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On article Sony 'striping': here's the fix (730 comments in total)
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ZeroXlim: Stop complaining because of inferior complex you get from your camera. Hate sony then dont buy.

@mastering light you're trolling level, smear campaign and amount of F.U.D. You've spread against Sony in such a short period of time being a member on here is commendable.
It's almost like you're getting paid to make anti-Sony posts...
Shoot, I hope you are. If not, well... that would just be sad.

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On article Sony 'striping': here's the fix (730 comments in total)


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From the companies choosing not to attend, I read that as: "We don't have anything new worth showing".

Not surprised to see Canon's name mentioned in the article..

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Alex Sarbu: Clickbait title, and little more than mirrorless propaganda.

Each time you're listening to some official's (but not only) statements, ask yourself: what is he trying to sell me? It's very enlightening.
Sony, of course they will push hard the idea that mirrorless is the future (and DSLRs, not so much). What are they trying to sell you? And what is it that they no longer have? It's so obvious...
Sigma and Tamron launching mirrorless lenses, obviously they want to promote them.
And Canon wanting a larger pie of the mirrorless market, while secure in their position as the dominant DSLR player.

What I'm reading in this article is just the same old from the beginning of the mirrorless propaganda. With the mirrorless supposedly taking over "soon".
OTOH the DSLRs are still dominant on the ILC market, and won't give up easily. Or rather, we won't give up easily on them.
And isn't this better than having one type of camera "win" over the other? Isn't it better to be able to choose?

Says the Pentax shooter ;)

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aftab: In 2011, 2.9 million units of mirrorless were sold. This increased to 4 million units in 2012. In 2012 IDC made a bold prediction: in 2014, 13 million mirrorless will be sold. This prediction was a failure. Mirrorless sale per year remained around 4 million units since then. Contrary to popular belief, mirrorless sale is not increasing in absolute numbers, its is increasing as a percent of total ILC sale as DSLR sale is falling. There is good indication that decline in DSLR sale is stabilizing . It is highly likely that DSLR sale will stabilize around 8 million units per year and mirrorless around 4-5 million units. This is the likely scenario in next 2-3 years. What will happen after this is anybody's guess. Why mirrorless sale has remained stagnant in last 5-6 years? Maybe because technology was still immature or because Canon and Nikon haven't been serious with it. But it is also possible that despite all innovations most people are not convinced with mirrorless.

When looking at charts from 2002, mirrorless sales have steadily increased, and are only going up.
Just from 2016-2017, it rose from 27% to 35%...

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"This year, almost all the executives we spoke to seemed to agree on one thing: full-frame mirrorless will become the norm, and it will happen pretty soon. "

Sadly, Fuji Film didn't get the memo.

It's a damn shame really, Fuji would be a MAJOR player if they made (non x-trans) full frame cameras.
Given their innovation, high quality metal lenses and gorgeous retro styled bodies, they'd be serious competition, imho.
They could keep x-trans for aps-c format, Bayer for full frame & Medium format.

C'mon Fuji, bring it!

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"Nikon's transition to mirrorless will probably be trickier. It's worth remembering though that the Sony E-mount is an open standard - Nikon already has a relationship with Sony, could it adopt the company's lens-mount? It's an intriguing thought..."

How ironic would it be if Nikon ends up using Sony's E mount, given how notoriously difficult Nikon has been with third party lens makers...

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eno2: Fuji doesen't get it, their "unique" X-Trans is a "no go" for the majority of photographers who want a proper sensor (Bayer) in their cameras!

@lexvo There's a reason Fuji didn't use X-trans in the GFX.

Direct quote from Fuji:
"By not having the X-Trans CMOS sensor It will reduce the complexity of the signal processing, so the Raw file conversion and the work flow gets much easier.
So we decided for this moment we go to Bayer sensor."

I.e. That sensor is a headache to deal with & unnecessary.
For all the people who like the sensor, there's just as many(if not more) who do not.
It was a novel idea, but has proved to be more trouble than it's worth. That's why Even all these years later the Fuji forums are still overrun with posts from people trying to figure out the best way to process x-trans files, which Raw converter to use, which PP software works well with it, etc.

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Wish they would work hard to create a full frame X100.

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mick232: "The E-mount is an open standard – anyone can create a lens for the E-mount system."

If an open standard is such a good thing, why has Sony not yet opened up the A-mount? It is still kept proprietary. Opening it up would increase the chances that third-parties release lenses for this mount.

@Barney Agreed. But in the big picture, these cameras are still in their infancy stage. They're still wearing leather football helmets ;)
I foresee MANY third party options available in the very near future(next 5 years).

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DualSystemGuy: I think one of the hardest problems for mirrorless to solve is giving us viewfinders with 100% noise-free images regardless of light level, absolutely zero lag, and with the dynamic range of the human eye. Until that trifecta happens, there will probably always be a market for cameras with OVFs. Maybe they can eventually come up with some sort of excellent hybrid system.

Current EVF's aren't horrible, and they have their advantages (such as focus peaking) but try using them in extremely low light, or point them at a high contrast situation and it is hard not to wish for an OVF back. My first thought after looking through a A9 viewfinder was "How can this be on a $4500 camera?" Obviously some people are fine with it but I just can't get used to how poor the viewfinder image quality is - it cheapens the whole experience too much for me, especially attached to an otherwise capable camera.

Current EVF's are amazing, especially when compared to the first generation.
I was once an anti-EVF guy and swore I'd never buy one, that I'd shoot OVF till I die. I've had to eat those words. Shooting in low light, EVF's are absolutely brilliant.

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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1469 comments in total)
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pete_eye: It's so ugly ;-(

If we wore screwdrivers on our chests out in public, then yes, we'd care what they look like. A vehicle is a tool too, should we not care what they look like either?

That said, I agree with you- it's a damn good looking camera.

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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1469 comments in total)

I'm just over here like "have they announced the full frame X100 (without X-trans) yet"?

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samhain: I can't lie, that's one good looking camera!

Now if only it had a 35mm lens...

@Chaitanya My mistake, I thought this was a Q! (I just woke up, coffee hasn't kicked in yet :D )

Regardless, it's still an awesome looking camera!

Link | Posted on Mar 8, 2018 at 16:41 UTC

I can't lie, that's one good looking camera!

Now if only it had a 35mm lens...

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On article Hands-on with the Sony a7 III (584 comments in total)
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ABW: I'm looking at getting one of these when it hits.

Could anyone advise what the most practical 'kit' combination of the A7iii would be?
i.e. with the 28-70mm or the 50mm lens.
I specifically shoot street, architecture/landscape, the odd portrait. I also shoot video.
Obviously no one lens does all things but I'm looking for the best compromise in the base kit – I'm not (and won't be) in the position of acquiring specific lenses for the foreseeable future - so dropping another grand or two on additional lenses isn't practical.

Any advice is helpful (preferably not "you should not waste your money and get a _______ instead" comments lol).


My friend, I would start with the 55mm 1.8 lens. In my opinion, I'd choose that lens over any other 50 on the market. For me it's a desert island lens. Having just one prime lens will teach you so much about photography, framing, composure, etc.
after you use it for a while, you will have a clear idea of what lens to buy next to fit your needs. If you're into architecture, a wide angle would be a good choice. And since you're shooting still objects with it, you can get a Manual focus lens from any make + adapter. There's so many old gems out there that cost next to nothing.

So in short- I'd buy that incredible 55, live with it, become one with it for about 6 months. Then you'll know exactly where to go from there.

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On article Hands-on with the Sony a7 III (584 comments in total)
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Roland Schulz: Sony please bring us a fine and small 35 1.8 or 2.0 lens ;-)!
This is missing and would be great to have!
This old 35 1.4 Zeiss is TO BIG and also not the sharpest.

Good chance a 35/2 is coming I'd say.
Sony could even base it on the old Minolta 35mm f2, which was a fantastic little lens.
(In the mean time, one could use an adapter & mount any of the other brands. Pentax's FA 31mm f1.8 would be a fun one)

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On article CP+ 2018: First Look - Sony 400mm F2.8 G Master (462 comments in total)
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PhozoKozmos: Sony zoom lens with 26mm flange-extension built-in to rear
which means plenty of room for insertion (re-insertion) of features
1) stack several rear filters (huge cavity: much like on lens adapters)
2a) tele-converters (like adapters)
2b) macro-extensions (like adapters)
3a) shift-capabilities (like adapters)
3b) tilt-capability (like adapters)
4) optical viewfinders (modular adapters)
5) AF adapters (like for A-mount lens)
6) electronic variable ND filters
except: modular adapters far more flexible than being stuck with an integrated plain flange-extension stuck at the lens rear

this tells us if Canon, Nikon, or even Pentax want to offer an FF Mirrorless body
it makes best sense to keep the lens mounts unchanged, and modular-friendly

that is, maintain a flange-extension module that can be inter-switchable (not stuck on the rear of any lens, like they are now on Sony FE lenses)

@magnar I think what you meant was "I can smell the fear of a canon user". We knew what you meant, we can smell it too ;)

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On article CP+ 2018: First Look - Sony 400mm F2.8 G Master (462 comments in total)
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TigTillinghast: Surprised to see so many design choices copy the Canon model so slavishly. Not that it's a bad one. Just has a certain Yongnuo effect when you see things like the foot and pre-focus buttons, color, strap anchors and dual-diameter focus ring create the appearance that it's a design copy. I guess Sony needs to convince the wielders of the big whites that the lens isn't but so different, so they're adding these visual cues. I just now noticed the label plate on top, which really puts it over the edge.

I thought the recent announcement that Sigma was going to start making native mount Sony lenses very interesting in this context. Their 500mm f/4 is pretty impressive. I might favor that depending on the price of this, but I didn't see that it was included on the list of Sony mount availability.

@jekabs Short term memories are common in these parts.

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CaMeRa QuEsT: This is the best preview we can get of the future CaNikon mirrorless mounts. Tamron wouldn't settle down on the optical design of this zoom lens if they didn't know what CaNikon are planning for, as the real volume is in those 2 systems, no matter what Sony has been doing for the last 5 years. What do I see? That the new CaNikon mounts will also be telecentric, just like E mount, so the expected size reductions compared to DSLR lenses are just not gonna happen. BTW, I think that Tamron can actually make a DSLR version of this lens, given how deep the rear "adapter tube" is on this one.

What makes you think that, given that Nikon & Canon have been so reluctant to share lens information with third party lens companies in the past? It's possible they've decided to share info for their upcoming future mirrorless cameras, but history says otherwise.

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