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I am glad I have the 18-55mm lens, it takes great images for a small and inexpensive lens.

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BPSuisse: Is she Swiss? No wonder this happened. I met so many dishonest swiss people that I could generalize to the whole population now.. They always play innocent when caught.

When I was in Gstaad to photo0graph beac volleyball World Championships, I suddenly discovered a photo I had taken a couple of years earlier in Norway, being used on t-shirts in a shop. I told the people in the shop that this was stealing, but the answered they had received the image for this use from the International Volleyball Federation.
They had. And the FIVB never cared about photographers rights.

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Suddenly the X10 is interesting again!

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(unknown member): "the company hinted the X-Pro1 will be accompanied by at least one less expensive model."

I'm hoping it's the X100 with interchangeable lenses rather than another brick the size of the X-Pro1, which is bigger than many DSLRs!

A brick? Have you ever seen a brick? The x-Pro 1 ix the right size for adults!

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cxsparc: Of course the real deciding factor shouldl be image quality.

But IMHOn, the design of this camera looks ugly.
Again, just my personal view, but this camera has the aesthetics of a brick. The Nex 7 in contrast looks like a design showcase while offering maximal manual controls.

Strange that there are so many companies producing cameras but each has its own shortcomings, all are far from perfect:

Leica way too expensive, lacking in terms of features & low noise performance
Sony: Availability of cameras limited, slow lens portfolio buildup
Nikon: 1s are premium compacts, don't compare. High cropfactor rules out most primes.
Canon: Same issue, no option for fast primes (fixed lens)
M43: Noisy, outdated sensors.
And Fuji: Expensive compared to same spec Nex 5n+EVF/7, large ugly body inspite of not offering fullframe (compared to same size Leica)

The rate by which new cameras arrive on market promises that the next 2 years continue to remain interesting

Nex is ugly.
X-Pro1 is nice.
We are different, aren't we?

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ThomasX: looks great....
However, I hoped it will be in the $13k range.
Way too expensive for me. Bummer!

Well, it is much cheaper than that!

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See more about the camera here:

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Steven Blackwood: Does this have IS?
$1700 seems awfully high for a camera body only which doesn't have the added cost of a mirror and a flapping shutter.

Read in the specs about IS.

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gusse99: The cam would look a lot nicer without that little grip that stick on as an after thought.

I agree with you. If they had kept it straight, it would have looked nicer. A small design flaw.
And for longman: I don't think he was talking about the accessory grip.

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Peter Sills: The sample images posted so far are "nice" but nothing special. Alas, there is moire in the images - so the lack of an AA filter, while improving the sharpness some, has introduced some artifacts.

The Manual Focus - by wire concept, which was in the X100, will need to be drastically improved if it is to work here. It really doesn't in the X100.

This camera is not poised to compete with m4/3 or the NEX line. It is clearly gunning for Leica. The camera is about the same size as the M9, which is clearly not a "compact" camera.

Given the exhorbitant prices of the Leicas they really should have done a bit for for the $1,700 price range. In camera IS, tilt display, pop-up flash, better grip, etc. Then it would have been killer.

Tried the X100 and found its operation too slow to be usable. Here's hoping the X Pro 1 is faster, fast enough to be usable.

I also hoped for in-camera IS.

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whtchocla7e: Without a fast prime lens, this is not exactly what 'I' wanted.

Watch Fuji news tonight...

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I have followed you for many years now, and I will be following my main photo site in the future. Thank you for all the work you put into it. I hope you have some time off during the holidays so that you can gather strength for another year!
Best regards from Norway,
Raymond Wardenaer
(who is looking forward to the news in January)

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