us to see, but not more than that - but they will be invaluable to gearshop and amazon (which also means those numbers will not be published) ;-)

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On article Want to remember something? Don't take a photo (183 comments in total)
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locke_fc: This makes a lot of sense to me. Assuming it was a properly designed study, published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (granted, that's sometimes a lot to assume), I'm going to say most people here aren't qualified to express anything but anecdotal views as to the validity of its conclusions.

So who is doing that guesswork you claim, the person or the PhD? If it is not the PhD, are you then not moving outside the realm of that science you use to support your claims?

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