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Hi Chuck, Thanks for your reply.
Let me address your points:
The event has finished. I've had a profit or loss. The photos of the event diden't sell a ticket. Granted, if the photographer works for media and the rehearsal, practice, airport arrival, etc. was covered - then, yes, it helped promote the event. I don't manage the artist/team. I pay an appearance fee. You say I worry about controlling every single dollar. If this was the case, we would not provide free food & drinks for the media in the press box or photographers on the field.

You are correct, it's simple. There is no clear benefit for me to give a commercial photographer a credential to the event. If you take a great shot, I'm sure you will sell it for as much as you possibly can. Meanwhile, you've received a free event pass, free parking, free food, asked for autographs (yes, it does happen), and hopefully made a few extra dollars. Not bad for a few hours work!
Again, I'm still open to ideas. I have an event soon.

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Questions for all pros (from a promoter).
What is the benefit to the promoter organizing the show or event to have the photograpers present? For a promoter, the event is a significant monetary risk. If I produce the event and issue credentials for a photographer and the photograper then sells the photos of the event I produced - where is my benefit? What's in it for the promoter? Why even give a credential? The photographer isn't going to help sell even ONE ticket. Is it just the common practice? Is it entitlement because of your art?

I'm genuinely open to hearing your responses and helping me "see the light".

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