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spbStan: The cost of getting set up, and training, for anyone serious about service is quite reasonable. What other small business with a guaranteed customer base with only 20 competitors nationwide, could be equipped for less than $160k. Even your neighborhood burger joint has much more capital investment, yet is competing with many, for a low margin item.
I had a large pro audio shop with 15 techs back in California and would have jumped at getting an exclusive for an area like is possible with Nikon. Our test instruments sure cost more than that and were lucky to get a fee less than what Nikon shops get per hour.
I would be concerned if a shop I was taking my camera to did not have the correct jigs and equipment, that is not very professional. That said, some easy to replace cosmetic parts ought to be available to end users such as doors and rubber pads.

Try and find a good camera repair shop in Manhattan. Oh, cool, here is one. Right there, on the twenty-something street. Oh wait... It's not on the Nikon list...

Well, maybe NYC is an exception. I'm sure other cities are much better served by Nikon and there are many repair facilities available...

I guess NYC is just off of the beaten track as far as photography goes.

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There is a petition online at change.org that anyone opposing Nikon's decision should sign (it was mentioned here earlier on but just in case I repost):


I am a nikon user and I work for a major camera store as a salesperson. I really oppose this development. Nikon as a corporation is often very insensitive to it's dealers' and it's customers' concerns.

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