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Joules or watt-seconds, but not watts, not for flash lighting.

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I would really like a way of turning this off. Somewhere in my settings perhaps?

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nstam: I think dimensions are typo'd...

"...and lighter than the first GoPro Hero and Hero2, measuring 2.30 x 1.55 x 0.08 inches (5.8 x 3.9 x 2 cm)..."

They definitely contain typos, as does the weight " 2.6 oz. 28g)". 28g is 1oz.

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Biowizard: Does this early cut-price offer indicated that the CC "rental" concept was a comparative flop?


No, it was probably a resounding success for them financially. They only had to get about 25% of current users to generate the same income.

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On photo Fill 'er Up in the My best picture this week challenge (33 comments in total)

Great shot. I think the reds are a little too saturated, but everything else works out well.

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On article Classic photographs recreated in Lego (117 comments in total)

It is Lego, not Legos. Like sheep, they are not easily enumerable. Sheeps?

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On photo Triangle Rock Pools in the Triangles, Squares & Rectangles in Nature challenge (7 comments in total)

A very good shot. Indeed an excellent shot. May have only been bettered with a near square format MF camera. (A little more sky, perhaps.)

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Poweruser: Still not sure where the point is with wide-gamut screens?

95%+ of users cant see any difference because their devices run SRGB at best (often times uncalibrated), think of tablets, phones, all Macs, etc.

Also, you cant "print" Adobe RGB.

You may not be able to print all of AdobeRGB, but neither can you display all that you can print. It has been years since high end pigment inkjet have been able to produce colours outside AdobeRGB.

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Daniel Bors: ... Ilan Fain from Haifa, Israel using a Canon 3D !!!!!!

Yes, I caught that too. I presume it is a typo, but who knows.

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joe6pack: "When thinking about the ordering of images, I think about how they 'talk' to one another, what one has to 'say' to another,"

Can't we just stick to English? I call it "follow the flow".

iPhoto has a nice feature that lets you export your photo album into a video. I think many photo editing program does one way or the other. But I dislike the fact the a video is significantly larger than the photos and at a lower quality. But if I have to share the photos to be played on DVD or youtube. This is the only way to go.

"follow the flow" doesn;t sound English at all, it sounds very American.

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On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)
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Jolyon Gray: I sold all my Nikon gear, D7000, f2.8 zooms (including the 17-55 Nikon), prime lenses, flashes, etc. It was a risk going for the OM-D but really happy with the choice. Considered getting a FF Nikon but it didn't really make sense to me.

Things the OM-D does better (or equally as well).
-Image stabilisation! Not only good for low light but also for creative low shutter speeds, blurring water, moving people, etc! Transforms manual focus lenses, stabilised when focusing! Brilliant! Handheld video is super smooth, close to steadycam, something I could never get handheld with the Nikon.

-Articulated LCD, great for creative shots.

-Marmite but the EVF - thought I would hate it but...:
--Bright Light - can actually see my photo playback.
--Zooming in on the EVF for manual focus - brilliant
--Highlight and shadow clipping - great for the shooting I do
--Loads of other things, info views, etc.

-Size! Works best with the battery grip, gives you 3 options in one depending on what you fancy that day.

-Lenses. I've got the 12mm, 25mm f0.95 Nokton, 45mm, & 75mm.... and this all fits in a small shoulder bag + filters.

-Competition : Great to have two manufacturers that have compatable products. Panasonic make great pancakes.

-ISO; to my eye as good as the D7000, but I'm not a pixel peeper.

-f0.95 Nokton

-f0.95 Nokton

-f0.95.. Ok you get it.

-Focus. I found my D7000 a bit temperamental, sometimes spot on, sometimes less so, needed loads of AF tweaking, drove me nuts. I don't need C-AF but it seemed good enough shooting my nephew at Christmas. No missed shots.

-Olympus colours.

-No need to clean oil off the sensor from the mirror slapping around.

-Asthetics, not the most important thing but it is a pretty camera :).

Don't mistake this as Nikon bashing - I had Nikons for about 5 years and have some brilliant shots. Maybe I'll get a FF Nikon in the future to take advantage of true focal length, bokeh, etc. For me it was a risky purchase, I sold 4-5k of gear, OM-D and lenses seemed overpriced, but just enjoy photography more with the OM-D. It goes everywhere with me :).

If I could only have one camera & lens it would be the OM-D & 25mm Nokton (might change my mind one the 17mm Nokton is delivered!). Racing car drivers don't drive automatics ;).

Marmite ??????

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tbcass: I like everything about Lightroom except the cataloging feature. I like to organize my photos by year and month. The necessity of having to import photos into the catalog is a royal pain in the A!!! I don't like it and wish I could turn off the cataloging feature and use it as a plain browser/editor..

I use year folders and date folders within. I have never had a problem getting LR to do this. I only shoot about 5 days a week, so I don't really have a need for a separate month level.
If you want to browse and edit, then use the Adobe Raw Convertor - 99% of LR editing and without the DB catalog.

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On article Just deployed: New forums system (699 comments in total)

OK so the 4 point Verdana in the 'reply with quotes' has to go. I don't know what it says, because it is way too small.

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Cy Cheze: How does one work with an 800mm lens? It would seem to be difficult to scout or frame an optimum shot, unless you knew exactly where something would happen. Or does one take burst shots as the athletes pass, then crop to pick whatever luck has rendered worthy? Perhaps, if allowed to stand near the end of a pool, one could pick a particular lane and frame multiple shots of a breastroker on the return lap. Birds or ballplayers may alight or dart less predicably.

However, the pro still enjoys an advantage of access to premium viewpoints.

"as well as comply with the 35mm limit on entry to the London 2012".
That would be 30 cm. Even the Canon 40 mm f/2.8 pancake is 23 mm.

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On article Site Updates and New Features (102 comments in total)

What about something really sensible like lens reviews?

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On article Photoshop CS6 Beta: New Features for Photographers (154 comments in total)

Wow, a docking toolbar, after only 24 years of asking.

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On article Buyer's Guide: 10 Home Studio Lighting Kits (97 comments in total)
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Hugowolf: Not watts (W) it is watt-seconds (Ws) or joules (J) for flash. And watts, with a lower case w, unless it is abbreviated to W. Using watts (joules per second), only makes any sense for continuous lighting. There are just so many basic flaws with this article.

I must admit, I am no great fan of either the Balcar or Elinchrom mounting systems. Both were designed before the use of large softboxes now prevalent. The Elinchrom system is nicer, but perhaps even flimsier than the Balcar. They are both good for mounting lighter weight modifiers like standard reflectors, barndoors, snoots, gel holders, etc

The article is fine in many ways, but shows a lack of editorial oversight and proof reading. I would put myself as a good proof reader, except for my own stuff, but that is why there is a need for a copy editor.

The Profoto section shows an image with the Air Remote as being included. And most of that write up assumes and discusses that, but in the last paragraph we have:

“You can take this wireless functionality even further by investing in an optional Profoto Air remote”

At least the Buff site is mentioned and linked. And remember the DPReview site’s origins are in the UK, where Buff stuff isn’t easily available.

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Not watts (W) it is watt-seconds (Ws) or joules (J) for flash. And watts, with a lower case w, unless it is abbreviated to W. Using watts (joules per second), only makes any sense for continuous lighting. There are just so many basic flaws with this article.

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On article Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG Macro now available (94 comments in total)
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Cy Cheze: So macro lenses serve mainly for pictures of bugs, flowers, and other tiny or super-close subjects? Insect portraits may be more varied or even aesthetic than the average human snapshots, true. But the market for high-end lenses for bug-shots must be very small. If production scale is small, the prices must be higher. Here and there, a few rich guys or entymologists with big budgets may be stooped over (or bobbing around like robbins) peeking for choice beetles, moths, or worms. Centipedes must be spooky close-up subjects. But lice, mites, aphids, or daphnia must require something with more magnification and special lighting.

The market for macro lenses (low and high end) is very large. It is a market driven by amateurs. Before the introduction of the Canon 100 mm IS L lens, the Canon 100 mm f/2.8 USM lens was Canon’s biggest selling lens with the exception of kit lenses.

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