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George1958: Rediculous name, “Beast” so we are now into anthropomorphising tablets, what next the the Apple assassin ,Sony Slayer, the canon crusher, the Nikon necromancer? The marketing people are trying to appeal to some ones ego, not mine. Give me a series number any time.

You know thats the name the reviewer gave it, not microsoft

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Class A: When the Pentax K-1 was reviewed, the following "Cons" made it into the conclusion:

* Limited uses for Pixel Shift Resolution shooting modes (static environments).

* Limited Raw support for Pixel Shift Files.

If Adobe will not provide better Pixel Shift support for Sony than it does for Pentax (i.e., no support for dealing with slight motion) then the same disadvantages will apply and should make it into the A7Riii's "Cons".

It will be interesting to see whether Phase One will add Pixel Shift support for the A7Riii in Capture One. My guess is that they won't for the same apparent reason they didn't add it for Pentax cameras: They want to protect the resolution advantage of their own medium format cameras.

Lets see if they do the same shi@@y comparison on the sony as on the pentax. My money is that that they wont.

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So when people ask them they are like... "hrm, ops, yeah we are gona publish it in a few days"
Later in the office they are like "Guys, did we forget to publish the pentax review two years ago?"

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Scottelly: "A heartbreaking photo of a bear in a landfill"? Why do you call it a "heartbreaking" photo? It doesn't break my heart at all. The bear found the mother load. I'm sue it's very happy to be there in that landfill.

The sad part is that landfills are still a thing in the world. Greatings from sweden where landfills is prohibited if is not things like cheramics and insulation.

Link | Posted on Oct 7, 2017 at 19:16 UTC

My Huawei p9 also take nice web sized bw shots with its bw sensor. Would be nice to see what this one could really do

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Is the tamron the same as the pentax?

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On article Hasselblad X1D-50c First Impressions Review (313 comments in total)

The Pentax 645Z shows more details and less moire in white/black resolution chart

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On article Huawei P10 scores highly in DxOMark Mobile testing (52 comments in total)
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ShootFilmNotMegaPixels: It most likely goes without saying but will DPreview do reviews on the Huawei P10 Plus, Sony Xperia Z Premium, Nokia 6, and LG G6?

I hope that you cover the bw sensor in the review. On the p9 everyone ignored it.

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love_them_all: Is this the cheapest monochrome camera for photos?! And Leica brand too? Sounds too good :)

You can get the p9 at a reasonable price at the preformance it brings.

Link | Posted on Feb 28, 2017 at 08:35 UTC

This time please include the bw sensor in the comparison scene.

Link | Posted on Feb 27, 2017 at 05:26 UTC as 10th comment
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love_them_all: Is this the cheapest monochrome camera for photos?! And Leica brand too? Sounds too good :)

I jave the p9 it also have a bw sensor. Takes excellent pictures too

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agentul: since it's called "organic", would it have any problems of long term wear, like OLEDs? i remember how excited people were of OLED TVs a few years ago, and then it was scaled back when the wear problem (on the blue dots, if i remember correctly) was discovered.

I think the wear of oled tv was highly exagurated. Then i think it was blue that would show singns after 20 000 hours. My tv is on maby 4h a day, that would mean 14 years. I had my pioneer kuro for 8 years, and that tv is oooold (still hell of alot of tv).

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lecoupdejarnac: Their tests don't evaluate the black and white output from the dedicated monochrome sensor. What makes a compelling black and white photo is hard to evaluate subjectively anyways. But this is definitely a phone worth considering for B&W photography fans (I have the Huawei P9 which has a similar, though lower resolution B&W sensor).

I realy like the bw output from my p9. I prefere to use it over the colour sensor. Better detail, more dynamic range, good contrast etc

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MasterWayne: Interestingly, photozone.de got greatly different results regarding vignetting wide open at 16mm. They measured a whopping 4.6EV light fall-off, which also can be seen in some sample photos (it looks ridiculous).
No hating/trolling intended, now I really just ask myself how these huge differences can occur. Did you find different results on different bodies?

Lenstip got -4 wide open at 16 mm. And that the vignetting is still there when you stop down.

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Why dont you have the BW sensor on the P9 in this comparison?
Would be interesting to see

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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mxx: Well, as a Pentax user I'm convinced now that the K1 cannot take pictures of people on moving bicycles. But luckily that still leaves cars, aeroplanes, birds etc. So all is not lost.

RX10iii has an 1" inch sensor that you used at 100mm f4.0
Thats exuivalent to 300 mm but the depth of field is quite large at f4.0 with a 2.7 crop.
If the camera didnt nail focus there I would be suprised.

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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silversalts: @Rishi We all know the K-1 AF is not tuned for sports / action 10fps bursts with 90% hits. We understand the PDAF module groups the AF points inside the APSc crop frame. We know there are fewer f/2.8 and cross points than other cameras. We don't expect a reviewer to say the K-1 has ground-breaking AF. We only expect fair reviews, free of Confirmation Bias, selection of pejorative adjectives not found in other camera reviews and please - no snarky Amazon Kindle references. That's why we're responding as we are.

At what point do you stop this emotional defense of your flawed AF review, cease bitterly clinging to sock-puppet supporting posts, man up and just do the test again, correctly this time?

I've owned a K-1 since May 6th. I assert your review is unfair and incorrect. Unfortunately I am not a level-headed professional photographer, willing to arrange repeatable tests and post images to educate you. Rather, I'm one of those crazy Pentax people.

I'm sure there are plenty of level-headed K-1 users who - understanding as I do that Pentax documentation is unsatisfactory - will offer recommendations on how to set up the camera to perform your tests such that the results will actually indicate the K-1 capabilities.

After all, your goal is to accurately reflect truth to the buying public, isn't it?

how can you defend a test that you constantly change what was in focus, first jersey, then lining between jersey and pants when it came to light that no focus point covers the jersey. Then when exif was examined it came clear that the focus point was on the knee. (center point nr 17)
How can you defend that?
Why is it so hard to admit that mistakes where done?
Thats what happened with the PS test a couple of weeks ago. Dpr admitted, ok, we messed up and people was less upset.

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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pentaust: More argumentation isn't necessary. I encourage everyone having access to a Pentax K1 to do the test himself and publish the results online. And there are already plenty of examples online showing Pentax K1 tracking capability, but, one review ignore them all. Interesting.

And stressing a focus point not intended for f2.8

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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Henrik Melander: So the head of the biker is outside of autofocus points yet you use this point evaluate focus?

Instead of justifying all the errors in your test. Why not focus on how to make a test that acually works and that is repetable?
My guess would be that the energy it would take would be much less. It took me 1 minut to come up with a better repeatable test.
A test where you can actually use on of the f2.8 autofocus sensors when the lens is set to f2.8 and not like you did in your test.
I see the same defencive behaviour here from you as when dpr released the flawed Pixel shift test.

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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LightBug: KKsniper analyzed how DPR's AF tracking test may have some issues, such as failing to keep focus points on the subjects head:


rashi sanyal: So you are using a non f/2.8 focus point to test focus with a lens at f/2.8?
Things starts to get better and better

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