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I'm waiting for the affordable 55" 8K monitor to replace my 27" 5K. True monitor, not a relabeled TV.

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Satyaa: Very useful for anyone trying to learn LR.

Large files may get cumbersome to upload. It might be useful to generate small version of the file with all EXIF intact, and then upload it.

Don't see how this can help someone learn Lightroom. If they edited it in Lightroom, they can just look at the sliders. This is a solution looking for a problem.

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4:3 ratio, 55", 8k, IPS and you'll get my attention. This is a TV labeled as a monitor.

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samsaamsaaam: I purchased a Fuji X-T20 after much talk about the legendary colors and near perfect JPGs that require no post. Unfortunately, this has not been my experience. I find that the colors are stylized but nowhere near accurate. This is sometimes related to the white balance that seems to do different things in different lighting. Also, metering is very inconsistent.

I know my experience does not represent the market but i think it might be possible that this Fuji bump is a phase.

I'm a Fuji fan but not a fanboy and can mostly agree with your conclusions. Fuji has their own look like Kodak did with Kodachrome which was never accused of delivering accurate colors. For more accurate exposure, I set exposure compensation to -2/3 stop and exposure bracket +/- 1EV for 3 shots. Of course I shoot RAW to get it all right.

Still while not perfect, Fuji jpegs are better than any non-Fuji camera I've ever owned. Still the best jpegs were from the 1) Fuji S2 Pro, 2) Fuji S3 Pro and 3) Fuji X-S1. Currently shooting a recently purchased new X-T1 but haven't shot any jpegs yet.

Of course color rendering is very personal as no two humans who have every existed see colors the same way.

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CIPA is shipments, not sales. The conclusions in this article, while possibly true, are wishful thinking. Fake news.

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Anyone ever heard of PhotoShop?

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spatz: 100,000 image sensors per month seems incredibly low. I would have expected yearly global image sensor production to be in the hundreds of millions.

You are right, the 100,000/month is the money losing camera sensor division. Multiply that by a thousand to get the profitable phone, automotive and IOT volume.

The Sony execs have also stated that the camera sensor division has to stop driving down the profits of the overall sensor division else it will be shut down or sold. Same for the money losing camera division.

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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (389 comments in total)

Other than HDR, I wonder whether any of the algorithms work better than those in Lightroom? Even there, Adobe's isn't poor, just not state of the art.

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Innovative? No! A bad joke? Yes? I'll sell you my 3.25x4.25 Speed Graphic which is far more capable and usable. It can actually be focused with either the rangefinder or the ground glass. I once built a camera like this out of a 500 sheet paper box and a 6" Goetz Golden Dagor. Kind of fun? Yes! Innovative? No!

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"learned from thousands of similar existing photographs."

Surely they jest. Nikon introduced this with the FE a half century ago. In modern cameras it is known as matrix metering. AI, yeah right. As a wise man once said "there's a sucker born every minute and two born to take him".

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DPPMetro: One every year might end up bankrupting Ricoh-Pentax.

Ricoh, like Fuji, builds cameras for fun, not profits. Cameras are a pimple on the side of an elephant at both companies. As long as they: 1) have a powerful executive(s) that want to keep making cameras; and 2) there is a sensor supplier; they will continue. Of course there is not much chance that anyone other than Canon will be making camera sized sensors 5 years from now so the big question is whether they will sell sensors to their competitors.

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (805 comments in total)

Film is a pollution crime against humanity.

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lolopasstrail: Couple casual thoughts:

1) "The increased average selling price of fixed lens cameras can only be good news."
No, it can be other than good news. Can very well be.

2) What factors in the environment could account for a continuing expected increase in camera sales? The aging photo enthusiast lives longer? Product is suddenly cheaper? People suddenly have more money? A new fad for young adults to now purchase expensive photo equipment? A brand new technology is so superior that the existing installed base is suddenly obsolete? Competition for the hobbyist dollar/attention is suddenly too expensive, resulting in hobbyists devoting more time to photography than other pursuits? If we can't point to driver or two, how can we expect a temporary short term trend to continue independently?

Fuji is the only company with demand exceeding supply and they are a small player. Still, no sales on Fuji gear.

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Clint Dunn: You know it's work I used to provide all my technicians with cameras for taking pictures of jobs when they were done. Now I tell them just to use their cell phones because the quality is 'good enough'. This mentality is the same as 90% of camera purchasers, hence the drop in sales.

Of course as a photographer the phone quality is not enough to satisfy my personal needs but that is a different story.

Actually 99.9%.

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Just stuffing the channel. CIPA is shipments not sales which are down.

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TheClueless: I'm assuming it's going to come in somewhere between the Asus PA328Q and the Benq PD3200U given the specs.

I'm on the hunt for a monitor(s) in this category, it's becoming surprisingly crowded - I didn't expect makers like Asus and Acer to be participating in this segment. I'm still inclined to go with Dell for the exchange support at the moment

I'd place it way below both.

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steelhead3: How can a monitor show 130% of sRGB?

ACER is known for just making stuff up. How about their claim for 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio? As we say in Idaho, pure horse puckie.

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fedway: I can not believe how the 2mp Powershot does not look ridiculously out of place in this gallery. Noooo.....

Because it is 99% the photographer and 1% the gear.

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Unfortunately sensors for traditional cameras vs smartphones, cars and IOT are both a trivial percentage of their business and unprofitable. Less than 1/10th of 1%. The sensor division has hinted that they plan to discontinue the camera segment of their product line unless it becomes profitable. As cameras are part of that division and also unprofitable... The A9 is a desperate attempt to increase margins and introduce profits, unfortunately there is too much wrong with that camera for it to be worth the asking price; just a modest improvement over the A7.

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NJOceanView: If there were more photographers who read DPR reviews and consistently shot six stops too low, Nikon would re-take that position in a heartbeat! Darn those photographers who know how to expose properly!

Only Luddites want clickety-clack cameras, aka DSLRs.

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