Henry Falkner

Henry Falkner

Lives in New Zealand (Aotearoa) Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Works as a Retired (on paper only)
Joined on Feb 11, 2002
About me:

Keeping Sandra happy, more photos, more videos, more accordion playing for the Morris dancers, more newsletters for the radio club.

See http://www.pbase.com/hfalkner

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  • I saw it once more at the back of the deck, ducking behind the chair there, so I could not get another shot. Thanks for reviving the thread from the dead. Henry
  • Your LX100 quotes a lower battery capacity than my P&S jobs - but it quotes WiFi. As already stated, WiFi may be the culprit. When ON, it may search constantly for cell phones to download its ...
  • Britomart is a good place to watch them, providing you don't get on the wrong side of the staff. Unfortunately, the SH-2 is the last in a series that was available in New Zealand, AND worth having. ...
  • Following my excursion, Sandra and I took up evening walks. The doctor said 'Sandra and you work as a team on your recovery'. This is Sandra on Tuesday: Agreed. Thank you!. Henry
  • I first bought the C-1400L (1998), and it was the nearest in functionality to my 35mm Olympus IS-2000. This already has exposure modes to become standard on digis. I only retained the D-490/C-990 ...
  • It is simpler on my SH-2. Yes, it only has a small sensor. But, in the Menu, page 2, 2nd entry I get the 5-axis IS options: Image Stabiliser: OFF, ON, While Exposing - that is it. With IS ON, I do ...
  • Created discussion thread SH-2 - Playing with Trains
    This started out as an aid for recovering some more from my hip replacement. It included walking for a couple of hours from the Onehunga Railway Station to the Mangere Bridge, and the suburb with ...
  • I have the SH-50, the SH-1 and the SH-2. Let me check my SH-1: Your shutter speeds are 1/40 and 1/30 second. The SH-1 is both small and light, therefore at this speed it is possible to 'tear the ...
  • Here is one that was hoping for food and did not get it - When he heard the shutter, he flew away and did not come back. Sorry, wrong camera. Henry
  • Can't remember that one. I do remember Ektachrome copy transparency film. It was noted for green blacks. The cause was insufficient concentration of the first stop bath. As I increased the ...
  • My SH-2 displays both playback and recording mode (live view) on my TV using HDMI. Whether my laptop will do the same, using a video capture program, is something I have not tried yet. Remote ...
  • Well done! Henry
  • My Super8 reels showed up during my clear-out last year. Did they survive? I can't remember. I wonder who will us the Super8 re-incarnation. I won't.

  • For the trip to the Canberra Easter Folk Festival, I carried a bridge camera (Olympus SP-570UZ) and a pocket zoom (Olympus Stylus 7020). The pocket zoom was noisier than the bridge, but that was ...
  • Last year I did a major clear-out. Hopefully I have salvaged all the Morris Dance Tours, and only ditched the repeats, and repeats, and repeats of roses and Birds Of Paradise. The remaining plastic ...
  • Replied in Thank You!
    Thanks for coming back on this one. I have done similar stuff with time lapses. Henry
  • Reminds me of a comment a friend made when Sandra was posing for me 16 years ago. He said, with a deep voice: 'S-h-e - r-a-I-s-e-d - y-o-u - f-r-o-m - t-h-e - d-e-a-d !' That revival has lasted 16 ...
  • My Olympus SH- series travel zooms record 20 seconds worth of 120 frames per second video, which then play back at 30 frames per second. So the slowing down is x4. 20 seconds recording time turns ...
  • The FZ80 does have a shoe for it. Thanks for the tip. Henry
  • The FZ80 also promises a 60fps refresh rate for the LCD/EVF. If that turns out to be correct, it will be worth my while to carry a camera bigger than a travel zoom, even when jostling with a glut ...
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