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If I responded to every image posted ..... Olympus SLR Talk Nov 12, 2013
Laughable review by Techradar Olympus SLR Talk Nov 11, 2013
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E-PM2 - buy or wait? Micro Four Thirds Talk Sep 27, 2013
My picture got on the olympus homepage... which is ironic. Olympus SLR Talk Sep 17, 2013
Took out a new (BGN on KEH) 16-45mm for a spin! Pentax SLR Talk Sep 15, 2013
Great tits. Pentax SLR Talk Sep 11, 2013
Got back some of my wedding photographs... Olympus SLR Talk Sep 11, 2013
Sagrada Familia Olympus SLR Talk Sep 10, 2013
Glamour shot (macro) Pentax SLR Talk Sep 9, 2013
Strange light at the Hotel Del Coronado Pentax SLR Talk Sep 9, 2013
Is that some kind of a joke? (K-30 sensor) Pentax SLR Talk Sep 8, 2013
New K-30 questions and is that an expected behavior for 18-55 WR? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 31, 2013
Why is Tokina 12-24mm street price $330 and DA 12-24mm $550? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 30, 2013
The *ideal* ideal-system from Pentax, with 12 lenses Pentax SLR Talk Aug 27, 2013
Buying a cheap telephoto for landscapes? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 27, 2013
Choosing the right Pentax DSLR? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 24, 2013
New Toy: Tokina ATX SD 400mm f5.6 Micro Four Thirds Talk Aug 24, 2013
Adjusting primaries for RAWs to match other brands? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 24, 2013
Why Would I Want An 11-22 When I Have A 9-18 & 12-60? Olympus SLR Talk Aug 21, 2013
Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price? Olympus SLR Talk Aug 20, 2013
Canon 350D or Olympus e-510 for Night shots Beginners Questions Aug 20, 2013
Your way of dealing with posterization on smooth gradients? Olympus SLR Talk Aug 19, 2013
Unmeasurable image quality of K10D versus a new k-30? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 17, 2013
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Swiching from four thirds - wide angle lenses. Pentax SLR Talk Aug 8, 2013
Olympus to Denali Olympus SLR Talk Jul 22, 2013
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Should I bother with taking legal actions against a company using my photos? Pro Digital Talk Jun 19, 2013
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Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price Micro Four Thirds Talk Jun 9, 2013
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