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If you're going to list the "added" models, the list should include the Fuji X-H2 and X-Pro2, and Panasonic GH5S and G9. Link: http://docs.view.tl/#camera-support-overview
I'm quoting "added" because, as a G9 owner, I've known the VIew has supported this camera for a while, but the support is now more complete: focus ramping on the G9/GH5 is now supported this week (which isn't yet reflected in the official TimeLapse+ link I included, above.)

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Looks like SD Express is not UHS-II backward compatible, let alone UHS-III which isn't in any consumer products yet. Yes, UHS-I backward compatible, but then why buy UHS-II cards now when they'll only run at UHS-I speeds on SD Express devices (whenever that comes out)? ;-) Why invest in SD Express when it comes out when I already have all this UHS-II (and UHS-III?) gear, which will run slower on SD Express gear. Why should manufactures work on UHS-III stuff when SD Express is already announced, faster and not compatible with UHS-III?

I'm glad the SDUC standard came out in a timely manner. In camera terms, 2TB is only 2 stops bigger than 512GB, and they're already working on 1TB cards. This gives manufactures time to smoothly ramp up the size capacity over the prior 2TB limit.

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On article Yongnuo announces YN 14mm F2.8 in Canon mount (153 comments in total)

DPR, are you going to add the Yongnulo lenses to your lens database? (Lens search, side by side, etc) This lens makes Yongnuo have five lenses, more than some of the other manufactures in your DB...

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While I prefer microSD slot, 512GB internal-only would be okay. Yeah, portable swappable and expandable are good features. But the main drives I use microSD cards is that normally phones don't have enough storage, or if they do the model with enough space costs more than the smaller storage model + an even bigger microSD card. And until I can get unlimited, unthrottled, 1 gb/s bandwidth all the time, everywhere, cloud storage doesn't do it for me.

For me, 256GB local storage is the bare minimum for phones/tablets today. If I can get 512GB internal without a slot, I'll survive. Now, 512GB internal + a microSD slot... I'd love that. :-) YMMV, of course.

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mpgxsvcd: That says V10 on that card. That isn't fast enough for any of the current cameras. Even the original GoPro cameras needed more than V10. V30 is the bare minimum for today's needs.

V10 can do 1080p@30fps, much like U1 and C10, as all can do 10 MB/s, or 80mbps.
V30 is needed for 1080p@60fps and even basic 4k.

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On article Advertising vs reality: microSD memory card speed test (73 comments in total)
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Dante Birchen: Write speed is most important for photography. It also depends on how your camera handles it. There is a site that actually tests memorycard camera combinations:

+1 CameraMemorySpeed.com. They test camera/card combos (most important for us camera users), but they also test the same cards on dozens of card readers, with a dozen different tests on each card/reader combo. Way more in depth than in this video. I just with they'd test a few more cameras per year.

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (887 comments in total)

Which OVF vs which EVF? (Most of) Today's EVFs are far better than EVFs of three to five years ago. OVFs are a mature tech, so haven't changed too much in the same time; still a FF OVF usually is way better than an APSC OVF, plus there's a prism vs mirror OVF. I have both OVF and EVF cameras and like both, but for different purposes, times, and situations.
It's interesting that some favor xVF for situation 'Y', while others site the opposite VF for the same situation (low light photography the most common case). I think this is partially because they are comparing different OVFs vs different EVFs.

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Impulses: Is there actually a V60 rating? Like officially? Maybe the reason it's not being displayed is because it doesn't exist, because there's definitely several U3/V30 UHSHI cards that can manage sequential writes at double and triple their rating...

The ones that can do 60MB/s aren't even that expensive (90MB/s for writes does gets a little more expensive).

Usually new standards are all about increasing headroom well in advance of actual need. Cameras haven't been fully leveraging UHS-II until pretty recently (granted my E-M5 II took advantage of it and it's over a year old).

It's more that just sustained speed. V60 and V90 speed ratings will only be on UHS-II (and now UHS-III) cards: the official specs paper states that UHS-II FD support is mandatory for all V60 and V90 cards. So even if a UHS-I card meets all the other V60 requirements (sustained speed, simultaneous multiple files writes, continue partially used blocks after power off, specific block sizes, etc), it can't claim V60. See the (simplified) Physical Layer Specification Version 5.00 from the SD Association, pg 121, table 4-67.
That same paper shows how much more complicated the Video Speed Classes are to get that the others, by page count: 7 pages for SD + SDHC normal speed classes, 6 pages for SDXC normal speed classes, 2 pages for UHS speed classes (much of it "see SDXC pages", though), and 18 pages for the video speed classes!

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This is what I want. Except... it only does one of my cameras, and not any of the cameras I'm thinking of buying this summer. I'll wait and see reviews. If the coupler is hackable to add unsupported cameras, or if they expand the supported cameras, I'll get one + two couplers (and maybe complete two sets later on).

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That back screen looks interesting. Sony has, and Nikon had, bottom hinged fully articulating screens, but not like this. Looks to have the speed, ease and from the waist stealth shooting abilities of a tilting screen, plus the portrait orientation tilting ability of a side hinged screen. I'm not sure it can be seen for self portraits, though.
Can't wait for more info, including the most important: When!

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For me, the convergence has occurred. I own a DSLR (APSC) and a mirrorless camera. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. I have no plans on buying a new camera until one or the other dies. However if one does die, I have no idea what I'd replace it with: FF, APSC, or m4/3; mirrorless or DSLR. Cost is a factor, and I already have lens in three systems, so it's most likely I'll stick to one of those systems, but I'm not locked in.

Features, IQ, ergonomics, convenience, and lens selection are my criteria.

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On article Google Photo Sphere now available for iOS (20 comments in total)
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Guy Swarbrick: Incrementally, not dramatically increased. There are far more Android phones out there than yPhones.

Sure Android is out selling Apple at about 80%-20% worldwide this year. This is ignoring the established user base (higher apple but decreasing), USA/Europe not as android-centrist as the world while that's the stronger markets of this site, and incomparable Android devices that cannot run this android app (like mine). But let's overestimate an 80%-20% android-apple split in devices in use today, anyway.

A 25% (20/80=0.25) increase in one swoop is pretty dramatic. And that's low balling it.

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On article Google Photo Sphere now available for iOS (20 comments in total)

This app (Google Camera) is not comparable with my android phone (Galaxy S3), and it's now an iPhone app. Hmm, I wonder why I can't use it, and which android devices can and cannot use it? (About time to upgrade my phone...)

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uRebel Rob: Not going to get it: screen size and res is okay (as long it's not PenTile), looks meh but I don't care, camera and OS are good enough. But no external storage and only 32 GB internal? I had more than that used in my Galaxy S 1 + 32 GB card 3 years ago, and my current phone's 64 GB card is almost full right now.

Hopefully it (and iPhone 6) will help bring down the S5 and M8 prices, though. I'm looking to get a new phone in a month or so...

Samsung's official press release says "No micro SD Slot" in its specs ( http://www.samsungmobilepress.com/2014/08/13/Samsung-Introduces-Galaxy-Alpha,-the-evolution-of-Galaxy-Design-1 ). Which make mute me pointing out every other site that I have read about the alpha reporting no microSD support.

I'd think DPR should have pointed it out too, as lack of the card slot takes away from the phone's photo and video capabilities. How fast will the 4k video it can take fill up that 32 GB?

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Not going to get it: screen size and res is okay (as long it's not PenTile), looks meh but I don't care, camera and OS are good enough. But no external storage and only 32 GB internal? I had more than that used in my Galaxy S 1 + 32 GB card 3 years ago, and my current phone's 64 GB card is almost full right now.

Hopefully it (and iPhone 6) will help bring down the S5 and M8 prices, though. I'm looking to get a new phone in a month or so...

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On article Travel tripods: Comparing 5 aluminum kits (112 comments in total)

I followed the Manfrotto link, and the web page shows that a carbon fiber version just came out. You probably should update your review where it says it's only aluminum.

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