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jobography: Thanks for the review Barney. I've had my F6 for 5 years. I love it, although there's a time and a place for it.

The plastic strap holder broke on its first outing - it was repaired quickly and without any quibbles via the seller - so I had an initially mixed impression of the bag. I bought it for use with full frame DSLRs and found it was always a little bit too cramped for what I required for events shoot. It gathered dust for a couple of years.

Then I went travelling with 2x Sony A6000s and associated lenses, and suddenly appreciated this bag for what it is: flexible, customisable, well thought-out and hard-wearing. It gave me a new appreciation for the simple, rugged design.

Mine is now well worn and greatly loved, and it's a great day bag and small carry-on. Expect I'll be using this for many years to come, albeit with my own customisations (loops sewn into inside lid flap, repurposed interior dividers etc). No bag's ideal for all purposes, but this is one of my favourites…

Plastic strap holders broke on both my Domke bags, replaced all fittings with carabiners.
F2's, and F3x
Thanks for mentioning here.
I use Domke postal pads on them.
I carry a large plastic garbage bag and drape it over my bags in heavy rain.

I miss the Tiffen Domke forum. Mr Domke posted there.
Jon who posted there and at POTN was the ultimate Domke guru

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SeeRoy: As the owner of an EM5 (I guess we have to retrospectively assign it a "MK1" label) this sort of nonsensical product says a great deal about Olympus, and indeed the entire camera business. If the MK2 itself is anything like the MK1 then addressing the cosmetics with a "limited edition" - for people stupid enough to care how the top plate looks - whilst failing to address the fact that the camera has only two good attributes embedded in a host of failings, is to treat the consumers as fools: probably correctly.
1) The files are excellent, other things being equal.
2) The camera is small and light.
However the general handling, firmware and ergonomics are pitifully bad.
There's also the fact that in an industry where the replacement cycle is engineered to a frequency of about 18 months, the idea of "collectability" (as in film era hardware) is just a joke.

I have an OMD M5 that I bought when they first came out. I found setup extremely difficult. I read everything I could find.

It works well for me as long as my subject doesn't move.

I kept it.

concern? in my hands, with my settings, it doesn't focus on moving subjects fast enough.

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deep7: On the one hand, good on ya Olympus for doing this.

On the other hand, Grrr! I would have preferred an EM5 but just got the much more expensive EM1 simply for the smaller focus points (vital when photographing small birds in trees). I'm not made of money so, um, Grrr! Ah well, the EM1 is still a nice enough camera...

excellent tip! this has almost solved a problem I have had since I bought my M5

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Maxpedition has a similar bag. It's the "Colossus" I enjoy mine. it easily carries an ipad.
It works well in environments where I don't want to draw attention to myself due to camera gear. When I move quickly it stays in place, as a good holster should.

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This review is so frustrating to gain access to. I think that it's because I'm using my iPad? Perhaps it's due to my habits with my iPad?
Looking at the review from my computer, it makes much more sense, and even has links to get the information that I want.
So thanks for putting this review together. It will help me with future purchases.

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Too little. Too late.

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No thanks. I tried 3 S9100's and gave up.

I have used Nikon slr's as a pro starting in'72. Good reviews, and a good substantial camera. I wanted to like it, and tried hard.

No S9300 for me.

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Absolutely stunning!

(proud of our 2 Furkids!)

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