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On article CES 2012: Sigma Interview (152 comments in total)
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Gene Hack: the problem is not only the steep price of the cam.
If it were a superior camera to all existing DSLRs, people would at last accept it.The fundamental issue is, that they have issues with the sensor. 7F stops dynamical range is something NO PROFESSIONAL photographer, let alone ambitioned amateurs accept.Weak greens, smeared color transitions and lifeless color balance worsen this.
No listening at all to the customer, and having a pitbull defending shilled user base over at the Sigma forum with passive support for this behaviour by the company kill this product.PR at worst.

Say what you like, I think Gene is quite correct about the SD1's low dynamic range...I've seen enough SD1 samples by now to know its an inherrant problem with the SD1's sensor design.
In terms of dynamic range the SD1 is totally outclassed by the SD14 and SD15 as their larger photosites are inherrantly less noisy.

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On article CES 2012: Sigma Interview (152 comments in total)
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simon65: Three years ago Sigma produced the first compact camera ever to be made with an DSLR-sized sensor, and then blew their competituve lead by failing to produce a version with a zoom lens, or intechangeable lens.

Their latest compact the DP2x comes with a fixed 41 mm equivalent lens.
A 41 mm! Fixed! I ask you, who in the world needs or wants that? No surprises that there isn't a single user review of that camera at DPR, the camera has clearly and rightly sunk without trace.

Such basic mistakes are the reason why Sigma has failed to make its mark despite having access to some great sensors.

As for the SD1 I can only assume someone dreamed that gem up while up there sitting on a cloud. Sigma will need to come down to earth and get closer to the market if they are to make any progress going forward. This market isn't getting any easier.

Except it has low dynamic range, with most samples showing blown highlights, even when correctly exposed! Its also slow, it has a small buffer, hardly any of the features that are now standard across the industry, such as high-def video, lifeview etc, and most importantly, Sigma do even not offer pro support yet are proud to tout it as a pro camera! Basically, the SD1 was dead in the water from the start at the rediculous asking price and even if they slashed the price to something a bit more realistic, shall we say, it will almost certainly struggle to sell in low triple digit figures, whereas its competitors will continue to be able to sell as many cameras as they can produce, usually in upper four figure digits and and even into five figure digits...In fact, lets be honest, Sigma is'nt really competitive in todays marketplace at all and unless they realise this and start taking proactive action they are doomed to failure.

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On article CES 2012: Sigma Interview (152 comments in total)
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CriticalI: Sigma is not a premium brand (either for lenses or cameras). Their strength was always in filling gaps in the OEM lineups with good value offerings. Something they would do well to remember when they decide on prices.

If they need to offshore the manufacturing of their lenses, they should have done so years ago. I don't see any evidence that "made in Japan" has done much for their QC, as I share many other people's experiences of quite dramatic variation.

As for their cameras, much as I understand the unique appeal of Foveon (assuming it was available for a decent price) I cannot help thinking that Sigma would have been much better off just using Sony's customer chip foundry or joining 4/3. The cost of entry is much lower and the market much wider.

Seems emotion and ego, not good business sense, prevailed at Sigma at the time.

All the big camera companies had to start at the bottom of the market and work their way up but Sigma is impatient and trying to climb to the top straight away, before the market is ready to receive them...Even today, hardly anyone you ask in the street even knows Sigma makes lenses let alone cameras...And if they are'nt known to anyone, noone is going to seek out and buy their products. You can think of Sigma as still being in their infancy, still wet behind their ears, not even toilet trained yet even...So it will take many more years of respecting their elders before they can start to call themselves equal to the big boys.

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On article CES 2012: Sigma Interview (152 comments in total)
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(unknown member): The biggest mistake with the SD1 was not making it available in Nikon F and Canon mounts!

Guys...You dont have to worry about Sigma DSLR's having an SA mount because there are fully reversable mount swap kits available for the SD14, SD15 and SD1, including Nikon mount!:

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On article CES 2012: Sigma Interview (152 comments in total)
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Mescalamba: Suprisingly reasonable guy. I expected something entirely different. Seems that Sigma actually know what they are doing and what they have done. Interesting..

Well Im definitely looking forward to some cheaper version of SD1. Layered sensor and lack of AA are tempting things, if only done properly.

Quote: "Seems that Sigma actually know what they are doing"

Their rediculous SD1 pricing strategy proves otherwise!

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On article Red Digital Cinema releases Scarlet-X (112 comments in total)
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aeolos: hmm.. have you guys actually looked at some red footage?
I always thought the reds must be pretty amazing with it 5k and 4k shooting

but from a resolution standpoint the camera is pretty much crap.. the 5k looks only a little better than upscaled footage from a hacked gh2!

images from red footage

seriously look how bad the quality is even at 5k!

Years before 1080p high def TV came out I saw a BBC documentary which showcased the BBC's high tech research into high def TV for the future...They specifically stated that 2000 horizontal lines was the maximum resolution the human eye could perceve and anything greater could not be detected.
So you could say that anything above 3k is totally pointless!

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On article Red Digital Cinema releases Scarlet-X (112 comments in total)
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makofoto: But for most folks, if you need to shoot (a lot of) video, USE A VIDEO CAMERA. Shooting a lot of out-of-focus DSLR video doesn't look good. What's the point of having "cinematic" limited depth of field if you draw the viewer out of the story by having soft shots?!

Even the 300C making-of video, shot on DSLR's has soft shots ... look at it full screen, and this was by a professional crew.

There are wonderful affordable video cameras out there, like Canon's XF100/105 or XF300/305

The advantage of using a DSLR for video is they can take all your existing camera lenses and many more, including very fast primes...With the majority of camcorders, your invariably stuick with a soft, slow, wide-range, CA ridden zoom.
No contest!

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2011 at 22:43 UTC
On article Red Digital Cinema releases Scarlet-X (112 comments in total)

I really cant see the point of buying this system at the present time because 5K TV's are at least 5-10 years away from being mainstream.
Current Canon DSLR's like the 7D and 5D mkII can already capture broadcast quality 1080P high-def video, which will continue to the be the mainstream high-def standard for years to come...And they only cost a tiny fraction of the cost.
With all the money you save by buying one of the latter DSLR's you could buy a second 7D or 5D mkII, use that for simultaneous stills instead, and still have umpteen thousand bucks left in your pocket, to buy some decent lenses, if required.

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Andrew Higgins: Says a lot about German taste....

Are'nt Leicas made in Canada, like Leitz lenses?

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Tom Bird: works with Leice special editions, amg special editions, urwerk special editions. will work with sigma as well. you are not the target group, you can't afford it.

Even the target group cant afford it!

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On article Pentax makes 645D Camera Grand Prix limited edition (58 comments in total)

But who want to be seen using that? I mean, talk about standing out from the crowd!
Its like taking a Ferarri and encrusting it with diamonds and gold...It would turn heads but for all the wrong reasons and it would just make the owner look like a complete pratt.
I'll stick to low key black cameras thank you ;)

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