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Fotoni: Developed country citizens do not want to pay the price of fair wages, so less developed country citizens pay the difference in their wages. Global trading is right now the abuse of less fortunate which have no position for demands. It is a lesser form of global slavery. Also some companies are just greedy and make the transfer to have additional profits.

Japanese car brands used to be great value because of high durability and this was because they were made in Japan. I'm not quite sure that durability exists today when made elsewhere. Same goes for quality batteries and this area has a huge growth because of electric cars.

It is not always just poor lives, but the nature will also suffer more locally, so that some "green" people can live in their eco-friendly bubble and forget what they cannot see directly. Transferring pollution to the other side of the planet does not solve the problem.

The price of a product has a huge impact on what a person will buy. Moving production to a less developed country is not all about corporate greed. If a company can't be competitive on price because of manufacturing costs, it won't survive. Consumer price concerns (which is a type of greed) often drives companies to move functions to places where production costs are lower. Putting all the blame on corporate greed is not realistic or accurate.

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