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Canon EOS 7D with EF-S 15-85 + EF 70-200 f4 L + EF 24 f1.4 L II


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Just spray some Ultra-Ever Dry (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPM8OR6W6WE) on your lens, and spend the money on alcohol & girls.

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Canon EF to BMPCC please!!!

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On article Orion DVC210 DLSR Crane Review (43 comments in total)

The video is private!

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Wolfgang Fieger: Once more for better understanding: we photographers are not interested in movie making! If we would be interested in movie making we would be movie makers, not photographers. Please recognize the art of photography as a totally different form of art as movie making is. These two forms of art have less in common than painting and sculptury. The only connecting part is the fact, that both arts involve lenses as tools of their craftmanship.

Actually, a lot of photographers (professional & amateur) are getting into video these days. You should try it, its fun!

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Jan Privat: It is quite expensive: $199

For $49, maybe. But not a single dollar more.
FCPX is doing a pretty good job stabilizing footage, which you took with a little bit of care.

*lol* You get a gimbal system for less!

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It is quite expensive: $199

For $49, maybe. But not a single dollar more.
FCPX is doing a pretty good job stabilizing footage, which you took with a little bit of care.

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We have now come to the point, where cellphone camera innovations push digital photography. LOL. But okay, lezz go!

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Kim Letkeman: Interesting article and the results show that the 800 pound gorilla is the 800 pound gorilla for a reason.

As usual, though, I am again faintly disappointed by the fact that all comparisons are done at "default settings" ... I am always left thinking "what self-respecting enthusiast is going to process images in an advanced tool and not touch one single slider or use one single preset?"

It would have been nice for this article to spend some time pushing each of the tools to see how difficult it is to get pleasing skin tones or great noise reduction with detail retention -- but instead, we get the tests that tell us how the tools work "with zero extra effort."

I get why the image comparator must use defaults, as misleading as it can be at times. But a full length article was the perfect place to explore each tool more deeply and show us if one could do things that the others could not. IMO of course, and YMMV.

True, but in Lightroom (for example) you can set the default settings for each slider very easy. If you constantly find yourself adding some saturation, you simply change the default saturation value to +10. You dont even have to access the preferences for that.

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The Image Processors Resize To Fit option is indeed very useful. Especially for a photographer who converts images for the web. But then again, it would be cool if I could team it up with the "Save for web..." command, which is not possible. The Image Processor seems only to use its own Save as JPEG settings. Also Photoshops Image Resize via the menu is better, because you can specify how he should downscale the image (e.g. bicubic sharper).

Or am I wrong?

Regards, Jan

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I like your last (your favorite) HDR the best.

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herbiecook: Hope the SmugMug app for the iPhone is available for the new iPad3.

I hope SmugMug will some day be supported by AppleTV!

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oluv: I wonder if this new Ipad wil finally be able to display my photos in full resolution.
So far all my images are automatically scaled down to 2-3mp without the ability to zoom in to 100%.
The only app that really allowed 100% view was iFile, but it was very slow and is only available if you have a jailbreak!

They say it supports up to 16 MP images.

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On article Nikon announces D4 'multi-media' DSLR (228 comments in total)

Sweet, but will it blend?

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Very good article! Do you offer aurora shooting trips? ;-)

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How many ND filters did you stack?

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Drazen Stojcic Buntovnik: Makes you wonder what the 5d mk3 is going to be like, especially since it obviously needs to replace both the old 5d mk2 and in part 1Ds mk3 - resolution wise. 1Ds line is obviously gone for good. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see 5D2 replaced with same size body, higher resolution and low fps with same video features as in 1Dx. Maybe even 2k RAW video, depending on what the upcoming camcorder announcement is about...

Yep, I am also waiting for a new "small & affordable" FF.
Maybe the 5D mk3. Maybe with the same sensor. ISO & Video specs sounds promising.

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Awesome photo!

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