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I agree, it is definitely about time. half of the follower I get are people with Eastern European sounding names and thousands of followers. When I look at their page, they have a couple of dozen poor quality photographs posted, some don't have any, and some are just click-bait for whatever they are pushing you to buy. If I don't follow them in a day or two, they very quickly unfollow me.

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I downloaded the first Nik version released by DxO and found nothing different except their name plastered on it so, I reloaded the old Google version and kept my money. With the other comments here and the marketing on DxO's website, I see little new to induce me to buy the latest DxO Nik upgrade. I have not had any problems using any of the Google Nik modules with OSX 10.13 and the new OSX 10.14, I don't use anything from Adobe, and care little about Nik integration with any Adobe products. I use Fuji gear, which has never been supported by DxO, and do all my RAW conversions using Fuji's in-camera RAW converter and now X RAW Studio. What I like about the Nik collection is it's ability to work with jpegs and would gladly pay for the DxO version if they started showing improvement for Nik as a free standing program instead of focusing on being a bunch of Adobe plugins and also added more presets to use.

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Don't know about the skin tones on this one. You look pretty red on my monitor. So was it the camera, the photographer, or just another Canadian who forgot to get out of the sun?

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Manfrotto used to do one thing really well; tripods. But since they decided to make everything and anything related to photography except for cameras and lenses, the quality of their products have slipped while the prices skyrocket.

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Who ever wrote this press release gets an A for valueless corporate double talk. But the organization chart explains it all; more divisions for more confusion.

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After years of using film cameras with OVFs, mostly rangefinders, I have switched to EVFs and don't miss the OVF. The one exception is switching to the OVF on my X100T when extremely bright sunlight makes seeing the EVF difficult.

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