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Yep, you'd be surprised at what other tricks GIMP has up its sleeve... :)

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jayprich: Did you save in TIFF (or RAW) to avoid compression artefacts that would pollute all the similar images in a similar way?

The technique can work with any formats you want to use (If you're looking for the best control, RAW, build a profile to apply to the image, apply to all, and output those as either TIF or PNG @ a high bit depth).

For these examples, I just used the jpg out of the camera, as it was a relative comparison as opposed to total quality (comparing a single jpg at low ISO, to a series of jpgs at high/same ISO).

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 02:51 UTC
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john Clinch: Thanks I really enjoyed that.

I certainly hadn't seen Value. Lightness and Luminosity defined before

I do have GIMP installed but my methods seem to be work better with 16 bit images or in the RAW converter. So i seem to do almost everything in Lightroom now. Lightroom has a limited tool pallet for this work but I've enjoyed learning to work with it. But it looks like I need to give GIMP another look.....

You're welcome, I hope it was helpful!

Yes, 16-bit has advantages when editing images for sure. There is preliminary 16-bit support in recent builds of GIMP (not stable), but to be honest, the overall techniques and ideas are certainly transferable to other software.

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 at 21:05 UTC
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ebizjoey: Thanks for doing GIMP! So glad to see someone doing something here with it. Took a PS class, but can't afford it, trying to learn GIMP now. Not getting frustrated, just wish I started before!

You're very welcome! I'd venture a guess that for the majority of users, GIMP covers everything they are likely going to need/want.

There are other tuts on my site regarding GIMP for photography, so feel free to look around!

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