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On article DxOMark Mobile report: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (15 comments in total)

When my phone contract came up for renewal and I was due an upgrade I tried cameras on several different high end phones in the shop for their image quality. I wanted something waterproof, like my Galaxy S5 but with better image quality. The salesman recommended I try the new Huawai P9, which he was convinced had the best quality phone camera out there...Then I tried the new Galaxy S7 and compared it with the P9...The difference between the two was immediately obvious...The S7 simply blew the P9's image quality out of the water!!! I would go as far to say that the S7 has the best image quality of any current 2016 smartphone.

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This is a total miscarriage of justice in my book because the Copyright of a work belongs solely to the Photographer, in this case John Alli, and no one else. A photographer can licence his work out for a fee but as the creator of the work he will always retain his original Copyright rights. If he dies the Copyright dies with him and subsequently anyone will have right to use his work for whatever use. If anyone should be paid for the infringement then it is John Alli, unless of course he is dead, in which case Gaylord should get nothing at all.

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On article Dan Chung posts 5D Mark III vs. D800 video shootout (194 comments in total)
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do7slash: what i don't understand is people's obsession with the video quality on these DSLRs.

Shirley the main reason to buy a DSLR is for still photography? Buy a dedicated video camera if you want to shoot video?

Quote: "what i don't understand is people's obsession with the video quality on these DSLRs.
Shirley the main reason to buy a DSLR is for still photography? Buy a dedicated video camera if you want to shoot video?"

But what you have failed to realise is that most "dedicated video cameras" cant use interchangable lenses, like DSLR's can!
...And stop calling me Shirley! :)

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alxdava: Nikon shoot them selfs in the margin sales :))). Canon was smarter. The price is big, also the discounts in near future, not to mention accesories which can be shiped with. In the long term, prices will be almost the same, but the cream will on the Canon cake.

Actually, before Nikon UK conveniently decided a pricing error had taken place and raised the price, the D800 was over 700 Euros (over $950) cheaper than the 5D MkIII!
That sort of difference is hardly small change when you consider you can buy a brand new Canon 60D for just over £600 in the UK!
Then you have to factor in what you actually get for your money if you buy the D800 vs the more expensive 5D MkIII...36mp vs 22mp, better high ISO performance, better DR, uncrompressed video output etc, etc...Apart from the Nikon mount, Nikon had a real winner!
They got greedy though, and thought they could fleece UK customers for more dosh (because anyone living in the UK today knows we live in "rip-off Britain" right), and then to blame it on some ficticious computer error...Its scandelous, and there is no dought it is a decision that will come back to bite them!

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alanjdooley: Let's face it. There will always be people who feel someone else got, or is getting a better deal. The whole scenario is based on foreign exchange rates and timing. In the US, we recently saw the D700 drop $500 -- no refunds to those who paid $2700 for one a month ago. Switch to Canon if you must. Their top end models are more expensive. The thing you are cutting off to spite your face is your nose.

Not really Alan...The one thing Canon DSLR's will always have over Nikon DSLR's is the EF mount, and the huge choice of lens options it brings...Nikon users on the other hand have even less choice of lenses than Sigma users!
For this reason alone, Nikon DSLR's should always be cheaper than Canon DSLR's or they simply wont sell in the huge numbers that Canon DSLR's do. By raising the price of the D800 and reducing the difference in price between it and the 5D MkIII, Nikon are actually going to help Canon sell more cameras!

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Debankur Mukherjee: Nikon needs more money to renovate their Thailand Plant after the flood hence the additional increase in price. 8-))

Debankur, if that is true, then why are they only grabbing the extra money from UK customers? An increase in the US price of the D800 by say $200 would net them exponentially more money so I really dont see it.

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Martin Gowar: A professional photographer friend of mine over here in England tells me that recently his faulty Nikon D1X was returned via Calumet from Nikon unrepaired, with a letter stating that as the camera was discontinued, no servicing was no longer available. The D1X was first launched in 2001.
On contacting Nikon about servicing his D3, (launched in 2007) he was told that Nikon will stop servicing this camera in 2016.
So it seems that Nikon have firmly embraced the 'throw away society' maxim to their (professional) products, and the philosophy is there for everybody to see : if your camera breaks down, buy another one - you know it makes sense.
Corporate greed personified.

Martin, does this apply to Canon too?

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alxdava: Nikon shoot them selfs in the margin sales :))). Canon was smarter. The price is big, also the discounts in near future, not to mention accesories which can be shiped with. In the long term, prices will be almost the same, but the cream will on the Canon cake.

I think not...The 5D MkIII has attracted much scorn for being too little, too late and for too much money...Lets face it, for those who already have 5D MkII's, there is very little to make upgrading to the MkIII a worthwhile option.
You could say that Nikon got the price of D800 about right but Canon got the price of the 5D MkIII dead wrong!
Now, its obvious that someone high up at Nikon UK stupidly thought that they are losing out financially because the Canon is (or should I say, was) £600 more expensive...But they obviously could'nt see that the D800's lower price was actually its saving grace!
They must have been too stupid to see that by raising the price of the D800 and therefore greatly reducing the price difference between the two, Nikon are actually helping Canon to shift more 5D MkIII's!
Talk about shoot yourself in the foot!

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This smacks of Nikon thinking they can get away with raising the price of the D800 just because the 5D MkIII is £600 more expensive! Its blatent greed and opportunism and Nikon should be ashamed of themselves!

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tkbslc: I try to be open minded and positive about product launches. I try to see how they might be useful to someone even if they aren't to me. But man, why would anyone buy these 2 lenses?

Sony users have the dirt cheap 16mm f2.8 already, and a 30mm f3.5 Macro. Okay, so the 30mm f2.8 is a hair faster, but it's still not fast.

m4/3 users have the cheap 17mm f2.8 and the fast 20mm f1.7 and the 25mm f1.4. So I guess if it's dirt cheap, then maybe the 30mm could be a short portrait lens or something like that.

This is like Tamron making the 18-200 for NEX. Why make lenses that already exist! The lens lineups have huge holes (especially NEX) and instead of filling them, they make what is already available and use boring apertures to boot.

The Sony 16mm Pancake for NEX sucks at the edges of frame and its not exactly sharp in the centre of frame either!...Both new Sigmas should be a lot better right across the frame.

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Keith Lommel: It's obvious they're using the 19/2.8 and 30/2.8 which they're also marketing for m43 and NEX.

Looking at the dimensions, it doesn't seem the lenses are very deeply integrated into the body... Seems they could have engineered some kind of lens mount so you could swap one for the other without increasing size that much. That might have made for a much more exciting product, rather than forcing foveon fans to pick one and only one focal length, or buy two (likely very expensive) cameras.

Or better yet, put a NEX mount on there. I'm sure a lot more people would try such a camera if they could add it to an existing system and feel like their lenses could be reused on future bodies...

@ chadey_chad
".. wow, how many times can you contradict yourself in one post?"

Huh? Please point out where I have contradicted myself...

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slncezgsi: Interesting to be honest. The optical quality of the previous DP models was very good and now with a new sensor it sounds interesting. I do not see a provision for clip-on EVF what is becoming a standard on this type of cameras. IS would have been nice. Also - nothing for movie makers :)

But what interests me personally most is performance at low ISO - colors and dynamic range. Detail should be very good - curios how it will compare to GXR M-module which has no AA.

Let's see about the price ...

@ inevitable crafts studio

I'm a pro photographer and I have years of experience of using Foveon sensors in every type of environment possible, so I think you will find I'm plenty experienced enough!

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Mssimo: Sensor that is in the SD1? The only way to screw this up is to make it 3,299 bucks (matching the price of the D800)

Sigma; Grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

My kind regards to the late president of sigma.

"This camera would sell like hot cakes if the price is around $700-$1000 (people wil feel like they have the engine of a Ferrari in a nice cheap hatchback)"

But because the DPM's dont have a an interchangable lensmount its like being stuck with skinny steel wheels on that Ferrari engined hatchback with absolutely no way to change them for wider, lighter alloys!

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Sosua: Damn, pretty sweet pocket camera.

Now if this was a CSC things would be rocking - hopefully Sigma sell the SD1 sensor to Sony or something and they can slap it in an NEX7

For Radical009...The SD1/DPM sensor is actually a fraction larger than both Nikon DX sensors and the sensor in the NEX-7.
In lab tests, the SD1/DPM sensor has been shown to have virtually identical resolution to the NEX-7.
The NEX-7 is a FAR BETTER CAMERA in EVERY respect though!
Like all Sigma cameras, the DPM's offer very few features for your money whereas the NEX-7 is extremely rich with features which make infinitely more versitile, and it will probably cost a lot less than the DPM's too...Its a no brainer!

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snake_b: Why couldn't Sigma come up with a faster lens for this? Seriously?

I can't wait for this to be blown out for 299 or less, like all the predecessors.

Expect both to cost closer to 10x that!

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Harold66: it would have been perfect but why on earth did they move from a 41mm to a 45mm FOV ? they maintained the 28mm FOV so why not do the same with the dp2 successor ? :(
any words on a external finder . another minus of changing the FOV . I do not know of any 45mm external finder :(

also they should try to offer the option of a ratio in addition to the 3;2 ratio


Roland I seriously dought any further design revisions will be made from now on and my guess is the current deisgn is the final production version...Which is a real shame because these DPM's could have really done with an interchangable lensmount. Also, no built in flash! Both are huge design errors.

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Eigenmeat: These looking pretty good! They will be awesome alternative to the lower end mirror-less market! Their lack of any viewfinder option kinda preclude these guys from competing with likes of NEX7/X100/X-Pro 1.

"IQ detail wise NEX7 will come closest."

Virtually identical amounts of detail in fact (check out the res tests for the SD1 vs the NEX-7 on Luminous Landscape).

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bradleyg5: These cameras are SO expensive, the high ISO is terrible and the lens are slow. I mean what are you going to do with it? it's purely an outdoor camera. Like a good tropical vacation camera I guess. I'm not debating the IQ will be amazing, but only at base ISO so you gotta use it in bright light.

I feel like indoors, a Panasonic GX1 with a 20mm F1.8 would be way more capable.

How do you know they're terrible? Is f/2.8 slow for a 28mm equivalent?

Not really, but if the DPM's had had an interchangable lensmount, as they should have had, this argument would'nt have been possible in the first place...The fact they dont have an interchangable lensmount makes them extremely poor value for money and I would recommend avoiding them like the plague!

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R Thornton: Regrettably, sigma is all about strong promises and weak perfomance. They are definitely on to somethng here, but who cares...

I care...I care enough to warn people not to buy a Sigma camera unless they need their head examined!
Seriously folks, there is nothing to see here and without hesitation, you should get the NEX-7 instead.

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BobYIL: Most probably over $2K each... That's Sigma..

Your forgetting that the old CEO of Sigma who was chiefly responsable for the whole sorry SD1 pricing fiasco is now deceased and his younger, more dynamic son, Kazuto, is now at the helm of the goodship Sigma...This could just as well be the reason for the pricedrop as anything else...

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