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On article Photographer captures concert with DSLR-mounted GoPro (76 comments in total)
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Nmphoto: Well done Pierre, judging by the comments not many people have experienced trying to capture a live band in a shocking lit mosh pit. You have done a great job and i bet the band, their fans and anyone who has actually seen a live band, like what you have done. Just remember our clients love our work and they are the only ones that matter. Its just sad that photography forums are full of "D1ckHeads".

Well said Nmphoto. You have to remember that 90% of people on here are gear head nerds living in their mum's basement comparing pixel depths and noise ratios.

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On article Photographer captures concert with DSLR-mounted GoPro (76 comments in total)
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ArcaSwiss: Who can call that garbage music ? Dreadful !

Thankfully, there is freedom of choice so we don't all have to listen to what you like. Cool vid and photos.

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The comments on here just reinforce to me that many of the people who come on here are techy geeks who just want to trash the perceived enemy's gear (see Canon v Nikon reviews - ye Gods) and marvel at techy details, but have no appreciation for photography. All the people saying they could take pictures like Shore. Please. I'll take the views of real photography critics who appreciate Shore's art over some idiots who want to talk about why their Nikon D845 has more pixels and faster fps than someone else's Canon 123D or whatever.

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taotoo: Low quality article masquerading as good advice.

Polo shot composition awful, and seems to follow the rule of fifths.

Camera way too high for shot of boy (though no doubt a 'how to shoot kids' article will appear in the future). Back to the rule of thirds, but forgot the vertical dimension.

Girl on pier - again the magical rule of fifths.

Flower image an utter mess.

Last shot - I'm drawn to the right foot and the front wheel. Can't think why. And would it have killed you to get your elbows down on the floor?

So much for the new 'articles' section.

The polo rider shot is poor - it would have been much better and more dynamic if the three riders were in the middle of the shot. But the rest of it is fine, albeit basic advice. Your criticisms are particularly barbed bitter and unnecessary.

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