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All medium and high end so he proved, perhaps, that price does matter?
Another useful test would be the effect on vignetting of thin vs standard thickness varieties.

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Fake news, an interview with an imposter.
No one at Nikon could possibly be ignorant enough to believe that no professionals are using Olympus, Sony or Fujifilm.

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davev8: i have not connected a camera to a PC since 2005

Want to reduce memory card failures? Want to reduce physical card and port failures? Then only transfer with a cable. I just leave my 128GB in the camera all the time.

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rmexpress22: I am convinced that the only benefit of DR is to have mathematic discussions and not really about impactful photographic improvements.

It depends on your vision capabilities. No two people who have ever lived see light in the same manner. I have a friend who cannot see blownout highlights even when viewed side by side with a higher DR print. They look identical to him and he is 40 years younger than me. Yet his acuity is noticeably superior to mine.

So each person needs the solution that best suits their vision.

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MrBrightSide: This is troubling. If 12-bit only has room for roughly 12 stops and 14=14, does that mean we will be stuck at 12 or 14 stops forever unless sensor manufacturers come up with a 24- or 36-bit sensor?

Once sensor readout approaches 1,000 fps, in camera RAW HDR stacking becomes practical for most images. If someone would build a camera for photographers instead of pixel peepers, this could be approached today with a 4MP sensor.

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Osa25: Felony charges?

This encapsulates a lot of what is wrong with the country.

No wonder America has more total prisoners than any other country in the world, even more than China and India that have populations of a billion each…

I mean talk about gross overreaction.

We should let people kill others with their second hand tobacco smoke too. While we're at it, get rid of traffic laws since we're just preventing folks from enjoying themselves behind the wheel. Bet you're a trump supporter.

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Nukunukoo: Imagine filling that card with memories. Now imaging accidentally losing it...

Never heard of backups I guess?

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On article Nikon D850: What we hoped for – and what we got (404 comments in total)

We got the best obsolete camera that one can buy. Nikon still thinks it's 2012.

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Sion H: They were on the ropes, but they just landed a leaping left hook on Canon's jaw. I wont be upgrading for at least a year, but knowing Nikon is back on track gives me faith to invest more into their system.

Buying a 50mm Sigma art tomorrow :-)

Religion is a powerful force, keeps Apple alive too.

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Kind of like GM releasing the world's best 1956 Chevy. Then there is the 5 year old mirrorless tech being delivered with Canon's M series. I'm so impressed!

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Mimik: Pentax still around?

Fortunately Pentax has a deep pocket parent so they don't need to be profitable.

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On article Ricoh launches Pentax K-1 Limited Silver Edition (175 comments in total)

Outdoor shooters (wildlife, landscape, sports...) know that black cameras cook outdoors, not only burning hands but in the body, raising image noise levels. Give me an all chrome/aluminum/magnesium body any day. Only Canon seems to understand with their white lenses, too bad they don't have a body to complete the solution.

There is a small company in Japan that will make any lens white, don't know if they will convert bodies.

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Lens mount?

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Kaso: "it was the photographer's alleged unauthorized entrance into the couple's private property that led to the cops being called and a legal complaint being filed"

I will definitely shoot (with a loaded gun!) any person who intrudes my private property.

Certain persons with cameras have no self-respect.

Which is why the civilized world considers the U.S. to be a nation of brain dead thugs. Americans (well the U.S. subset) whine if 6 are killed in a bomb attack but thinks it's perfectly OK that 6 children a day are murdered by the second amendment gun nuts. So enjoy living in your toilet.

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Much more important is the 6GB of RAM, could make for a nice user experience for apps and browsing. Those looking for a (relatively speaking) great camera in a smartphone are using an iPhone 7+ or Lumia 950 XL. That is if one is interested in image quality instead of meaningless specs.

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If the issues are mechanical, try an independent who repairs watches. A fellow in Ft. Collins, CO rebuilt my Rolleiflex sometime back. He stopped repairing cameras because he couldn't get parts.

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There are two reasons for floating elements. In addition to the one discussed here is to correct for focus distance. Start with a prime lens without floating elements, it will only have one best focus distance. Hence the best prime lenses tend to have a more limited focus range than less expensive lenses with lower expectations.

Some of the better macro lenses incorporate floating elements otherwise their quality would be quite poor when focused outside the closeup range. Even then the optimum focus distances will be relatively narrow.
As any optical designer understands this, I wonder if focus compensation was included for this lens?

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Dragonrider: Compact cameras are not dead. There are still almost as many compact cameras sold as DSLRs and mirrorless ILCs combined. Compact cameras went through period of both faddism and rapid replacement due to fast technology change. The same thing is currently happening with smartphones on a larger scale, but that will have a backside too. At a point, the technology will slow down and the cost of connectivity will increase to the point that smartphone sales will level off, if not crash rather badly. In most cases, the faster a market rises, the faster it also falls before normalizing on a long term curve. At Atari, after the crash, the internal saying was "Wonder, Thunder, Blunder, and Under". Most high fliers suffer some part of that fate. We just haven't yet seen what forces will kill the smartphone.

Absolutely nothing you said about cameras is true.

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justmeMN: In 1978, camera companies survived on sales of about 4 million ILCs for the year.

In 2017, ILC sales are projected (by CIPA) to be 11.20 million, and somehow that's supposed to be a huge crisis.

For the past 5 years, ILC sales have been dropping by 10-15% year with the camera manufacturers predicting the same again for this year. The only bright spot is for the highest end bodies which are staying even.

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(unknown member): Smartphones "will kill compact cameras" the same way iPad was supposed to kill Personal Computers.
In their dreams

.....The instant success led Steve Jobs to predict the arrival of the “post-PC era” in 2010

Perhaps you live on another planet as on earth, compact camera sales (fixed lens and ILC) have been declining by 25-35% per year.

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