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  • Thank you both for your thoughts!
  • Replied in AU - in stock
    That will change when the US youtube addicts see iJustine's review. If we can get an M5 product placement on reality TV, then the rest of the world will be out of stock!
  • Someone familiar with how that thread ended ought to enlighten us. If apologies are necessary, make them. It's just photography.
  • You mean "forum forensic investigator", don't you? I reconstruct dead threads and find missing members. Then I extort them for profit. You might want to think twice before you open that next ...
  • I didn't get to read all of the posts in the thread where he mentioned that he decided to back off from the M5 and had purchased an SL1 instead. HE got some ribbing, which I thought was good ...
  • Got email from BH this morning reflecting the delay to 12/8. Actually a good thing - reflects that the M5 is selling well in Europe and Asia. ;)
  • BH just updated to "begin shipping on 12/8"- guess Santa will be delivering this little critter. How will we all survive? ;) Maybe we should all get SL1 refurbs? :-D Hope the aliens hold off on ...
  • OK, we need more information. How old is the kid? How big? What is his or her time in the 40 yard dash? 100 meters? How about broad jump and vertical leap? Forget pixel peeping, this data is what ...
  • Replied in battery grip
    Sorry, I was referencing a means to attach the camera to a small tripod and leave the viewing screen visible for those horrifying V-bloggers! ;)
  • A reasonable person could make one in a few minutes. You need aluminum bar stock, a 1/4-20 thumbscrew, and a couple of fasteners to affix a camera plate to your little rectangle that accommodates ...
  • He thinks he is Jeremy Clarkson.
  • Replied in Strap holes
    I am quite familiar and use the strap on multiple cameras. No big deal. PD could solve it as well for photographers who don't know how to tie knots in small diameter lines.
  • Replied in Strap holes
    C'mon gang, that's addressed in two seconds with a length of small, braided line tied into a loop. You can also use a small split ring. Not a big deal.
  • I don't know, the camera sounds so awesome that Canon may soon increase the price. ;-)
  • Funny, on the 28mm Macro in the US, BH Photo had it before Amazon did. I cancelled the latter and ordered from the former. Time to turn those cargo jets east on the great circle route to Louisville ...
  • Is there a method to quickly toggle exposure bracketing?
  • Do you shoot sports? Using that technique, I've now got to video the entire game, with the expectation that instead of capturing interesting, dramatic action shots, I now have to document and capture ...
  • So in the near future, I'll have to shoot a football game at 30 fps, and go though at least 54,000 frames of the on field and surrounding action to pick a handful of compelling shots? No  bleeding ...
  • No, keeping the pre-order, but I might cancel my membership to this forum if things don't settle down here soon. ;) Congrats on your decision. There are always better options if you wait, but in ...
  • They will release what they can make the most money selling. Not what the forum weenies like us say we want, only what we are willing to pay for.
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