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Of course the hundreds of amateurs who could care less about their rights and merely think it would be cool to take photos at a concert are all waiting in the wings to take their place.

"Gee, you mean I can not only do my love of photography AND my love of music/concerns and instead of paying for a ticket you'll let me in free and give me front row access for 3 songs and all I have to do is give you the images! Awesome, where do I sign up"

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Waterengineer: Seems expensive.

Cheaper than spending $1700 on a XPro and $600 on the 18mm f2.0 to get to 28mm equiv

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Simple fact that about 70% of my fulltime staff photographer friends at various newspapers around the country pretty much says it all about the future of photojournalism, at least as a career.

Mind you people won't stop taking pictures, nor will the demand for stills ever totally go away, but rather, there just isn't going to be any money in it.

I only get about $8 after wire service cut for images used on sites like Sports Illustrated, ESPN etc, its just such a saturated market and everyone has hundreds of frames per game to upload that its simple supply and demand. Ironic though when you see the prices of the latest D4, D1X, 400mm 2.8 lens etc used to produce the images.

Sad and simple truth is that its going to be very, very difficult for most people to expect to be able to earn a good living in the next 5-10 years.

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Its nearly the same size as the K5 and doesn't have a VF ? Not sure what the point is really, just to say that they too are "mirrorless" ?

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