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  • Replied in Go for it...
    He was racist every single time he didn't condemn black on white crime or black on black crime while only commenting on an alleged unjustified shootings by cops.  Sorry if you are unable to ...
  • What?  A news site with false or misleading stories?  Lol. It's called censorship any way you want to try to explain it. What's next?  No sarcasm?
  • I guess I have to go back over the last eight years and find every criminal attack on a white person by a black person and then I can call that "violence from Obama supporter against white people? ...
  • Who gives a darn about opinion of those who would never vote for you in the first place?  Trump has run the most unconventional campaign ever and has had more success than any other republican in ...
  • The burden of proof is on the women. You know, innocent until proven guilty.  I realize, Not a popular idea for the left, but....
  • Replied in So what?
    If he followed the law then he did nothing different than any one of you hypocritical liberals.
  • I was the one going through the nearly two years of chemo and radiation.  Have I cared for dying family??  Yes I have.  I've been on both sides....have you? My point was to the comment about the ...
  • And yet cigarettes are legal; pot is now legal in many places; we promote fast food and cola drinks; fat shaming is bad and yet heart disease is a leading killer.  People don't care about good ...
  • Replied in Got cancer?
    The saddest day was when my oncologist retired.  I owed her everything.
  • Replied in Got cancer?
    And to answer your question...since I've been both a patient and a loved one.  It's much easier being the loved one.  As a patient you worry about your own health and the mental health of family ...
  • Replied in Got cancer?
    Diagnosed is 1983.  Was told to go to Sloan Kettering.   Two operations, nearly 18 months of chemo and radiation and I'm still here over 30 years later.  Oh yeah, I was supposed to die.  It was ...
  • SO Instead of picking an actual killer or truly horrible person you chose a person from the media?  You are exactly the problem in this country.
  • You need something with good piano music if you really want to test speakers. I'm a huge fan of Joe Jackson for that purpose. On another level I've used Elvis Costello's "Spike" CD
  • Replied in Oh Brent
    As usual your weak attempts to deflect instead of actually admit to your hypocritical op fall flat.
  • Replied in lol,lol,lol
    This has got to be the biggest crybaby post ever. If I had the time and the inclination I would search these forums for all your posts and point out how foolish you sound right now. People like ...
  • And?  He's still a hypocrite.  He might want to spend more time studying and less time trying to get his 15 minutes.
  • Replied in Good schooling
    Another infantile response. Good for you. Stick with what you know best.
  • I count 5.  What were you saying again?  And those are only the major  parties I've been all over the world many times over and it always amuses me when an outsider comments on the USA in a ...
  • Typo due to spellcheck. A smart person would have figured out the word comprehension. Guess you don't measure up.
  • Nice try. Yes I commented on the lame duck attempt at obfuscation.  And still you guys can't focus on the OP. Funny stuff
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