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Pilsenaaa: soon we will have to walk around like mutes so nobody will be offended


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Jefftan: My experience using it on GM5
1 heavy vinetting at F2
2 even bigger problem
in A mode using multi metering, image is ofter seriously underexposed (more than 1 stop) but some are metering OK (camera don't know aperture used and no way to tell camera)
Should I switch to center weighted metering? Anyone know? Thanks

Use M mode and be sure that Constant Preview is active (Custom Menu, works in M only, leave it active)
You'll see full-time, real-time exposure previews. Just adjust shutter speed for WYSIWYG . A mode operates pretty much the same way.

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grock: When I flew through Berlin, about 7 years ago, I had to take out my DSLR, turn it on, and actually take a photo with it at security. I figured this was standard procedure there. Looking back, i'm starting to wonder if it was because I don't look particularly "European." Anyone else have to do this?

No, sometimes the screeners just like to mess with people.

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danieladougan: Thank goodness for TSA Pre-Check.

Yes, but only if the airline you're flying supports it.

I've had to go through general lines a couple of times (at Kennedy Airport), even arguing and showing the laminated TSA card. A real PITA!

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Wake us when it ships…

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On article 'Above Bellingham' soars from bay to Mount Baker (16 comments in total)

How great!

I lived in Bellingham for a couple years way back whenever. Lots of hiking, mountaineering. Just being outdoors. Climbed Baker and Shuksan and the Twins and many others.

Unfortunately the reality of living in the Northwest means being covered by low hanging drizzle spewing clouds 80% of the year, which isn't shown much in the video.

A favorite joke was… the only culture you'll find is in your yogurt.

Still, so nice to see the mountains and forests and Puget Sound! Wow!

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (808 comments in total)

Nikon FM2.

Solid and simple. For me, it was the perfect film camera.

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Albert Valentino: What is missing from the sample gallery is a shot stopped down to see how it renders sunstars - and handles flare. I really would like to see a wide lens that does sunstars well. These days most manufacturers curve their aperture blades with kills the star pattern.

Check out any of the the native M4/3 Voigtländer Nokton f0.95 lenses. There's a 10.5mm that may do it for you. Also an excellent 17.5mm.

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On article CP+ 2017: Hands-on with new Voigtländer E-mount primes (117 comments in total)
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Carerra: Also why doesnt DXO test Voigtländer how can we see how good these lenses really are?

They fear a backlash from their Nikon and Canon masters.

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On article CP+ 2017: Hands-on with new Voigtländer E-mount primes (117 comments in total)
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Gregm61: The 35mm f1.4 in M mount is not all that particularly great.

I have an M mount 35mm f1.4 (adapted for M4/3) and it's a fine little lens, with lots of character. Plus, it's a great size for mirrorless cameras.

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I had the CoolPix 900, 950, 990 and 4500. GREAT cameras… maybe not the 900 ;-) , but the potential was there.
I gave the 950 to a friend after I updated to the 990 and he used it for quite a few years after that. Great camera.

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peterwr: The 4.1Mp 995 was the end of the line, if memory serves. Man, I *wanted* one of those, but by the time I could afford it, it was out of production.

The swivelling lens unit was a work of genius. I wish Nikon would make an updated version. An 8Mp version with a 2/3" chip and a 3" screen would do nicely.

Nah. That was the 4MP CoolPix 4500.
That was the best of the bunch and I had all the swivel bodied CoolPix. Still have mine. Carried it all the time and it went on a lot of travel adventures. Was great for macro shooting!

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MikeFairbanks: A different perspective, perhaps, is for those who are interested in a small, underwater camera that has shutter priority (or manual capabilities).

I grew up surfing, and each time an underwater comes out from Nikon, Canon (the usual players) I get excited. But then I learn that there's no manual controls. Surfing is very high speed, and shutter speeds need to be very high. At the same time, it's fun to also be able to shove a camera in the board shorts and surf with your buddies while taking pics.

Many waterproof point and shoots fit in the pocket but can't do action.

Many good cameras in good housings can take fast shots, but are large and bulky.

All I've ever wanted was a small waterproof point and shoot where I could crank the shutter speed.

Take a look at the Olympus Tough TG-4.

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On article OWC's Thunderbolt 3 Dock adds 13 ports to your MacBook (151 comments in total)

I've used all sorts of docking stations with my PowerBooks and MacBook Pros since I abandoned desktop machines back in 1999.

I have one of OWC's older Thunderbolt 2 docks that I use with my 2012 15" MBP Retina. The thing is brilliant! I plug in ONE Thunderbolt cable and connect 3 external hard drives, 27" monitor, along with a few USB doohickeys.

I'm due for a MBP upgrade and this will be the first thing I get for it, along with a 4K or 5K monitor.

The only thing I wish it had was a couple more Thunderbolt ports and an extra Firewire 800 port to cut down on hard drive daisy chaining.

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Can't wait to get my hands on the 7.5mm f2!

Hopefully it's at least on par optically with the Panasonic 7-14mm at the wide end.
It could be a great, compact travel lens and for shooting interiors, with its fairly wide aperture.

I'll finally be able to get rid of the dopey, rarely used, Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye, too!

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kingslayer: Overpriced. I rather get a Panasonic Lumix GX80 or GX85.

Plus, the M4/3 system is a mature system with over 100 native mount lenses available, from numerous manufacturers, covering 7mm to 400mm (14mm - 800mm 35mm equivalent).

Link | Posted on Sep 16, 2016 at 09:33 UTC

In a word, FUGLY!
Apparently, Canon hired all the retired VHS camcorder designers in Japan to design their cameras.

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On article Peak Design adds Range Pouch to Everyday lineup (22 comments in total)

Wow. GREAT protection from dust!
With only a narrow strip of velcro to secure the top flap, it leaves the sides open for dirt and dust to get it. No thanks.

I use zipper-topped lens cases to store and transport my lenses. But, I also use groups of them in different packs instead of a logo festooned "photo bag". For that, I want my lenses sealed off as much as possible from the outside elements.

Sorry, but these flap-topped things just don't cut it in the regard.

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G1Houston: If the lens does not have an AF/MF switch, does GX85 have way to program a button to turn AF on and off? This is important for some to shoot videos when we can acquire the focus by AF and then quickly locking it by the press of a button or flipping a switch.

With all Panasonic M4/3 cameras there's a function called AF+MF. Activate it once and forget about it.

So, when you half-press the shutter and turn the manual focus ring it activates manual focus and focus magnification. When focus is achieved, press the shutter button completely.

Simple. Fast. Intuitive. Very useful. Very cool.

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Antti Pirttimaki: Would this be any better than an LX100? Apart from being able to change lenses.

It's got the same sensor, no AA filter, 4k with stabilization... And LX100 has a bright F1.7-2.8 lens.

What would I gain if I changed to LX85/80?

The LX100 crops the sensor a bit. I'm not sure the exact amount, 2.2x crop?, but images are something like 14MP instead of 16MP.

Lack of a touch screen, especially the way Panasonic implements it, is a big negative for the LX100.

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