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  • Replied in Nikon p7700
    This isn't my best camera, but because it is so small, I take it everywhere I go and have gotten a lot of great shots with it.  My mirrorless and dslr seem so big compared to it so I don't end up ...
  • Created poll thread Why haven't they made this?
    Does anyone know why they don't make compact style lenses for dslrs and mirrorless?  I know there are some smaller ones, but none that are as good as a point and shoot.  It would be very useful.  ...
  • Thank you, That seems very expensive for a lens hood. Do you think something like this would work? Also, do you know if you can still ...
  • Created question thread Filters on the P7700
    I know that you can get a filter for the Nikon P7700, but would you be able to zoom. I couldn't find a place to attach a filter on the front, but if you put it on the back you couldn't zoom in. How ...
  • Replied in Can you Zoom?
    Sorry to bother you, but do you know if you can still zoom the lens when a filter is attached.  I have this camera but couldn't find a place to put a filter on the front.  Would you have to put in ...
  • Created question thread DOF questoin
    Okay, you know how increasing focal length increases depth of field.  Well anyway, I was wondering, is it the full frame equivalent or the actual focal length that matters. Thanks
  • Created discussion thread Cheap filters
    Does anyone know of some cheap filters.  I am looking for a polarizer and a nd filter.  My price range is about $20-25 usd, 19 pounds, 22 euros, ect. I know it may degrade image quality but it ...
  • I already exists.  This isn't very advanced but it is what you are describing: Samsung Galaxy Camera
  • Replied in Storing Cameras
    I store my camera in its bag, where it will not get hit or bumped.  I have a drawer were I keep my camera and all of my lenses.
  • Replied in Tripod Price
    Sorry, I was just wondering how much I should consider spending on a new tripod.
  • Look this camera up.  This is a great camera that is often overlooked.  I got my Nikon P7700 for about $150 in mint condition on ebay.  I have used it for all the things you said and it works ...
  • Try Darktable. It is free, and it is easy to use, although it also has many advanced features for when you get better. I love it.
  • These steps can also be used for shooting through any glass: (1) Make sure your glass is clean. If not, use windex or another glass cleaner to clean it.
  • Created poll thread Tripod Price
    Tripods can come in a lot of prices but what one is the most popular.  What did your tripod cost. (Head and body together)
  • Created poll thread Would this sell?
    Would this sell?  Imagine a 3 inch screen.  It may be fixed, tilting, or even fully articulated.  But what if it could come out.  If it had bluetooth, and could be used as live view or remote, ...
  • The second one won but for the price, there is not enough difference to matter.  The first one is almost just as good.
  • Replied in Darktable
    Darktable is great. It isn´t for changing you photos like photoshop but it is great for editing.  For more advanced editing, I will use GIMP. Not going to pay for nothing. 🤪
  • Created user review thread Great Camera
    I recently bought this camera and it is great. It was exactly what I was looking for: A compact camera, full manual controls, a wide aperture, good reach on the lens, and high image quality, a ...
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    Placed 67th in the challenge.
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