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BJL: To those worrying about storage costs, don't panic: 1TB costs under $200 these days, so under 2c per D800 raw file. Storage costs have been going down faster than pixel counts go up. (Not that I need nearly this many pixels!)

They arent all that expensive.

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On article Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples (421 comments in total)
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EliasT: A photographer just needs a D700 with 16MP, nothing more! Bells and whistles are marketing that cost $$.

Hello, Elias. Thank you for honoring us with your need to express your own superiority though the canned expression that if only others were as good as you they could take a great photo with nothing more then a shoe, some glue, and a string. Us poor saps unfortunatly still appreciate the benefits that better tech can give us.

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Martin Crombie Photography: Still cannot load CS5 on it - waste of time toy.

You can't load it on it. But you an access CS5 on your home machine via logmein without trouble.

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DioCanon: The King of iUselessness is back.

I have 2 friends ready to upgrade from the day before they bought the 2.
They are happy like children,
they told me it's so cool to read the paper in the morning without turning on the PC (but make sure you turned on the wi fi router...), to play Angry Birds on the train and to be on facebook all day (even if they arready had a iPhone4 and the other a Galaxy II...).
And there are so many apps!
I am shocked, people I knew now look retarded is there some sort of subliminal messge in apple products?

You turn off your wifi router? What?

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I got in a preorder for 2 of the 64gb ATT 4G ones. Can't wait for the 16th. Ignore the Android fanboys posting here. This tablet has twice the resolution of theirs, supports usb connection to your camera or a SD card, has iPhoto, has a great built in cam. There is nothing photography related their android tablets can do better.

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Joe Ogiba: I will stick with my 13.3" Core i7 MacBook Air with 256GB SSD, SDHC/SDXC slot , Thunderbolt & USB ports etc.

I have that and the ipad. Doesn't have to be a one or the other deal.

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jj74e: Am I the only one who finds the "Retina" resolution unnecessary? I would rather have a "low quality" screen for a lower price.

How Apple sells so many of these, I don't know. Between your laptop and phone, when would you ever use a tablet? I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Do people really need another product in between? Is the iPad so fulfilling of certain duties that a phone or computer can't do better (portability or power) that people are willing to blow hundreds of dollars on it?

I mean, I'm not judging, but people say Apple excels at creating products that people didn't know they needed, and, well, I still don't know why I need an iPad.

The ipad actually does take SD cards via the kit.

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There is not

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