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Day Hiker: Lots of unnecessarily negative posts from a lot of negative people here. Leica is moving the exact direction all camera manufacturers need to move. Photography is changing rapidly and those companies that fail to embrace computational imaging and the elephant in the room that is the smartphone, will stumble badly or fail altogether.

Negative comments? LOL, I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at your profound cult behaviour, I mean you guys build temples and worship Leica like some God, the only good thing with you guys is that you are not QUITE on the level of KPOP cult which genuinely goes around crushing knee caps on people.

Link | Posted on Jun 30, 2019 at 01:28 UTC
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Khun_K: Leica is simply acting professional to respond to changing the landscape of the market place and to appeal to a new generation of users and photographers.

Keep telling yourself while you beat your meat over the fact you cannot afford their cameras every month.

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There 4 kinds of cults that needs beating to wake up to reality, the Korean POP cult, the Tesla cult, the Apple cult and the Leica cult.

Leica is cutting workforce because frankly, overpriced, overtly badly put together and poorly manufactured cameras do not sell just like anything else in the world.
If you look at statistics even Apple is doing extremely poorly against the competition.
Only their high price keeps them alive because their cult members are dumb enough to keep paying.

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Johnnew Archibald - SMGJohn: Tienanmen square protest was pro-Socialist not democratic, the people were angry with the Capitalist reforms and wanted a return of Socialist policies.
Again western dogs just want people to suffer under Capitalist dystopia and twist reality to fit their own agenda.

You are a lying Fascist, a quick Google search already proved my point, they protested Deng's economical reforms not the nonsensical stuff you claim, one image does not prove anything, facts do.
Or are you one of those braindead people who think that Obama is a Communist because one of the guys at his rally had a Soviet red flag.
But wait, someone held a Nazi flag in Trumps rally does that make Trump a Nazi? According to you it does.

What disturbs me the most is your choice of believing in American media, the same media that lied a thousand times to justify the behaviour of the American Empire, as the Americans dropped ANTHRAX on Korean people during the Korean war, a well documented and now scientifically proven event that actually took place, the European Union and United Nations recognises this, but according to you it never happened because there were no images at least not ones taken by American journalist.
You are a scum, a Fascist scum.

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I should have known better but to read the comments on DPReview, the amount of pretentious people on here is amazing, I agree with 500px that composite images are not photographs.
Once photos are digitally manipulated beyond what it original was its no longer a photograph but a composite.
Change the colour of the flowers in the image and its a composite, remove certain stuff in the image and its a composite.
I do not understand why there pretentious kids trying to create these stupid cringy "fantasies" that all photos are somehow a composite or "fake" whatever nonsensical words they use.

I feel like these people has nothing better to do with their lives than to go create overtly complex meanings of the simplest of things just to feel better about themselves.

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Tienanmen square protest was pro-Socialist not democratic, the people were angry with the Capitalist reforms and wanted a return of Socialist policies.
Again western dogs just want people to suffer under Capitalist dystopia and twist reality to fit their own agenda.

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Beshkno: Its nice to see the work of people who actually use their gear unlike the Forumites who argue over meaningless specifications but have no experience in photography.

Then why mention camera and what type of computer it was made on? Your poorly executed argument makes no sense as it contradicts itself.

When I go watch a movie, I do not see a long list of what was used to make it anywhere unless I go to some forum were some people dug up that specific list from God knows where.

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Seriously what is it with DPReview and kickstarters? Oh wait they are getting paid for it.

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Lobbamobba: Haters gonna hate.

And brainless emotional kids are gonna buy buy buy buy

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hernansote: leica started this race to the bottom.

Do not take it too much to heart hernansote, these people are mentally ill Leica cult worshippers, they buy anything Leica sells when in reality Leica only sells cheapo China cameras that cost 20 dollars to make and Leica sells them for 5000 dollar each or more.

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Gary Barnett: They have already done 1st & 2nd kickstarter (1st & 2nd gen), so why would they need another kickstarter? I was under the impression that kickstarter meant to start up a new business but...?

Because in reality these cameras cost anything from 5 to 15 dollars to manufacture, yes its really this cheap, notice how they have no sample shots in their promotional video or on their kickstarter, this is number one sign its a scam.

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Biowizard: Wanna do pinhole photography? Just buy an old 35mm body, a set of extension tubes, some black sticky plastic and a needle. Now you're all set.

Oh, and some film.

[edit] PS: When you get bored of fuzzy pictures requiring long exposure times, you could always slap a lens on the front! ;-)


@Barry Duggan Photography
That is the most sappy sh@t I ever heard, camera is a tool, its a tool and its a tool.
Its not some emotional attachment, get over yourself, want a journey? Go on a FFF journey and enjoy the experience, when my coworkers went on a trip I asked them how the trip was, they were too quick to pull out their iPhone to answer my question because in reality they were too busy taking pictures rather than enjoying the scenery.

Perhaps I was born in the wrong timeline, 50 years too late because you and the rest of these sheeps are making me cry.

Link | Posted on Nov 6, 2018 at 13:54 UTC

Why would you buy this junk that is 90 to 250 dollars for a pinhole camera, like seriously? You can buy used vintage cameras for 25 bucks off eBay that are not bad at all with ACTUAL optics.
Now I see why aliens wont come visit us but its a shame really because I wish they take me with them and the rest of sorry humans who no longer wish to remain in this idiosyncrasy society.

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Petak: I bet this started as a joke. I mean, literally as a joke (like "Let's see if we can fool a vain hipster into this""). Then the numbers turned it into a business.

@ONDU Pinhole
Nonsense, just admit you wanted to profit from this idea, the more you sugar coat it the more cringy you are, seriously just stop it.
Why do you not MAN up a little, not even Apple pretend they care anymore, they know even if they called their cult followers dumb "¤&%(!#%) they still get their money and they have on multiple occasions.

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Dop_fnord: I've got one of their previous models (6x12 medium format) and it was well worth it. Every time I've used it people have come up and asked me about it.

@David Mantripp
Honestly you probably should seek some mental help LOL, Petak never mentioned anything negative in his comment he simply pointed out a fact, a fact backed up by the original comment in which he specifically stated he USED the camera as a means of gaining peoples attention, notice how he says everytime?

But of course we all know the real reason you flipped out on Petak in the most childish of fashions, he mentioned Leica your beloved cult of cameras, like Apple and Tesla the cult of Leica is equally braindead and more hateful than Satanic cults.

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Boky: The 1923 Leica 0-Series camera sells for $2.8M

Maybe we should refrain from smart ass comments, buy one of these stealth edition ones, and store it safely for a while...

By 2123 I probably already own 280 billion dollars and an extra 2.8 million for my vanity Leica would be a drop in the ocean.
I highly doubt it would even work electronically since all Leica's are made in China on the same factory band as Sony and Nikon are.

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Einride: Beautiful camera. I wish I could afford a Leica. Only have experience with the M2 and MP but god these rangefinders are wonderful to work with. And the lenses, the lenses.

Of course one can’t make something that well made for cheap, but I wish Fujifilm would simplify the X-Pro line and remove most functions. Make a simple camera like a Leica.

You should instead spend those 15k dollars on seeing a shrink, I think it would help you in the longer run than buying a Leica.

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hypnotictortoise: "...Leica is the only company, in my opinion, who has retained the soul of the film camera in their digital cameras. The Monochrome was the personification of that mindset. The idea of offering a camera that only takes black and white pictures; it's genius. To work specifically on this camera was an honour, quite frankly..."

Get a load of this guy.


Double the price for some glowing paint? Cool story bro.

Leica fanboys are the worst, worse than Apple and Tesla fanboys, these people have travelled beyond the plane of insanity, these people have reached the edge of space in terms of psychotic beliefs in nonsense.

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2018 at 14:43 UTC

LOL 15 750 dollars for a camera that only shoots black and white, its gone beyond the price of medium format cameras imao.
Apple should learn from these guys, 50 000 dollars for special edition Macbook Pro with engraved signature from the CEO of Apple and it comes in all black with no other colour, even the text on the keyboard is black.

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Seems like North Korear has more press freedom than Egypt LOL, at least I wont get hung for taking pictures of the military, they just take the camera from me, delete those pictures and give me a slap on the wrist.

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