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  • I've found that it's surprisingly common in the art community and quite often hear pretty talented artists talk only about DPI. In their tutorial videos they completely ignore the fact that their ...
  • Sure they can, they can just price their enthusiast products better, instead of fleecing consumers. I can buy six brand new 32" TV's for that price.
  • I'm not familiar with Capture One, but according to Wikipedia (if I got my facts straight), Capture One V8 was released less than two years ago? If so, that's pretty crummy of them to wipe their ...
  • A post I made about this around a year ago. :-D Yours sincerely Nostradamus
  • Yeah I know, I can't wait for them to release it either. :-) As per the above poster, the last statement I'm aware of was this from two weeks ago: "Affinity Photo for Windows will only be available ...
  • @NicoPPC

    That's exactly what they're doing, which will presumably be their version of Bridge. See the following...

  • Third worst: ;)

    Seriously though, I've never liked either the black pages or the choice to make 'Threaded View' the default over 'Flat View'.

  • Looking at the wording in your post, it's appears to be the beta version of 'Affinity Designer' that will be available by the end of the month. The beta version of 'Affinity Photo', which is the ...
  • Replied in Affinity Photo
    Makes a change to see a software company actually release some new software that is actually proper software for once, not yet another dumbed down toy app. It's still early days as it's completely ...
  • You can get a SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD card on Amazon today for $78 (£83).

    So why is this card worth $250? Is it due to the 90MB/s write speed (I.E. Not just read speed)?

  • One of the main problems with phones is that they are thin. And because they're thin that means they have tiny sensors, with tiny lenses projecting images onto those tiny sensors. So when I first...

  • Is this a UWP application or Win32?

  • 1) Select the layer mask by clicking on it 2) Draw new selection 3) Then use shift + backspace to fill the new selection with either white or black, depending on what you want the mask to show/hide. ...
  • If memory serves me correctly, a flattened uncompressed TIFF would be roughly 98MB: 9799 X 3350 X 3 = 98MB approx. (197MB approx. if 16-bit) So the 2GB file size is due to multiple layers. As per ...
  • Following on from above, look at Page 50 in the DPP 4 User Manual. Digital Photo Professional - Instruction Manual (for both EOS M1/2 and EOS M3): ...
  • Yes, it has shadow and highlight adjustments under the 'advanced' tab, which you may need to expand.
  • Or honest. How about: "The New Canon EOS M10! Like the EOS M, but a slightly bit different."
  • Hey, I get you. Canon are making the same mistake that Microsoft did where they didn't take the mobile market seriously enough when the desktop was still king. Microsoft now have a big problem ...
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