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Tape5: Every single time I walked into a Jessops store I had a disappointing experience.

Dinosaurs like Jessops should have died years ago. They ripped people off for decades with over priced items and poor service. Now it is their time to vanish.

Sorry - but that's an extraordinary view of the world and misses the point.

The fact is that whether good or bad Jessops (and other stores like it - Comet, Jacobs and others that have bitten the dust in the last couple of months) gave us consumers the chance to go in, pick up and play around with our 'toys' before purchasing.

Ultimately we consumers had a choice whether to purchase from them or from elsewhere on the HIgh Street.

Are you really saying that a world where business & sales are conducted exclusively online is a better place? Particularly when the Amazon monolith gets bigger by the day.

Yes, service and price could have been better at Jessops. But much better this than the alternative, which is that High Street access to camera stores & everything else ceases to exist.

Oh, and there's also another point, which you don't mention -- several thousand people are on the verge of losing their jobs. But maybe you don't care about that either.

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