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  • Ok... Well I guess you're better than a lot of people out there.  For me, I see myself as interdependent.  Sure, I motivate myself to do things on my own (whether out of responsibility or for my ...
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    Well, you don't have to "copy" to be influenced or inspired.  Of those "hundreds of photographers" you mention, can you name a few off the top of your head with great work?
  • Created discussion thread Who inspires you for your photography?
    Everyone stands on the shoulders of someone else. No one learns everything on their own.  In the classic 80's movie, Karate Kid, it was Mr. Miyagi who inspired Daniel son. Who are your ...
  • Ok, I agree with that.  I was just talking about the technical aspects of photography and taking the perfect shot (in terms of precision and accuracy).  However, those aren't the only aspects to ...
  • Well that's because it's not using artificial intelligence yet.  That's why I said "with improvements in artificial intelligence".
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    Thank you EE-TV, I appreciate the compliment :)
  • Created discussion thread Will Robots make better Photographers?
    With improvements in artificial intelligence, how will photographers be able to compete with the precision and accuracy of robots?  Watch the video above, what are your thoughts?
  • IMHO Art is personal expression + emotion + imagination with consideration of aesthetic rules. Plush Photo
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    Hedgehog Town Just shot these photos a few hours ago.  Tried to work out some compositions with building blocks.  See link above. Plush Photo
  • Thank you DKMI
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    My goal, as an artist, is to move away from cliches and find my own unique voice.  This does not mean I cease to look for inspiration.  The OP was posted in response to my frustration in looking ...
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    The photo looks like an ad to me. It looks like any other photo on shutterstock, which I already commented on in the OP. I shouldn't have said "The intended use will always come out as an inherent ...
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    I've posted A LOT since I posted that quote that you keep bringing up.  You clearly didn't understand what I meant when I said it.
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    The intended use of the Marlboro Man was an ad.  That's why I threw it away.  I'm not a fan at all of Richard Prince, but the point is he cropped and stripped those images of their intended use, ...
  • I'm not posting this video for trolls.  I'm posting it to PROVE how, stripped of advertisements, the ART of these images stood the test of time and stood to make millions of dollars. Ads ruined ...
  • You're silly.  I just posted a specific question in the lighting forum.  This is the open forum, where I thought you could post anything.  Hence the word "OPEN" right? Why would you think I don't ...
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    I'm not contradicting myself.  I'll say it more carefully so it can't be misunderstood: 1. Ads are turnoffs.  They do not attract people to collect them or treasure them.  They usually encourage ...
  • Ok, so where are the professionals we are all supposed to learn from, and why aren't they posting more frequently than the hobbyists?
  • Created discussion thread How much light is 1400 lumens?
    Bought this light kit from Fotodiox they boast 1400 lumens per light.  Just wondering if you think that is a good deal or not.  How much room will that cover and how bright? Thank you. Plush Photo
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