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I'm a weddng photographer and use the fundy album designer and I like them. They save tons of time aligning photos and make it easy to page wedding albums. The other programs beyond the album maker I can´t speak since I don´t use them.

Didn´t understand if the retoching is another module or is pre installed in the album maker.

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Max Iso: I may have missed it in the trickle of info and articles, but when the A99II focuses, does the on sensor bring up the caboose? In other words, does it still need AF calibration like the other DSLR types? It seems this is a goldmine of a workaround for Sony if they would only implement it.

They would be the only DSLR type system with a dedicated PDAF design (which is still better for tracking) that doesn't have to worry about AF calibration. I would gladly give up 1/3 stop of light for that.

Does the a99 II allows to make af adjustment for wide and tele zoom setting in third party zoom lenses for the dedicated PDAF unit? We already know that the OSPDAF points micro adjusting only works for Sony lenses.

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with this you don´t run out of 1 color since it uses all color in 3 or more times the printer thermal head burns the dye into each paper so if it has paper for 100 prints it means it has also dye for 100 prints. Its sublimation printer not an inkjet. But its expensive none the less.

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On article High-end full frame roundup (2014) (595 comments in total)

Is there something wrong with A99 new studio files? They seem so soft like the lens is not sharp enough compared with other cameras.... even Sony A77 mk2 seemed to have more clarity. I know the A7 have a lighter anti aliasing filter... Could you post the older A7 results with LA-EA4 so that we can compare them with A99? Thanks

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Why no one makes a 28-200 f3.5-4.5 or at most a 24-135 2.8-4.5 like the Sigma lens for Full Frame( its not even heavy)?

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Could Dpreview Staff confirm if they used LE-A4 version? If so, the disappointing results at iso 12800 compared with nikon d610 are explained. If they used the le-a3 adapter then its really a disappointment.

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Great for noise reduction but its very slow exporting with PRIME noise reduction active! Its the best at high iso in reconstructing detail in colors, supressing low noise frequency. Its like TOPAZ DENOISe.

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AV Janus: I guess my huge Samyang 85mm f1.4 + Nikon to m43 adapter OMD combo is staying.
By using this baby i will get 60mm f1.0 that has reach like 120mm and DOF like FF 2.0 while full open.
Helooooo, perfect long, stabilized, portrait lens, on the cheap.

-100mm f2 is also interesting, giving us 140mm reach and f1.4 light gathering
-135mm f2 gives us a 190mm reach at f1.4 light gathering

...if my math is correct.

It would be great for m43 to have full body portraits at reasonable distances with the background blured...

but it doesn´t work with OLympus SHG lenses

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It doesn´t work for m43 lenses! But olympus could make one with AF that would deal with the noise disadvantage of m43 against aps-c... while having the oportunity to have smaller lenses when you want to go light.

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On article Phase One releases Capture One Pro v7 (99 comments in total)

First impressions:

In the exposure tab try the new clarity TAB: method : punch; clarity 25 and structure 25 and your sharp images will have outstanding sharpness and local contrast (don´t go much past these values)... ( I always felt CO have a little strange demosaic which renders small details in a digital non organic awya but with this new clarity tools I bet prints will look much better like a new megapixl increase (I tried it with sony a55)).

It has increased dynamic range but with a good tone curve that contrast isn´t flat...

It renders images in a fast way and is sharp in comparisons and transitions between 2 images.

Noise reduction is good but with cameras with low dynamic range at high iso like 1600 (my olympus e-pl1) it isn´t as good as lightroom 4 (it seems to have a problem with shadows) but with my sisters Sony A55 which has better shadow noise (with less courser grain) it renders iso 3200 very good since it eliminates better the noise in midtones than LR4.

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compositor20: Does anyone know if m43 lenses have distortion correction automatically applied like lightroom 4?

lets hope noise reduction at high iso is as good as lightroom since white balance and color already are much better than lightroom and more comparable with Out of camera jpg colors

thanks for replying... im downloading and the servers are a little slow...

color noise reduction is very important but the removal of noise in shadow areas where detail in midtones/highlights and high contrast transitions is maitained is more important...

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On article Phase One releases Capture One Pro v7 (99 comments in total)

Does anyone know if m43 lenses have distortion correction automatically applied like lightroom 4?

lets hope noise reduction at high iso is as good as lightroom since white balance and color already are much better than lightroom and more comparable with Out of camera jpg colors

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On article Phase One releases Capture One Pro v7 (99 comments in total)

Where can we download the trial? im waiting to see if m43 cameras have auto-distortion correction like lightroom and if capture one has nailed noise reduction since it has much better colors than lightroom (better WB interpretation) and its faster

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On article A sneak peek at our forthcoming camera test scene (320 comments in total)

There are almost no shadow areas to evaluate shadow noise... where it is more problematic... please light only part of the image with a hard spot light so that parts of the image are in shadow...

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On article ACD Systems issues ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 15 (75 comments in total)

Could someone compare high iso performance compared with lightroom 4? Thanks

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someone announced a 28mm equiv tilt shift lens the other day...

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price at 1499 dollars in american store...

it is so lightweight! not even 400g

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Eric Glam: 18-55mm F2.8-4.0 should become the standard for all mirrorless kit lenses, instead of the common 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6.

And they would kill their golden chicken... would you buy a fast 24-70 2.8 equiv if you can get a 28-84 2.8-4 probably not... you would buy a 18-36 f4 instead if you want really wider...

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malcolm82: For the amount of light it gathers this is not a compact lens at all. The new canon 24-70 f/2.8 gathers 4 times as much light and is only 113mm long. If this lens had the same size in proportion to its sensor size it should be only 57mm long not 74mm. This is also a simpler design with only 14 lens elements instead of 18 for the canon which should make it even more compact. It just goes to show how much worse these small sensor lenses are compared to full frame lenses.

In the size of the lens you forgot to tell that the sensor to lens distance in canon is 44mm... while in m43 land its 20mm so the lens is smaller than we should expect by halfing sensor size...

from 70-200mm shallow DOF is what you want but from 24-70 its just the low light and if it will be used for group shots and such in weddings f2.8 is the minimum for I would try at say.. 20mm or 25mm (40mm to 50mm equiv.)

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On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review (572 comments in total)

Great results in the noise comparison... at middle grey the results are better than nex 5-n until iso 6400! in the shadows they are comparable with nex having a slightly advantage.

For video the dynamic range that auto gradation has is fantastic!

There is a user reporting faster and accurate C-AF with the vivid setting and release priority.

You can set a minimum shutter speed with AUTO-ISO just choose a flash sync speed of between 1/30 until 1/250 according to the shutter speed you want to be minimum and it will do that effect.

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