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TheClueless: I'm assuming it's going to come in somewhere between the Asus PA328Q and the Benq PD3200U given the specs.

I'm on the hunt for a monitor(s) in this category, it's becoming surprisingly crowded - I didn't expect makers like Asus and Acer to be participating in this segment. I'm still inclined to go with Dell for the exchange support at the moment

I'd place it way below both.

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steelhead3: How can a monitor show 130% of sRGB?

ACER is known for just making stuff up. How about their claim for 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio? As we say in Idaho, pure horse puckie.

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fedway: I can not believe how the 2mp Powershot does not look ridiculously out of place in this gallery. Noooo.....

Because it is 99% the photographer and 1% the gear.

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Unfortunately sensors for traditional cameras vs smartphones, cars and IOT are both a trivial percentage of their business and unprofitable. Less than 1/10th of 1%. The sensor division has hinted that they plan to discontinue the camera segment of their product line unless it becomes profitable. As cameras are part of that division and also unprofitable... The A9 is a desperate attempt to increase margins and introduce profits, unfortunately there is too much wrong with that camera for it to be worth the asking price; just a modest improvement over the A7.

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NJOceanView: If there were more photographers who read DPR reviews and consistently shot six stops too low, Nikon would re-take that position in a heartbeat! Darn those photographers who know how to expose properly!

Only Luddites want clickety-clack cameras, aka DSLRs.

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)

If the Mark II was stills focused, it would have kept the tilting LCD.

Re lenses: where is a close focusing 100-500 f/5.6 lens for wildlife, with a 1.4TC?

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ecka84: I don't get it ... Why are you Fuji trolls bashing Canon/Sony/Nikon to glorify Fuji?
C/S/N have many of those "new" features for years. Is it that hard to be honest with yourself? Don't you have any self-respect at all?
OK, now you can throw your rotten tomatoes (aka. non-arguments and "bovine excrement"). I mean, being a Fuji fanatic must be hard. You have to keep inside all the pain, frustration and anger while praising the Fuji-lord. Because otherwise you will be expelled from the sect. The steam vapor must go somewhere, just let it go ... I'm ready :)

I'm a Fuji fanatic who fundamentally agrees with you, at least in spirit. I'm ready to spend $5-6,000 on Fuji gear but not for old technology. Yes, much of the camera (X-T) is terrific, it's the fundamentals that are messed up. So come on Fuji, pick up a few Nikon D3S bodies and make your designers spend a month using them exclusively. (Canon fans, substitute you favorite Canon body). AND then make them down another month exclusively with the Olympus OMD EM1 Mark 2. Maybe then they will discover how a camera should work in the hands of a serious photographer.

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frosti7: I hope that other companies will learn from fuji how to invest in your customer, instead of milking him for the next product.

focal length-dependent minimum shutter speed - 20 years overdue?
I never understood why i had to change the shutter speed while zooming,

I'm glad that at least fuji implements such feature

Much of this is just 'almost' catching up to what other cameras had 5-10 years ago: 9-shot AE bracketing (Fuji S5 Pro and most Canons for example). Though why they restricted it to 3EV is beyond me. Depending on the features (useful, not the gimmicks), Fuji is still running 2 years behind Olympus. And the auto-ISO upgrade, please Fuji, do it right. With the X-T2 I was planning to return to Fuji but it will probably be to the S5 pro. Sold all my pro Nikon gear, the money is in the bank; maybe the X-T3.

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They have to stop building cameras that their customers need to fight with on a regular basis. I finally gave up on a GH2, a pair of GH3s, the associated lenses and a FZ2500; all purchased new. For example, change what information is displayed on the EVF and the AF settings go crazy. The menu system is just plain nuts and gets worse with each succeeding body. Only a masochist could enjoy working with these cameras. Olympus does much better though with no shortage of problems and a company that is fast headed toward extinction.

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On article Fujifilm X-T20 Review (340 comments in total)

No battery grip available, contrary to review, without which this camera is way too small for my adult hands. So it will be a used X-T1 for me. Sad as the higher IQ of the 20 would be nice.
Net: a very nice camera with serious handling issues.

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)

Why don't they pursue new markets that only require a software update? Every dashcam we've tried is junk. I'd buy a GoPro dashcam in a minute.

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"but by abandoning the mirror box (and the telecentric design philosophy) was able to fully deliver on the size benefits that had originally been promised."

And they abandoned a line of lenses with superb image quality for a collection of mostly mediocre or worse lenses, hanging a Pro label on some truly second rate products (e.g. 12-40 f/2.8, 7-14 f/2.8, 12-100 f/4...) and a couple of great lenses such as the 40-150 f/2.8 and 75 f/1.8.

They've turned themselves into a maker of mostly small and cute gear that is an insult to the Olympus legacy.

We'll have to see what Panasonic delivers with their newly announced 12-60 and 50-200 lenses. Perhaps they bought the rights from Olympus to build those SWD lenses in the M43 mount? They've already delivered a 7-14 f/4 which almost matches the original F43 version from Olympus.

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Corkcampbell: Those are two of the worst graphs I've ever seen. Perhaps they should have found a middle school student who is learning Excel.

Not one in a thousand people can understand a log scale.

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John Koch: CIPA reports that inter-changeable lens camera shipments fell 11.4% in 2016 and may fall another 3.4% in 2017. Perhaps by 2018 the ICL market will reach a more or less stable floor. They will represent perhaps 70% of the surviving dedicated camera market. What I don't understand is where security cameras fit in the numbers, since the WiFi + smart phone controlled ones seem to sell widely. Are dashcams and rear-view cams also part of the "fixed lens" or "compact" numbers?

Meanwhile, smart phone use for pictures and video has exploded geometrically. People prefer them for everything. Anyone development "apps" or gear for photography or video will naturally orient to that market.

IOT (the internet of things) outsells all camera sensors (from compacts on up) by somewhere between 100:1 and 1000:1. This is why Sony will be selling off or shutting down it's camera and camera sensory division; it has never made money and never will, a constant state of decline. We have to hope that someone (my bet is Panasonic) will jump in and commit to the camera market for the foreseeable future.

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OlegKon: Any plans for decent (not sluggish) 1"+ mirrorless with 4K?
Learn from Panasonic!

Yes. Fuji X-T2.

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Want to be number 1 overall. Huh? They already are and have been for some time. Must be a communication error.

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Just what the world needs, more toxic chemicals. Humans don't deserve to survive.

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Another carpal tunnel generator for Apple. Sheesh what is wrong with the Apple community that they put up with this abuse? I guess if they are willing to pay the Apple tax...

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On article 2016 Roundup: Consumer Long Zoom Compacts (92 comments in total)
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User6915810299: Let's put FULL FRAME back illuminated sensors in those super zoom compact cameras with full articulated creen !. It is possible since soapbox film cameras using FULL FRAME film !.

Like all technologies, BSI is a compromise. It reduces noise but also reduces tonal quality due to pixel-pixel light bleed. Hence it is good for tiny sensors but is rather the opposite of what folks want when they are going for large sensors: i.e. IQ.

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On article Prime or zoom? LensRentals investigates (237 comments in total)

Beautiful lenses are for pixel peepers, useful lenses are for photographers.

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