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About the same price as a new Canon EOS 6D Mark II body in the UK. Or a 50'' samsung flat screen TV + a new washing machine + a new drying machine and change for a few big nights at the pub...... just to put it into perspective. If your company is paying then no problem.

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Fastguitars: The blue tint of the photos is pretty obvious.
These photos, and the effect of the blue tint on them, reminds me of the LX100.
Other then that, pix are sharp, detailed, and have a lot of (good processor/good lens) depth says all with discerning experience.
That blue tint issue would be easier to accept had the camera a tilt screen or a view finder.
So, 5 yrs from now when GR-4 comes out, will it have a tilt screen or a snap on VF?
It wont have both, as they have to save one important upgrade for GR-5 that comes out in '2029.

Like all cameras since digital magicked into existance. Keeps you hungry for the next morsal, like a dog.

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Lets face it, wedding photography is one of the most pointless forms of photography. Its often done as a somewhat ridiculous fashion shoot and and says more about current trends etc which often look stupid 10 or 20 years hence. But even better, most married couples look at their wedding pics once or twice then put them in the bottom draw till they get divorced.

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