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  • Replied in Newbie
    I don't normally comment on these kinds of threads, but your pictures really hit home for me. I spent 4 years in Colorado Springs, (about an hour away) from 1977-1981 while in the Army at Fort ...
  • Replied in Phil
    Not exactly. What you said would only be true IF both sensors were of the same type. The a9, a9II, a7R III, a7R IV, a7 III all have BSI -CMOS BIONZ X sensors, but the a6600 only has a CMOS BIONZ X ...
  • Replied in Maxxum
    That might be a good idea, unless you want to step up in IQ if you have much older A Mount cameras/lenses, or you have GAS and the money to feed it. I hunkered down with my Sony 5T & both kit ...
  • Replied in Justin
    It looks like you have the perfect combo to take these great shots, and did a very good job of it! This is the best series of Otter shots I've ever seen on this forum. You may be a "crazy person", ...
  • @underxposed59
    You are correct. Once Canon finds out the camera is not selling, they will need to reduce the price to less than $2k within 6 months, or less. It's not as if cameras are flying of...

  • Since it is "under 1 year old", simply send it in under the standard Sony 1 year warranty. That is, unless you bought it second hand, or grey market, I hope you didn't do that. :-O Why don't you ...
  • Replied in Phil Photo
    There will always be " something better on the horizon ", so chasing it is a fool's errand. Do yourself a big favor and try not to go down that path. It will save you a lot of mental anguish, and ...
  • This is exactly the kind of camera I've never wanted. Also, the price for it, O.M.G, what a joke! I mean, it's not even a Leica ;)

  • @ArizonaPete
    Secretariat was a great horse back in 1973, just like DSLR's were, back in the day.
    @Thoughts R Us
    Sony has made a few pretty nice lenses in the past few years. ;)

  • I stand corrected, thanks!

  • If Canon could put those same specs in a camera the size of the Sony A7xxx, they could actually have a winner. There are not too many enthousiast photogs, (or non professionals) willing to carry...

  • Replied in Joachim
    I envy you being able to go out and shoot such beautiful images in such nice places, in what looks like perfect weather. It looks like I stuck shooting pictures from around my house for the next ...
  • Replied in Justin
    Another very nice set of pictures, as usual. It seems like between your backyard and Peaceful Waters, you are keeping busy and finding interesting wildlife. If you find out either Green Cay or ...
  • Replied in Dave
    Excellent pictures of a great holiday. It's nice to see someone posting pictures of the 4th of July! I hope others will post a few threads with a similar theme. I know you are a man of very few ...
  • @obsolescence
    For what, maybe .00001% of people that take pictures, or own an 8x10" film camera?
    BTW, do you have any masterpieces or a gallery to show how great they are?
    Do you even own or use one?

  • Why, now that digital beats its IQ in every way? What can film do that digital cameras can't do? I used to watch B&W TV on a CRT, and listen to 8 track music, until I grew up, then I realized that...

  • Replied in John
    You are correct, the Sony 16-55 f2.8 is the best zoom in that range ever made, expensive yes. The 70-350 seems very good, light, small, and well priced. Not crumbs as you said. Yep, 3 camera bodies ...
  • Just look at the cover picture, vloggers seem enamored with, and overly in love with himslef. You don't see something wrong with that? There must be more to life than that.

  • "Will vlogging change your next camera?"
    No, I'm not a narcissist, I shoot stills and wildlife.

  • This is only one reason I don't have an account with Instagram. Just like I don't have one with Twitter and many other worthless Internet sites. Most are only looking to steal your identity or get...

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