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Menneisyys: too bad they don't come back with film - for example (relatively) inexpensive Super8.

While I know their color emulsion doesn't age well (major color shifts even after 30 years with everything they manufactured in the 60's and later*), now that Kodachrome is out of question and I don't have very good experience with Ektachrome (WRT color fidelity during aging), even Agfa's (past) quality would be sufficient.

Particularly if it were significantly cheaper than that of current Kodak (the only S8 film producer now) offerings. The latter are just too expensive making my S8 cameras (e.g., the 1014XL) unused, unlike my Std8 and DS8 ones.

*: earlier Afga color material (I have a lot of color Agfa Std8 films from the 1950's and they've aged well, without any bluish cast) have no color shift problems, only later ones.

The environment is being polluted enough. Bring back film and burn coal, gas and diesel. After all, we all hate our children.

Link | Posted on Dec 21, 2018 at 17:29 UTC

It is easy to understand why they went broke, delivering products that nobody wants.

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Lack of innovation would be a more accurate title. Their last innovation was the DR Summicron 60 years ago.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4491 comments in total)

Nikon is the modern day Yugo.

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Now for a Tesla board for our desktops supported by Lightroom. I'm ready to upgrade from a Quadro K1200.

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Is BenQ's hardware calibration OS independent? I'd like to get a 27-32" 4K monitor for my Chromebook but Chrome OS does not support any hardware / software calibration devices.

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On article Alien Skin Exposure X3 review (233 comments in total)

With online price performance improving by orders of magnitude while desktop systems improve by a few percent, pursuing a desktop future is like trying to build a better carburetor for a car. It is not just data analytics that have migrated but video editing and high end gaming as well. Unless Alien Skin has a web plan, their future isn't bright.
Take a look at some of the free photo editing applications on ChromeOS if you want to see the future.

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I have hundreds of Eneloop batteries, 80% the 1900/2000 with the rest being the Pro. Not a single failure of the 1900/2000 while none of the Pros have lasted even 25 charge cycles. All charging has been performed in the Eneloop chargers.
In a heavy load device like a GPS navigator, the run time of the Pro is worse as well.

They are almost as poor as the Duracell rechargeables I started with.

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On article Panasonic officially unveils 50-200mm F2.8-4.0 ASPH (303 comments in total)
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BarnET: For the price of this lens you could buy a X-T20/X-E3 with not one but 2 almost comparable zooms.

X-T20 +18-55 f2.8-4 = 1199
55-200 F3.5-4.8 = 699

And then people call Fujinon lenses expensive

I just returned to Olympus (EM1) from Fuji because Fuji has no close focusing long zooms. For roughly $2,000 with the 2x teleconverter, we get 50-400 at 1:1 macro. As someone who successfully used the 50-200mm SWD with the EC-20, this seems like a nice upgrade. Now to check on availability...

Might have to rent a G9 to give it a proper workout. Was never happy with the GH bodies (not a video shooter), perhaps the G9 will change my mind?

Link | Posted on Feb 27, 2018 at 23:50 UTC

What a useless focal length range. If they are bored, they could produce a couple lenses for the most popular mirrorless mount (M43) and have no competition: 150-600 G2 and 180 Macro, the teleconverters would be nice too.

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anticipation_of: Me likey. Will wait until the price drops, of course. For now 128gb cards serve my purpose, but I would for sure stick one of these in a phone and forget about it. Currently my phone is full of pictures and I keep having to delete stuff. It’s all still there in the cloud and on my laptop, but I’d prefer to just never have to delete.

Switch to Google photos, free and unlimited space.

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On article Kodak shows off Super 8 camera in first sample reel (220 comments in total)
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Ace of Sevens: When this was announced 2 years ago, the price was $400 to $750. That would have been fine. This cost 4.5x as much. I don't think this price is viable.

So 10X too expensive is OK?

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On article Kodak shows off Super 8 camera in first sample reel (220 comments in total)

Everything Kodak is doing seems to be a con game.

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NOT 5K, please stop catering to their false advertising. 5K horizontal but 4K vertical. For less money one can get a true 27" 5K monitor which actually does work well for 4K video editing. No way would I trade my HP 5K monitor for this thing. With a true 5K monitor, 4K video is at full resolution with room for the filmstrip across the bottom.

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If it is not mirrorless and superior to the Fuji X-T2, it is DOA.

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On article Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Which is best? (1100 comments in total)

Nikon for folks with adult sized hands, would buy if it was mirrorless. Sony is cute for child size hands. Sticking with Fuji APSC for now.

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The DxO overall score has little value, look at the individual ratings for the ones that are meaningful to you. Also assume that +/- 5% are within product manufacturing and testing variations. I. E. all ratings from 95-105 are equivalent. The DR variations are probably even greater, more like +/- 10-20%; though there's no agreed upon standard for measuring DR so this all gets a bit silly.

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WastingTime: Be advised, I'm currently returning the non-4k version of this monitor. I found it impossible to calibrate with an i1 Display Pro colorimeter. Every calibration produced different results ranging from magenta to green cast, to a heavily posterized image, to great but reversed when closing the software.
I'm not at home during the times were I could get on the phone with customer service, so I need something that works out of the box.

Historically BenQ has been strong on "specs per dollar" and short on "quality per dollar". At this price point, they have no excuses. I'll stick with HP and ViewSonic; can't afford Eizo. This is what I paid for a very good 5K HP, wish I could find another new one at this price.

Link | Posted on Nov 2, 2017 at 01:04 UTC

Historically BenQ's top monitors have had poor illumination evenness across the panels. Hopefully they have tackled this issue.

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An integrated solution (no jumping in and out to use plugins) and I'll sell my Fuji gear and switch from Lightroom. DAM would be nice too but there are professional grade (read pricy) DAM tools that work with it though not as smoothly as Lightroom's end-to-end integration.

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