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Kaso: "it was the photographer's alleged unauthorized entrance into the couple's private property that led to the cops being called and a legal complaint being filed"

I will definitely shoot (with a loaded gun!) any person who intrudes my private property.

Certain persons with cameras have no self-respect.

Which is why the civilized world considers the U.S. to be a nation of brain dead thugs. Americans (well the U.S. subset) whine if 6 are killed in a bomb attack but thinks it's perfectly OK that 6 children a day are murdered by the second amendment gun nuts. So enjoy living in your toilet.

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Much more important is the 6GB of RAM, could make for a nice user experience for apps and browsing. Those looking for a (relatively speaking) great camera in a smartphone are using an iPhone 7+ or Lumia 950 XL. That is if one is interested in image quality instead of meaningless specs.

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If the issues are mechanical, try an independent who repairs watches. A fellow in Ft. Collins, CO rebuilt my Rolleiflex sometime back. He stopped repairing cameras because he couldn't get parts.

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There are two reasons for floating elements. In addition to the one discussed here is to correct for focus distance. Start with a prime lens without floating elements, it will only have one best focus distance. Hence the best prime lenses tend to have a more limited focus range than less expensive lenses with lower expectations.

Some of the better macro lenses incorporate floating elements otherwise their quality would be quite poor when focused outside the closeup range. Even then the optimum focus distances will be relatively narrow.
As any optical designer understands this, I wonder if focus compensation was included for this lens?

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Dragonrider: Compact cameras are not dead. There are still almost as many compact cameras sold as DSLRs and mirrorless ILCs combined. Compact cameras went through period of both faddism and rapid replacement due to fast technology change. The same thing is currently happening with smartphones on a larger scale, but that will have a backside too. At a point, the technology will slow down and the cost of connectivity will increase to the point that smartphone sales will level off, if not crash rather badly. In most cases, the faster a market rises, the faster it also falls before normalizing on a long term curve. At Atari, after the crash, the internal saying was "Wonder, Thunder, Blunder, and Under". Most high fliers suffer some part of that fate. We just haven't yet seen what forces will kill the smartphone.

Absolutely nothing you said about cameras is true.

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justmeMN: In 1978, camera companies survived on sales of about 4 million ILCs for the year.

In 2017, ILC sales are projected (by CIPA) to be 11.20 million, and somehow that's supposed to be a huge crisis.

For the past 5 years, ILC sales have been dropping by 10-15% year with the camera manufacturers predicting the same again for this year. The only bright spot is for the highest end bodies which are staying even.

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OneMoreComment: Smartphones "will kill compact cameras" the same way iPad was supposed to kill Personal Computers.
In their dreams

.....The instant success led Steve Jobs to predict the arrival of the “post-PC era” in 2010

Perhaps you live on another planet as on earth, compact camera sales (fixed lens and ILC) have been declining by 25-35% per year.

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"There will always be lower-cost, accessible ILCs"
Lose a little on each one sold and make it up with volume, eh? Camera makers couldl already increase their profits or become profitable by discontinuing all their bottom feeder gear. They haven't done so because they still subscribe to the myth that their (nonexistent) new customers will steadily upgrade.

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marc petzold: Even in 2015 a way good DSLR.

Yes in bright light, was just looking at some of my 9 year old D80 images taken with the 16-85 lens. The pentaprism viewfinder was vastly superior to the penta-mirror implementation on the lower end Nikon DSLR cameras. Very noisy sensor at high ISO, no better than the Fuji S6000fd of the same era. Were someone looking for an older Nikon DSLR (at the right price of course), the D200 is a significantly better camera and if one can spring for the D300/300S; that is even better.
And large enough to be comfortably held and operated by adult human hands with very good ergonomics.
I do strongly recommend shooting in RAW and processing the images in Lightroom, Nikon's in camera jpeg processing of that era left a lot to be desired. One can pickup an older used version of Lightroom, say version 5, no need for the latest one. More money saved for lenses.

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On article Nikon D3: The camera that changed everything (285 comments in total)

Canon better wake up because Nikon is preparing to do it again but with mirrorless this time. Canon's M series are jokes, 5+ year old mirrorless technology in a camera body so small that it can't be comfortably operated by anyone with hands larger than the average 8 year old.

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c-a-m-e-r-o-n: I use canon, always have and probably always will, but sometimes late at night I might think of buying a used D3 and switching over... it's irrational, I know, but its images look very nice and 9FPS sounds fun... all for under a grand!

Spend a few hundred more for the D3S, you won't regret it. Also the finest handling camera ever made, designed for an adult human hand unlike the cute toys that most companies are now making. Oh how I wish it had a Fuji X-T2 inside.

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On article Nine new lens adapters announced for the Fujifilm GFX (90 comments in total)

And still no smart adapter for the thousand times more popular X-mount. Not too smart.

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Beaverhelmet: Suppose it will have the sensor that's already been used in the A7R MkII, RX1 MkII and A99 MkII?

Sony has already announced that their best sensors won't go to their competitors.

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Everytime I ask a Mac user to show me what works better on MacOS, I get a "deer in the headlights" look. Which is funny because MacOS has one, and only one significant advantage: Time Machine.
I too use both but dealing with the poor performance of Apple products means that I spend very little time on the Mac. That and the imbecilic design decisions such as mounting the SD card reader on the back of the iMac.

However the lack of a truly usable backup for Windows, and I've spent hundreds of dollars on Windows backup software, it is very close to pushing me to abandon Windows. With the Creators Update, MS removed virtually all of the configurability of File History so, pitiful as it was, it is now useless.

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PaulDavis: if you build your own pc you can load windows or mac or both on it. Plus it is really easy to upgrade components. You don't have to buy an apple computer to have a Mac OS.

Legally you do. Go straight to jail, don't pass GO, don't collect $200.

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"pretty neat photos to boot"
Huh? Nothing there but discards.

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CaPi: Which one improves performance? Thats the big one..
We're all still looking

1. Decent video card for the Develop module, critically important for 4/5K monitors. At least 500 CUDA cores if NVIDIA and the equivalent for ATI/AMD. 1GB of VRAM is probably sufficient but cards at this level typically have 3-4GB. Memory bandwidth of 256 is better than less though, just a guess, probably not too important for 1080 monitors. 8 bit (i.e. gaming) cards are faster than 10 bit (workstation), everything else being equal and sometimes are a bit less expensive though someday Lightroom will support the higher color accuracy cards.
2. Fastest multi-core processor you can afford for everything else such as import. But a 16 thread 2GHz will be slower than a 4GHz 8 thread processor. The upcoming i9x should be terrific once Intel gets the problems resolved. I'm targeting summer of 2018.
3. 16GB RAM minimum, more if you do a lot of jumping back and forth between images.
4. Separate SSDs for the Library and the Cache. I suspect putting the catalog on a 3rd SSD would help but haven't tested it yet. I need to rebuild my benchmark setup but it's gardening season.
5. Stay current with Lightroom updates. The July 2017 update resulted in 2-4X faster processing RAW Fuji X-T1 images.

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Always "out of focus".

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If one has Lightroom to edit the image then the image can be opened in Lightroom and the edits checked. This has got to be one of the most useless pieces of software ever.

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Lots of unsold inventory being dumped. If the previous generation model was terrific when it came out then it is still terrific and a deal at the bargain prices currently available.

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