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  • I'm sure you're right about that, I'm not up to date on which final output format is best.
  • If the point of having a lossy DNG is to create smaller file sizes to save space, I'd rather stick to non lossy and save space by more aggressively deleting my worst pics.  I want as much ...
  • What you say about the colors came up in a thread long ago where someone asked what's the point of raw, since they look pretty much the same (out of camera) in raw and jpg. And many people ...
  • I felt like he was on the wrong track regarding correcting colors, so I steered my comments toward what is pertinent to that.
  • Colors are all about number of bits and color space, when the context is retouching / correcting colors. You can alter colors with 8 bit jpgs, but it's not as good as 12 bits or more, which is ...
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    Stalin looks like Mario.  As in, the video game.
  • Darin, Here's my quick and dirty way.  Quick selection tool on the whole rock.  Ctrl-J the rock to it's own layer, which makes it the top layer.   Now you want to stretch your pic with Edit > Free ...
  • Let me help you decouple the color shift issue from the issue of which software denoises best. Just do this one thing: keep in reserve a copy of your image (out of camera, jpg or raw, whichever you ...
  • Samuraidog Thanks for posting this.  Huge news!  Once this becomes a reality, I can see this will make an impact on my retouching - mostly in the area of making selections to improve specific parts ...
  • Jim, in Photoshop I often want to select particular brightness levels but only in a specific location.  So I'll make a solid mask first (for example a boat), and then I save it as a channel.  Then ...
  • I wasn't aware of that (about lifting the shadows in raws shot with these Fuji cameras). Some years ago, back when the Nikon D800 was new, a friend sent me some raws of a model he had shot in a ...
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    Yes, I use that a lot.  I'd say I use it on pretty much every picture that I work on.
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    These remind me of some pics I had seen a few months ago, by Teresa Freitas, have a look.
  • I like these a lot.  Are they jpegs straight out of the camera?
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    Thanks for this info Tom. If you ever decide to try out selections, this is a good video by Sean Bagshaw.
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    Well, I learned something about GIMP I didn't know. Thanks Tom. The more I find out about GIMP the more intrigued I am. I'd like to eventually switch to it but I want to be able to do everything I ...
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    Tom, in GIMP is it possible to make selections based on HSV values? I still haven't delved into GIMP because (as far as I know) it still doesn't have adjustment layers. Thanks.
  • Yes, you're looking at this the right way. HDR has kind of come to mean two different things: (1) Over saturated, grungy, often haloed images which, to me is done by very poor technique.
  • The simplest way is: Ctrl-J twice to make two copies of your layer. Set one to color blending mode, set the other to luminosity blending mode. I'd rename them as COLOR and LUMINOSITY to make it ...
  • Nawlins, This is as new to me as it is to you and I have the same questions.  I thought it'd be interesting so I posted it.  We can all learn together.
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