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This looks like a very nice alternative to the Canon S-Series. I liked the S-series, but after the problems i.e the 'Lens Error' , it's hard for me to trust another one whether it's the S100, 110 or 120. I think I am going to check out the Fuji XF-1 or XQ1. The sensor is also much bigger than the one in the Canon. I can pick up this camera today in my area for $400, but I will wait for a full-review and the price to go down a little before I buy.

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likesfilm: My first time here.

As a long -time photographer (decades), it is frustrating to read so often that the weight of a full-size camera is such a frequent disadvantage. I have been fortunate to be able to use cameras of all sizes and weight over the years, both digital and film based. The bulk and weight of the larger cameras has always felt better and more stable in my hands.

Of course there is a valuable place and usage for all sizes of camera, but do the majority of experienced amateurs and pros who read this magazine really believe full-size camera weight is as bad as the reviewers would have you believe?

I don't get it. Is it an age thing?; because I still like viewfinders, too. Is it manufacturer driven, as I might believe? Do the majority of reviewers and writers have enough years behind a lens to really know the advantages of a heavier weight camera. Are we just getting lazy?

Do any of you agree with me? Thank you.

Viewfinders-that's one thing I miss on a lot of cameras. A bright, high resolution vf is much more useful than a high resolution display!

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On article Mirrorless camera buying guide (172 comments in total)

I "upgraded" to an Olympus E-PL2 from a Nikon D40. I love my Olympus! My Nikon was just too heavy(though the lightest DSLR), so I rarely put it in my bag and missed a lot of pic opportunities. Now, I can take my PL2 with me all the time. The image quality is excellent, it's light, and it has some really cool features. I am so glad I bought a mirrorless camera. I highly recommend them!

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