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lucavascon: Nothing new here. Pentax proposed an even nicer concept some years ago,but many other did. http://www.sandydan.com/photo/wide/sphere/nikonlrg.jpg
Stitching two emispheres brings some problems to the final result. You need a quite perfect fisheye lens, with a very corrected CA and fringging down to the very border. Let's say more. You need more than 180 degrees, 200 at least, an incredible flare resistance and a very precise exposition and synchro of WB, or you will ALWAYS see the stitching seam, fisheyes must be closer or you will have a large blind area!
Then is better to use a squared, or a 4/3 sensor, in order not to throw away a lot of black pixels. Let's say they use a 24MP apsc sensor. The circle dia would be 4000 pixel. Cut edges, overlap area etc. and you end up with a 3500x7000 panoramic image. I stitch panoramas since 1998, and project software and panoheads since 2003. I've seen it all, nobody is doing a really GOOD non-stitching camera

Besides Ricoh, is there a product which takes 360 degrees shots in one shot and capable to do a demo video ?

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bradleyg5: I would love to see you guys provide video samples for lens like this. Using a full frame camera for video this lens is the only game in town if you want to hand hold f/2.8.

I want to see comparisons on how well the IS system works in video mode, I'd want to know if a lens like this performs as well as a lens like the new 24-70mm F/4.0 hybrid IS.

You might say they aren't related, but when you consider so many people are now shooting video on full frame and carrying around a tripod and fluid head is extremely difficult sometimes. For journalism how these lens perform from a stable hand held position is important.

I'm still waiting for the new IS lens from Canon, and I love to try this lens, why Canon is not releasing a IS f2.8 for the 24-70mm ?

So people say they have one in the lab.

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Donnie G: I'm surprised that no one sees it. Ask yourselves, what do successful companies do in a constantly changing marketplace that lesser companies don't do? They constantly sow the seeds to reinvent themselves so that their product or service remains relevant to the marketplace regardless of how the market changes. Apple Inc., understood this, while Kodak didn't.

The Canon Cinema EOS line and the EOS M are the first new Canon image making products that will keep their EOS lenses and accessories relevant in a marketplace where they may no longer be able to rely on amateur point and shoot or enthusiast level DSLRs to grow market share. Unlike Kodak, Canon has planted the seeds to grow its marketshare at both the high end and the low end regardless of how the market for cameras changes. Canon's competitors will have to do the same if they want to stay in the game, and they know it.

I so agree, it doesn't record 4K to any media internally. So it won't work like the Blackmagic or Red raw files.

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