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HowaboutRAW: Could DPReview please post the RAWs for download, then we can do our own conversions with Adobe Camera Raw 6.5?

I tire of looking at others' jpegs.

They do - the download link is under each sample.

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On article Sony gives more detail of its OLED viewfinder (79 comments in total)
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nofumble: In short, it works like a regular LED display like what's on your iphone except in higher density and extremely high contrast ratio.

Nothing here could prevent Samsung from copy it, and make it better and cheaper.

There were rumours that the panel came from Samsung - but the press release flatly contradicts that and states that Sony are making it.

And "useful" despends upon the context. This new panel will be extremely useful where high-resolution displays in extremely small spaces are required - such as an EVF.

Link | Posted on Sep 8, 2011 at 14:34 UTC
On article Sony gives more detail of its OLED viewfinder (79 comments in total)
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neatnclean: I don't see a real advantage in using white OLEDs with colour filters instead of RGB-colored OLEDs. White OLEDs will inevitably also show some variation in their light emission/spectrum, just the same as RGB-coloured OLEDs. The colour filters themselves are just an additional element in the light path, gobbling up some of the light emitted by the OLEDs = less brightness, less brilliance.
Even more importantly: why are the pixels *rectangular* with 9.9x3.3um? In a high-res OVF I definitely expect to get equal resolution vertically and horizontally! So why not 3.3x3.3um pixels?
And the resolution itself, while better than most current, utterly disappointing low-res EVFs is nothing to really brag either. 2.4M subpixels translats into a measly XGA resolution of 1024x768 real pixels = not even "Full HD" resolution. 10 years ago that would have been quite spectacular, but certainly not in 2011. All in all, this is still at least one product generation away from "good enough for me" EVFs.

The so-called "retina display" in the iphone has only 960x640 resoultion on a 3.5" screen, versus Sony's "measly" 1024x768 on 0.5" screen. That is a crazy leap forward in pixel density.

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