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Horshack: Changing the tracking engagement to work more like their DSLRs is a welcomed improvement. One has to wonder why Nikon didn't implement it this way originally. It seems implausible they didn't know the previous Z method would be cumbersome for users. It's almost as if Nikon intentionally created friction in engaging the Z6/Z7's tracking to delineate its operation from the 3D tracking of its DSLR's - perhaps they believed the Z6/Z7's tracking functionality was too different or even inferior vs their DSLRs and they wanted to manage expectations of its use accordingly.

Probably because management decided it was time to market and speeded up development. The camera was probably ready to be released but the software team was not ready yet.

On itself the Z never has been a bad system, but it was marketed wrong and Nikon never had thought that Sony would use guerrilla marketing tactics to safeguard its hard worked position in this market.

Despite all the negative sentiment here and on youtube these cameras are in reality actually selling pretty well.

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Karroly: This is not the OVF which freezes, but the built-in display.
Not quite the same...

The information over exposure freezes. So even though you can see the subject without this crucial information over exposure and the fact that it locks the mirror makes that in its current state this camera becomes unusable if this happens to you as a professional photographer.

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Gesture: At least it's not a rocket shuttle that can't get into the right orbit or dock safely with a space station.

But it can cause income problems for those that have to rely on their camera gear to make an income.

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Ouch - A professional camera is all about reliability.

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Foskito: And what exactly Nikon was going to show there?

It is more an unfortunate situation.
Let's all hope for the best.

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backayonder: Funny how Football matches are still going ahead

Many are being played without audience though.

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Steve Balcombe: We may not be immune to COVID-19, but it's easy to grow immune to the wall-to-wall press coverage - until something happens which affects us a bit more directly. I wasn't going anyway this year, so it's easy for me to say, but I'm sure they've made the right decision.

This will affect us directly as long as there is no cure for it.

Chances you will get it are 100%.
The question is just when will it strike you.

Tomorrow or next year?

Covid19 is very serious and should be taken seriously!
The consequences for each individual person are unknown to you up to the moment you get it.

All you can do is hope your body gets immune to it fast if not, you will die from it! This is nu regular flu. It is not even related to the flu.

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ozturert: Even if Nikon releases it in time, they'd say "because of too many pre-orders we cannot produce as many as we want, so we wıll send some pre-orders late".
Typical Nikon excuse (but they are right this time).

Most important thing is they inform their customers.
2020 seems to become a nasty year for every camera manufacturer.

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A difficult but wise descision.
Good to see the Photography Show took responsibility and postponed this show.

The people responsible for Professional Imaging in the Netherlands can learn a thing from this!

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Keith Cooper: Whilst I'm sorry to see this, given the sheer amount of effort and expense that I know exhibitors put into attending, I'd already heard from several small companies that they were not entirely happy with having many of their their key staff interacting with thousands of people.

I'd also note the relatively high proportion of older people attending.

I wasn't doing any talks or appearing on any stands this year, yet I was still not sure if I'd actually be going next week. I'd been intending to wait until Monday - then again I live only a short drive from the show.

Hopefully things will be better by September.

Yes I have heard that indeed several camera companies have strict orders for meetings and restrict group meetings to less than 10 people.

A show like this is where thousands and thousands of people attend.

They just don't want to get finger pointed at like I went to the Fuji or Canon booth and got the virus from them. It seem irrealistic, but these kind of things happen today.

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Andy Blanchard: Looks like the UK's Photography Show is being postponed as well. Was supposed to be this weekend, now they're looking at dates in September.

It doesn't look like that - It unfortunately is already been confirmed!

Wondering if Professional Imaging in the Netherlands will go on though. Would be wise to also postpone it to September, like UK Photography Show has been postponed.

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ozturert: Price will be slightly above A7R IV.

A camera with 24Mp or 60MP sensor will not make much difference in production costs for the sensor. Same wafer size, same number of output of sensors on a wafer.

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RvEL: Anyone knows what we can expect from a price perspective? Really curious about that.

Off topic: Is it just me, or is DPReview suddenly asking for my mobile phone number, for "security reasons"? Logged in today, and a message popped up. Thankfully, it's optional....

3500 to 4000 dollars.

We are talking professional camera with a pricetag that is also 'professional grade'.

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JimCorbett: By the look of it, which I absolutely adore, it tells me Canon are completely rebooting the 5 series. This is not 5DV as many think, it's 5D1. A new beginning. I don't think they're going to make a 5DIV follow up. The way I see it, the R5 represents both the DSLR finish and MILC start line. I don't believe there is space left for postponing.

TN Args - Development of cameras takes about 2 years. D780 must have probably already been in development by the time of the release of the Z6/7. Same goes up for lenses.

You will not see many updates for DSLRs over the coming years.
These cameras will be phased out over the coming decade.

Not because mirrorless is better, but because the future is in the merger of photography and video. Next to the fact that mirrorless cameras are cheaper to build and need less optical and mechanical components.

It is all business driven to reduce cost to manufacture while retaining a higher margin.

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ozturert: Price will be slightly above A7R IV.

TN Args - But A7Riv does not look to be a great seller for Sony afterall.

Next to that I am sure that many not so loud 'Sony'' owners are already being fed-up with the poor ergonomics and will switch back to Canon and Nikon. Probably sooner than later as soon as the temporary AF advantage that Sony has will be gone. On Nikon side with firmware v3.0 for Z6/7 Nikon is already closing in really fast now. I assume for Canon it will be no different.

Especially with the previous Canon owners. Many have kept their EF lenses and so the switch is easily made back by just selling the body and Canon knows this as well.

I see hard times coming for Sony especially with EOS R5 and the upcoming rumoured Nikon Z8. Both being newer and being backed up by a far larger group of photographers that still need to make the switch to mirrorless.

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The EOS R5 tells us that people didn't like the new touchbar on the back of the EOS R and RP.

This new implementation was never a good idea and it is good to see Canon go back to a better ergonomically designed turn wheel on the back of the camera.

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ProfHankD: I'm giving Canon the benefit of the doubt too, hoping that the R5 will be a solid competitor for the Z7, A7RIV, etc. However, they've got a very long way to go. Although my 5DIV feels more polished, my A7II actually beats it in most performance and image quality metrics.

The claims about "combining" vs "sharing" of OIS+IBIS sound like content-free marketing speak; the main reason Olympus IBIS seems to work better is almost certainly the smaller sensor, which gives smaller motions and reduces moving mass. The R5 sensor sounds quite new, and it's a huge step forward for Canon if it can really sustain the readout rates discussed... it could be the first time in a decade and a half that Canon has a sensor truly competing with Sony's best...?

Lan - The rumors over the existence of a A7R4 are thin.
And the rumors over Sony reallocating memory chips in favor for their PS5 sales have been strong. Add the Corona virus on top of it and you may actually see that an A7R4 in the foreseeable future will be skipped all together.

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Nothing we knew before.

They milked the DSLR and now that MILC is a mature product they come to eat the lunch of Sony. That's what Canon plans are.

That said. We also know that Sony has a likewise sensor available so we also know that competition will be stiff.

So second thing we learned is that soon everybody will have a 8K capable mirrorless camera. No big deal its called progression.

The question is than still does Canon really have a competitive advantage or will the R5 just be a pyrus victory as soon as Nikon and Sony will come with their own version of the R5. We are probably talking weeks maybe month but certainly not years.

Third thing we learn is that Canon is currently unable to produce this R5 and the longer this Corona virus is around the easier it will be for the competition to catch up.

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Foskito: Now add extra 5 grand for each lens. I guess the 100mp $10,000 Fuji is pretty much a bargain.

Chris - Same can be said over the GFX50s and GFX50r using a sensor that dates back to 2012 and does not even offer phase detec autofocus. Both cameras are terrible to use when the light is poor and focus is too slow for everything that moves faster as a snail. Nuff said over outdated technology.

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Foskito: Now add extra 5 grand for each lens. I guess the 100mp $10,000 Fuji is pretty much a bargain.

But you forget they are a completely different target audience.

A Leica user won't buy Fujifilm, as will a Fujifilm user probably not be able to afford a Leica.

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