Henry Falkner

Henry Falkner

Lives in New Zealand (Aotearoa) Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Works as a Retired (on paper only)
Joined on Feb 11, 2002
About me:

Keeping Sandra happy, more photos, more videos, retired as musician for the Morris dancers, more newsletters for the radio club.

See http://www.pbase.com/hfalkner

Henry Falkner's recent activity

  • To DCox and PhilDunn: The guys doing the paper printing and processing reported dermatitis after 15 years in the trade. I was in there for only 7 years. Henry
  • When I was a photographic technician last century, film print materials became available. We were shown how those fade when exposed to direct sun light. Laminating them reduced the fading. It ...
  • I am seeing those new instant film cameras. What puts me off them is memories of Polaroid film that had a shelf life of three weeks. Are the new ones more stable? Henry
  • it is gains on the swings and losses on the roundabouts. We have known each other for almost 18 years now, but ours is an acquaintance that Sandra never planned for (I did). Listening to my ...
  • In the year 1999 I still used the 35mm camera on the left because it permitted me to distribute 10x8 inch photo paper prints that I produced once a year for the school I played the accordion for ...
  • Replied in From 2002.
    Sorry to read you had problems with xD cards. Here is what I still have - The camera has a 2GB M+ card in it now - Darkened mid-tones in PSE15 levels 0 0.90 255. Henry
  • A picture on this card I took about 15 minutes ago - In PSE15 I corrected for color cast, and darkened midtones 0 0.85 255. Henry
  • Aperture priority lets you control the depth of focus with larger sensors , including the bookeh (out-of-focus background). The histogram gives you the dynamic range of the scene - the blackest ...
  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
  • Thanks for that information. It does make sense. Henry
  • Submitted a challenge entry Hobson Street in Auckland
    Seen from the pedestrian bridge near Quay Street
    Placed 65th in the challenge. Seen from the pedestrian bridge near Quay Street
  • Created discussion thread SH-1 - Pictures
    The concept of using my SH-1 as a backup for my SH-2 under repair is working: Henry
  • The quote is for replacing the whole lens unit. Since my SH-2 has survived heavy showers without an immediate failure, I may be paying for fixing an accumulation of faults, including salt water spray.
  • The quote for the SH-2 repair is NZ$ 570.-. They replace the lens unit, and update the firmware. There is a 90 day guarantee. Overseas, new 'international' SH-2 versions cost about the same - ...
  • I put in my SH-2 for repair last Thursday - no feedback yet. Luckily I still have the SH-50 (wonky mode dial, but that does not affect P mode or normal video). I am currently using the SH-1. ...
  • I don't have it anymore, so I cannot tell you. The rangefinder did not cover the full frame - and its image was at an angle with respect to the 35mm frame. This meant that a horizontal in the ...
  • I learnt about shutter speed, aperture, focal length and film speed last century from 1956 onwards. I did three years at the Polytechnic School of Photography in Regent Street, London, England, ...
  • Thank you for that reply. This afternoon I took my SH-2 in for repair, and 'shutter is not working properly' was the fault description the girl put on the job sheet. Earlier I Googled SH-2s for ...
  • Created discussion thread SH-2 - A recent fault
    The illustration says it all: The only way I can get correctly exposed stills is by taking them while I record a video. Sandra's sister and brother-in-law took me sightseeing in Whakatane, New ...
  • From experience - I use a pocket travel zoom on a light Velbon tripod. Wind causes trembling, even with the column not extended - IS ON. The trembling in videos looks worse than the creeping of the ...
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